Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.141592

Another bug-fix release (:

– Tag feeds are working properly again (: Hopefully.. Depending on the version of wordpress you’re using.. (:
– There are a couple of performance tweaks: There’s a lot less javascript being downloaded most of the time (but with one javascript include for each post if you’re using the magical ajaxy format.. it seems like a worthy compromise!); and if you have a post with no tags, it will be added to the magical cache the first time it’s hit (previously it wasn’t, so there was a tag lookup for each request to a non-tagged page)
– The default category is now being included, if you are using automagic conversion of categories to tags.
– I think that’s it (:

Download here

A Vacation of Sorts

I’m heading off to Hastings for the weekend with the lovely and charming David; and a bunch of capoeira people (who are also lovely and charming). The blossom festival is happening, and there’s going to be a capoeira performance and some wandering along in the parade.

Exciting stuff that (:

So yes. I don’t expect to see a computer until I return some time on Sunday; so you won’t hear anything from me before then.

Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1415

Pretty much just bugfixes in this release.

– Delete and rename no longer flange [oops]
– The superajax formatting bit no longer flanges [oops]
– Tagyu has vanished, so Tagyu suggestions have been removed
– I’ve changed the way includes hang together, so that the two main files are only included where they are needed. If UTW breaks for no reason, try uncommenting the bit with the path (and adjusting if needed) at the top of ultimate-tag-warrior.php


Ooh! For those of you with pretty-URL issues, it might be worth having a look at this rewrite workaround. It involves adding a plugin (Fix Greedy Rewrite Category), rather than changing files. Awesome.

Download here