Ultimate Tag Warrior 1.1.1 1.1.2

There’s a new release at http://dev.wp-plugins.org/file/ultimate-tag-warrior/trunk/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior.php.

It fixes the bugs with the most popular tags list; and it also fixes the bug where /tags/ didn’t work.

You’ll need to update your permalinks for the /tags/ bug, either by going to Options > Permalinks and refreshing; or manually changing your .htaccess file. If you’re doing this manually, you need to change the order of the rules so that the /tags/ rules comes first. I have no idea why this matters; but there you go.

I’ve also added a function for posting to del.icio.us… it’s… not very friendly, in that guard dog will bite your hand off kind of way. I have a feeling that I’m going to have to turn this into a administration function for logged in users; or ask the lovely people at del.icio.us to let the /post/ url accept tags. If you are that interested, by all means have a look.

I don’t think I’ve broken anything in the process, but if I have, sing out!

Go with 1.1.2. It turns out I did introduce a bug.

(p.s. with the other bug on my list relating to the previous page link; so far, not so good – I can’t use the post filters to do the SQL voodoo for the intersections of tags; so fixing this so that it always works, all the time isn’t going to be easy…)

Ultimate Tag Warrior: What Next?

This is my current todo list for Ultimate Tag Warrior

  • * Figure out Joshs’ problem UTW doesn’t play nice with version 1.5 of wordpress. 1.5.1 and beyond are A-OK, though
  • * Fix the Previous Entries bug (The link always shows, even when there aren’t previous entries) [This, I think will end up waiting until WordPress 1.6 comes out]
  • * Fix the /tags/ bugs (/tags/(tagname) doesn’t seem to work)
  • * Fix the really dumb bug in popular tags (Yeah. There’s a dumb bug which makes it break. Whoops!)
  • * Clean up tags when a post is deleted
  • * See if I can get UTW to work with ecto
  • * Write a converter that changes categories into tags
  • * Write a simplfied document for using UTW (I guess there is a point where too much documentation becomes daunting..)
  • * Write a thing that consolidates dupe name tags
  • * Write some things that allow tags with spaces (I’m inclined to structure this in such a way that when you edit tags, you use underscores; but when tags are displayed, they are displayed with spaces instead when it’s appropriate) 2.0a and beyond
  • * Provide a list of the existing tags on the post-editing screen, and allow clicking tags to lazy-add them 2.0a and beyond
  • * Write a thing for posting to del.icio.us (The opposite to usual del.icio.us thing.. I’ve kinda written one; but the first time you click on a “post to del.icio.us” link, del.icio.us pops up a OS-esque login box which is a little intimidating. In case you were wondering; it populates the tags with the tags of the post.. just the title/url is pretty trivial to do (: ) [Again, I think wordpress 1.6 will provide enough stuff to let me do this..]
  • * Make feeds available for tags [wordpress 1.6, I think…]
  • * Properly localise the plugin
  • * Allow unions when selecting multiple tags (Scary: allow a combination of unions and intersections)
  • * Figure out the cause of the 404 error that some people get
  • * World domination

If you have other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here; that way it’ll be much harder for me to forget about them.

(*phew* I should have called it “Mediocre Tag Warrior and called it a day at version 1.0 (; )

Pastry Cushions

Cushions.. Made from pastry! Genius.

This evening, we had pies for dinner. Round pies. Cutting round pie-lids from square pastry involves pastry offcuts. Delicious pastry offcuts.

This is the edges, cut into squares, placed into a woven lattice arrangement, brushed with butter, sprinkled with sugar; and baked in a 200C oven for about 15 minutes.

It’s a little bit on the bland side, though; but well suited to eating with ice-cream.

The Last Supper Club

We went to the last supper club last night. And it was good. How good, you may wonder? Extremely good.

To begin with, it turns out that twinset was playing (Jazz trio); which was pretty sweet. I guess that may have been why it was a little on the busy side – we had a ten minute wait for a table; but that was all good. It gave us a chance to have cocktails!

Any place which has a cocktail menu is going to be a good place to get a cocktail.

The cocktails here, are divided into “books” – there’s the books of martini, rum and gin; along with the book of classics (margaritas, cosmopolitans et al), the book of inspirations (a curious collection), and the deadly sins (theme-ish cocktails).

While we were waiting, Cyrus had Envy from the deadly sins – a combination of vodka, lemoncello, sour apple and absinthe, strained in a martini glass. He found it… potent. I found it… a bit strong for my liking as well. I opted for Pride, again from the deadly sins. It was feijoa vodka with mint, lime and apple juice in a tall glass with ice. It was a much gentler sort of a drink, and extremely delicious.

Just moments after finishing off my pride, there was a table for us; so off we went. We ended up in a booth-like arrangement in the window; with nice comfy boothcouches.

Since I was now cocktail-less, I had no choice but to order another. This time around, I went with something a little less certain. I picked the Arch Angel, from the book of inspirations. It was a strange one – it was made from vodka, white cream de cacao and sour apple; with cream floating on top (and chocolatey powder/sauce). I’m not sure if I’d have it again; but it certainly was.. inspired.

From the menu, after much haranguing a gentle suggestion, we had the antipasto platter as an entree. This was a marvellous idea – even getting the small size, I reached the point where I was concerned about fitting in all of my main; and there was still a bunch of delicious antipasto goodies left.

For the mains, Cyrus opted for a slightly spicy dish, with udon noodles and honey/ginger/soy marinated chicken thighs. He seemed to enjoy it quite a lot, based on the Mmms he was making. I chose thyme infused rabbit, that was served with braised vegetables. It was extremely good – the rabbit was melty and extremely delicious.

It was getting late, so we opted out of having desserts; but next time, there’s a good chance we’ll make the time. There was a lemon tart that Cyrus had his eye on; and a decision that I didn’t want to have to make for my dessert.

Now that the food has been dealt to; I should mention the service – it was noticably good. Food arrived promptly, glasses were filled, and the staff were polite.

The Last Supper Club was fantastic, and we’ll probably eat there again. Just as soon as we can justify it (:

http://www.thelastsupperclub.co.nz/ / 21 Blair Street, Wellington

Ultimate Tag Warrior 1.1

I’ve just released Ultimate Tag Warrior 1.1 into the wild! From here on (and indeed since last week), the latest version of Ultimate Tag Warrior is going to live here: http://dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/ultimate-tag-warrior/trunk/. I’ll keep on announcing new versions of it here, though.

Version 1.1 adds ultimate_show_related_tags(), which will display the tags related to the current tag set. If you are viewing /tag/monkey, it will list all of the tags of the posts that match monkey (except for monkey itself.) If you are viewing /tag/monkey+banana it will list all of the tags of the posts that match both monkey and banana (excluding the monkey and banana tags). Clicking the + beside a tag will add it to the tag set.

Dan made me write this suggested this feature.

Maybe! Yes!

This evening, Cyrus and myself wandered off to see Batman Begins at wonder movie theatre. It was good. It was almost certainly better than the alternatives (Starwars 3 or Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) (I had movie passes that expired next month. *Some* movie had to be seen). In the beginning, we had intended to snag takeout on the way home; but alas, while waiting for the movie to start I suggested that we go to One Red Dog. Alas the second, we reached Blair Street and went to The Last Supper Club instead.

And it was good.

And I will waffle about it tomorrow. I’m tired, now (: