Looks like it’s going to be about two weeks before we have internet connected at home; so I’m going to continue to be sparse blog-wise. When I do have internet at home again, you bet there will be house pictures.

Oh the excitement!

It turns out that the night before you move into your first home feels a lot like your first Christmas as a child when you realise that there’s going to be presents the next morning.

Except that with the house, it’s still being paid off ten years later; and with the toys, they’re forgotten a year later.

Anyway, we’re getting the last little bits and pieces organised for the move; and with any luck, everything will be at the new place this evening.

We’re scheduled to have our internet hooked up on Tuesday; but they’re going to try and get it done this weekend if they can. In any case, we might end up being a little scarce for a couple of days.

It’s ours!

Well; we’ve just got home from the real estate agent – the settlement part of the exercise has been done; and now we’ve got our little paws on our key. Now all that’s left is to finish up the packing for the move tomorrow…