Ultimate Tag Warrior 2

A brief introduction…
Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) is a tagging plugin for wordpress. It allows storing a set of keywords (or as current slang dictates, tags) against posts that behave like categories – the tags can be displayed on a post, you can go to the archive page for a tag, and there are RSS/atom feeds available. Unlike categories, you can also view archive pages and feeds for sets of tags such as the posts which are tagged with both “photograph” and “food”, for example.

Beyond the category-like behaviour; UTW also provides ways of getting an overview of your tags through tag clouds, a long tail graph, and a weighted bar arrangement. UTW can also be coaxed into linking to other tag-savvy websites such as del.icio.us, Flickr and Technorati.

One of the more splendid things that it can do, is use the Yahoo! content analysis bits and pieces to look at the text of the current post, and make suggestions for the tags.

New! Exciting!: I’ve created a forum over here for Q&A type stuff.. so if you have a question, that’s a better place to ask it than here (:

Table of contents

  1. This page
  2. Downloading
  3. Installing
  4. Tagging
  5. Customising
  6. FAQ’s
  7. Previous versions and downloads

This page
This page is a work in progress (: As was pointed out, the old page that lived here wasn’t too helpful for new users; so I’ve scooted that off to its own page, and this will become more of a getting the plugin going sort of a page.

Wordpress 1.5 and WordPress 2.0 diverge enough that I need to make two versions of the plugin. Use the first one with WordPress 2.0 RC1 and up, and the second one with WordPress 1.5 and up (but less than 2)
Ultimate Tag Warrior, for WordPress 2.0 | Ultimate Tag Warrior, for WordPress 1.5
An example theme can be downloaded from here.

For version 1.5 of wordpress
Wordpress 1.5 doesn’t like plugins in subfolders, so there’s an extra little step needed to get it working.

  1. Copy the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin files into your plugin directory
  2. Change in $install_directory value in ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php to “/” (it’s on about the fifth line)
  3. Enable the plugin

For version 1.5.1+ of wordpress (Including 1.6 alpha)

  1. Copy the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin files into a folder named “UltimateTagWarrior” in your plugin directory
  2. Enable the plugin

On the post editing screen, below the main content editing space, there are two new boxes – one labelled Tags, and another labelled Tag Suggestions.

The text field in the Tags box is where all of the tags associated with the post go. Under the tags box there’s a list of clickable links to the tags that are already in use. Clicking on these tags will add them to the tags box. It’s possible to change the existing tags bit to change to a dropdown list through the Manage>Tags page (or to not display at all) if you find it gets unwieldy as you have more tags in use.

The Tag Suggestions box, has a “Get Keyword Suggestions” button, that when clicked, takes the body of your post, sends it to the tagyu.com webservice that guesses at the important keywords in the text; and those keywords will display in the Tag Suggestions box, along with any tags that UTW finds that are related to those keywords.


There are two sets of tags that can be included at the end of pages (or indeed, not included). The style of the tags can be selected on the Options>Tags page.

Displaying an HTML list of tags for a post
Include <ul><?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("htmllist") ?></ul> inside the wordpress loop.

Displaying a tag cloud
Include <?php UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical("coloredsizedtagcloud") ?> outside the wordpress loop (Could go in your header, footer, sidebar or archive)


I’m getting no such table SQL errors!
In wordpress admin, go to Manage, then Tags; and click the “Force Reinstall” button. Sometimes the plugin gets all tied up in knots and doesn’t add tables when it’s supposed to and doing a force reinstall usually sorts it out. (Let me know if it gets into a state where a force reinstall doesn’t sort it out!)
I clicked the “Update Permalinks” button; but my .htaccess file hasn’t updated
This is probably caused by a wordpress bug: the .htaccess file will only be updated if there’s a permalink structure specified. If the permalink structure is empty, then nothing happens. If you add a permalink structure, then click “Update Permalinks” again, then your .htaccess ought to update. (Please let me know if this is still a problem, though!)

Previous versions and downloads
Information about previous versions is located here.

522 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2

  1. Excellent description – thank you. Could you also address how to use this either in combination with other tagging plugins or as a replacement? For instance, I’ve got tons of Technorati tags and a tag cloud with Boneill’s WP Tag Plugin, and I’d really hate to go back and replace all of those. Grabbing past tags would be great, if possible.

    Now, I’m excited about using this. Thanks so much!

  2. The explanation is great, but I find myself facing three plugins to activate. Could you explain here which one is best or if all three or only two should be chosen? I know I’m a nag, but this is the kind of plugin that deserves a lot of attention, and a lot of attention brings a lot of work, and the better the documentation, often, the less work for you.

    Keep up the fantastic work on this plugin. I’d really love to see something like this built into the core. It’s brilliant.

  3. I’ll fix the descriptions of the stray two when I get home…

    The main one, is Ultimate Tag Warrior, with the version of 2.7.5 (depending)

    Ultimate Tag Warrior, with the version of 1.3 Legacy isn’t needed for new installs – the syntax for the template tags changed between version 1ish of the plugin and version 2ish of the plugin; and enabling this plugin allows the old syntax to keep working. I need to update the description of the plugin (:

    Ultimate Tag Warrior: Tag Archive is a bolted on addition that you don’t really need (It displays an archive view of tags which matches a category archive plugin that I wrote a while back)

  4. I had forgot that I had Jeromes keywords running. Excellent idea as I should be able to import them from all my old posts. WEEE!

    I’ve poured through the other pages of comments and there are somethings that continue to confuse me.

    1. Tags are automatically added to the end of the post, as an excerpt on the mutli-post views and at the end of the single post view content area. They are not wrapped in any defining HTML tags (no span or div – nothing) that sets them apart from the content, therefore they run right after the content. For example, on my front page it says Continue Reading<a….tag tag tag. In the single post page, it just adds a <br />and then the tag list for the posts. How do I add a DIV or something to separate the list from the post content and excerpt? I think this should be universally needed since it happens automatically. The CSS styles could then be added by the user, but at least they would already be there.

    2. I have more than a screen height full of tags in my edit post screen. I need to list only the top 50 – 100. How?

    3. Similar problem with displaying the tags on my site. I want only the top 25 or 50 and I have a couple hundred cluttering things up. I am still running Boneill’s Technorati Tags Plugin in my sidebar, and that is the “look” that I would like the list to have, so how do I limit the number of tags in the cloud?

    4. I see mention of the use of a tag.php template file instead of using the category.php. I have a VERY customized category.php page which is featured as the one category.php replacing multiple category template files in the Codex at http://codex.wordpress.org/Category_Templates – and so the results don’t look as…clean as they should. Is this still valid? If I used the archives add-on, would it use that to generate the page results instead of the category.php?

    While I’m not pleased with Coffee2Code’s documentation, his plugins’ help files have extensive examples of usage. Showing how to use the examples really makes things clear. Also knowing which file in which to find the examples to edit helps. I looked all through the html help page and the comments to find a reference to which file to edit and found nothing. So I had to go hunting, but then the changes I made (are they in the right file or not – not sure) didn’t work, so I’m back here.

    It’s wonderful to see someone who cares about the plugin work that they do. I know this is a lot of work for a free offering – this is something really powerful and needed. Thanks so much.

  5. There are pages and pages and pages of comments on the other threads.. one of these days I’ll write a plugin to make ’em easier to deal with (:

    1. I’ll look at putting them into a div (and look at giving it an id of tags-postid).. in the meantime; you are able to switch the auto included links through the Manage>Tags page, so if you wanted to drop in something else in a specific place, you could do it that way.

    2. Not easily just at the moment. If you go the Manage>Tags page, you can switch it to show a dropdown list instead (which helps with the half-page issue), or you can switch it off completely. I’ll look into adding a “show most popular x tags” option, though.

    3. Easy!.. <?php UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical(“coloredsizedtagcloud”, “”, 25) ?> will grab the top 25 tags, sorted alphabetically (The middle parameter isn’t needed if you’re using a named format like coloredsizedtagcloud).

    4. The tag.php template file bit behaves in a much simpler fashion than the category.php template file – if there’s a tag.php present, it will be used for displaying tag pages and it otherwise falls back to the index.php template (so nothing in the way of tag specific templates.. although that sounds like a neat thing to build in later..) The tag archive bit just adds another template tag, rather than automagically creating an archive.

    Creating more examples for doing things is something that I’ve been putting off d: but I can certainly see where you’re coming from.

  6. Thanks for the help, I just want to understand this. If I turn off the “Automatically include local tag links” and “Automatically include Technorati tag links”, I can replace them with a tag in the template file which will still generate the tags? Like <div class=”taglist”><?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(commalist, “”, 20) ?></div> to generate the list of tags? I guess I’ve been writing too much WordPress documentation lately? If you need help with the documentation, let me know. I’ve been around the tree a few times. 😉

    Boneill’s plugin allows setting an option in the Admin Panels to the maximum number of tags to show on the page, which is really handy.

    I finally got the tag cloud to show me 50 tags, but it took about 10 minutes for the uploaded new footer to take effect. I’m not sure if it was a delay in the plugin responding, my server, or what. Very strange.

    I will consider the tag.php template file to overcome the customization of the category.php – so that’s a fantastic option. Thanks!

  7. If I turn off the “Automatically include local tag links” and “Automatically include Technorati tag links”, I can replace them with a tag in the template file which will still generate the tags?

    Yep! The automatically include local/technorati options just control whether the tags are auto-appended to the content. (Though you’ll need quotes around commalist..)

    I’ll definately have to install his plugin and see what…inspiration…it can offer me (:

    That delay is.. curious. I can’t think of anything in the plugin that would be doing anything cache-y.

  8. The tag works and everything is slicko, and I I didn’t use quotes around the commalist – should I be tortured and hung or will this be okay since it works? 😉 It is working like a charm.

    Also, I saw that Matt posted a note on another site bragging about your plugin that this plugin “negates a lot of existing WP functionality and makes it less forward compatible.” Does it? You may have addressed this in a comment somewhere, but it bears repeating to put any fires out.

    Thanks again.

  9. If it worked, then super (:

    As for Matts’ comment… Sure, tags nudge the category stuff out of the way, but they are different approaches to filing posts. As for being less forward compatible, I’m not too sure what he means. (Although, I’d think that creating on a seperate data-structure is a safer way forward than bolting more bits on to the existing category stuff: this way my tag stuff isn’t tied to any future changes to categories.)

  10. Just tried UTW out on my wordpress install and loved it. One suggestion though:

    It would be really awesome if there was a function that simply output an array containing the tags for a given post, this way, a php savvy person could include some super-custom formatting in their own theme. This would also be extra-handy if the function returned boolean FALSE if there are no tags for the entry. This way, theme them could fall back to displaying a list of catagories if no tags were found.

  11. $utw->GetTagsForPost($postid) (I might have the name wrong, but there’s definately a function in the core for it. I’ll ponder the possibility of it returning false, buuuut I’m not sure about that.)

  12. I love this plugin. I am having one problem. When I bring up a list of posts rtelated to a tag, they display on the screen and I have the previous posts at the bottom. But when I click on previous posts they stay the same. Is their a way for me to get around this?

  13. *thinks*

    How are you getting the list of posts related to a tag?

    (There isn’t a documented way to get the related posts for a tag, but the tag page which essentially displays the related posts for a tag “just knows” about paging entries (in theory, at least); but if you’re getting them some other way, let me know how you’re getting ’em, and I’ll see what I can figure out. Equally, if it is the tag page where things aren’t quite working right, let me know the version of wordpress and ultimate tag warrior you’re using, and I’ll see what I can find.)

  14. Thanks for the help, here’s the (somewhat messy) solution I came up with to display the catagory list if no tags we’re found:

    GetTagsForPost( $post->ID );
    if ( $tagArray != “” ) {
    Tagged as

    Posted in

    Still, might be easier to do this if there was just a founction like UTW_PostHasTags that would return boolean true or false. Thanks though, your plugin is great.

  15. *ponderspondiferously*

    It ought to behave in the same way as it would if it was using the index.php file; but to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember trying it out.

  16. Just in case anyone might find this useful: I wanted to see the tags associated with each post, in addition to the categories, when I go to “manage – posts” and see the listings. I found it a fairly easy hack, considering I know very little PHP – anyway, in wp-admin/ I edited edit.php, adding
    two bits of code – first, adding this:

    'tags' => __('tags')

    among the other similar category heads, and then this –
    case 'tags':

  17. oh well – something happened to the code when I posted it – anyway, if you want the code I can mail it – all I did was add a call to ultimate-show-post-tags function on the edit page …

  18. Hey!!

    First of all thanks for this gr8 plugin. I have Ques related to what “Little Zephyer” asking in comment # 3436. I wanted to know about the function or the section of code which prints the tags with each of the post. I think right now, the tags appear to be the part of post, I want to use div to make them look distinctive from the_content of the post.


  19. Plugin works great, but when I click the “Get Keyword Suggestions” button, I get a long delay, followed by:

    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php could not be found on this server.

    Apache/1.3.33 Server at http://www.barryprice.co.uk Port 80

    Any ideas?

  20. Great plugin. It was working fine on my blog for about a week then I just started having a problem with the yahoo suggest box. The links don’t work when clicked and the add existing tags box line has disappeared from the post page.

    Any clues to a fix?

  21. I installed UTW and could get that tags showing up when creating a post. But, when I click on that tag it shows up a error 404 page with url like /tag/somename. Any idea of whats going on? Thanks a lot for the plugin

  22. On the Manage Tags page, there’s an option “Always display tag links on edit post page” make sure that either dropdown or tag list is selected.

    What happens when you click the tag links?

  23. Hi Christine,

    I’ve resolved it, after a little Googling: details.

    I just added this text to the beginning of my site’s .htaccess, and all is now well.

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    # Turn off mod_security filtering. SMF is a big boy, it doesn't need its hands held.
    SecFilterEngine Off

    # The below probably isn't needed, but better safe than sorry.
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

  24. Hi!
    I have a small but very annoying problem:
    When I’m trying to use non-english (russian) tags, the tchnorati-tags are shown and linked good, but local tags are linked to ???????????.
    Also, when i’m trying to include a non-engilsh tag from the list, it also inclues ?????????.

    I understand, that the problem in encoding, but where??
    The encoding of my WP – utf-8

    Could you please help me with it?

  25. I was reading some of your comments at tempus fugit regarding xmlrpc keywords and tags, and wonder if that’s still something that might happen. I’m both trying out marsedit, and rethinking cats/tags/ and a new design. And until I get it all together, I’m in limbo. And as marsedit doesn’t seem to want to play nice with WP categories…anyway, just curious.

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  27. Has anyone incorporated this plugin into the Pages section of the wordpress administration? I know each page gets treated just like a post…

  28. I took the function that pulls plugins, found in wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php

    do_action(‘edit_form_advanced’, ”);

    And put it in wp-admin/edit-page-form.php in order to add the UTW capability to pages.
    Works, so far.

  29. In case you couldn’t tell, i know very little about PHP. I’m trying to create (or use an existing) function that pulls posts only from a specific tag. Kind of like the functionality on a index.php?tag=tagname.

    I’m trying to use it in the same fashion as a modified wordpress loop that only pulls posts from a specific category. But from a specific tag instead. yeah, if that’s possible.

  30. wow, that was quick – thanks! Of course, I’m still not getting results I want, trying by using the following function:
    function UTW_ShowPostsFromTag($formattype, $format=””, $limit = 0) {
    global $utw, $post;
    if ($format == “”) {
    $format = $utw->GetFormatForType($formattype);

  31. It also seems as though, when my rewriting for local tag urls (tag/tagname/) are at the top of my htaccess file (above other WP rewrite rules) they work fine, but when placed at the bottom of the WP rewrite rules, they do not work.

  32. I’m a little confused as to what you’re trying to achieve with that (:

    If you let me know the problem you’re trying to solve (rather than the solution you want to achieve); I might be able to point you in a better direction.

  33. Hi Christine. First, cool plugin! I ran into a small problem and wanted to bounce it off you. I have a small plugin that filters based on the return value of $wp_query->is_home() which is currently defined as

    if ( ! ($this->is_archive || $this->is_single || $this->is_page || $this->is_search || $this->is_feed || $this->is_trackback || $this->is_404 || $this->is_admin || $this->is_comments_popup)) {
    $this->is_home = true;

    If I do a category query, $wp_query->is_home gets set to false because $wp_query->is_archive gets set to true. When I do a tag query $wp_query->is_home stays true. Does it seem reasonable to have utw set the is_archive flag so that it behaves similarly to a category query?

  34. What would be quite cool now are template tags like
    while UTW_hasTags()
    echo('<a href="'.UTW_tagLink('local').'" rel="nofollow">'.UTW_tagName.'</a>');

    Of course, you can do this example more easily with formatted strings, but I tried to do something like
    [Tagname + Link to local /tag/ page] [Iconlink to Technorati] [Iconlink to Del.Icio.Us]
    which isn’t really possible as far as I can see.
    Any ideas or comments?

  35. Thanks for the help Christine! Great plugin, btw.

    I was trying to pull certain posts if they were tagged w/ a specific tag.
    It’s now working quite nicely using just what you said – $utw->GetPostsForTag(‘tagname’)

    Final code to pull posts by tag in a WP template file, and output them in traditional WP format looks like this (thanks to a real php dude here at work getting involved)

    $tag = ‘tagname’;
    $posts = $utw->GetPostsForTag($tag);
    if (count($posts)) {
    $cnt = 0;
    foreach ($posts as $post) {
    if (++$cnt > 5) break;

  36. I did some playing with the is_home issue I mentioned above. Where I suggested setting is_archive to true doesn’t work because is_home has already been set. To make it work I added


    to the function “ultimate_get_posts” just before the apply_filters call.

  37. You can do all sorts of stuff with the custom formatting (:

    if you use

    UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("", array("none"=>"", "default"=>"%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon% "))

    That’ll display nothing at all when there are no tags; and the local tag link with Technorati/del.icio.us icons when there are tags.

    Or this much beefier version, that will wrap the tags in a <span>

    UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("", array("none"=>"", "first"=>"<span class='someclass'>%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon% ", "default"=>"%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon% ", "last"=>"%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon%</span>", "single"=>"<span class='someclass'>%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon%</span>"))

    And the beefiest! This one will put commas between the items…

    UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("", array("none"=>"", "first"=>"<span class='someclass'>%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon%, ", "default"=>"%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon%, ", "last"=>"%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon%</span>", "single"=>"<span class='someclass'>%taglink% %technoratiicon%%deliciousicon%</span>"))

  38. Ah. Cool. Could it be that you forgot the %*icon% things in the documentation? 😉 Or silly me didn’t find them.
    Thank you very much!

  39. I don’t know if this is practical or not but when converting categories to tags, if the categories are nested, also optionally pulling in the parent categories as tags. Just a thought.

  40. Just a few questions…

    First, for the “Base URL” in the customization options, that would typically be something just like “wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/” correct?

    Second, if you do not display the Tags in each post(through that function to display an HTML list of them), will services like Technorati still be able to find the tags? I want to tag my posts, but I don’t really want to display the tags.

    And finally…does this plugin notify any sites(again, like Technorati) about the tags, or does it simply put them in place so other services can find them later? I’m just trying to figure out how quickly the tags will be seen by another site, and hopefully draw some traffic to mine.

  41. The Base URL is usually /tags/ or /tag/ or something similar. It’s the place where tags display.

    As for not displaying tags; I understand that Technorati also looks in the atom feed to find tags, but I’m not sure how this works in practice.

    The plugin doesn’t directly notify any services; but adding http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping to the list of services to ping on the Options > Writing page ought to ping Technorati.

  42. Hi,

    I am using UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("htmllist") and what I get on the page is bunch of “%taglink%” and not the actual post titles with links. Am I doing something wrong?


  43. I also had a slight issue with the tags showing up using home.php instead of index.php. Just FYI, making the changes to ultimate_get_posts() suggested by copperleaf worked a treat.

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  45. Hi Christine,
    Just installed UTW2 on my new wordpress and I have to say it is an awesome plugin.
    It works fine but if I click on the “Get Keyword Suggestions” button, I get a long delay and this error:
    Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to api.search.yahoo.com:80 in ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php on line 54
    Connection timed out (110)

    Has it to do with the plugin, with my hoster/webserver or yahoo?

  46. How do i list the all the tags alphabetically ?
    i don’t want to use the weighted tag list. I just want a normal list. or … how to control the formatting of the weighted tag list ? 🙂

  47. I use Tag Warrior since some monthes and it worked fine. But since some weeks it shows only the tag words, but if I click at a tag, there comes “no posting found”. Also the “old” tag cloud at the sidebar is still intact, but don’t integrate new tags. I use in the blog this syntax:

    An I updated to version 2.8.1

    Example 1: Old posting – all things worked fine:
    Example 2: Newer posting – Tags are there but don’t work:

  48. And again 🙂
    Now I run “Force Reinstall” and I get “Reinstall has Completed” and:
    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘id’ in ‘wp1_tags’]
    ALTER TABLE wp1_tags CHANGE id tag_id int(11) AUTO_INCREMENT

    I look in MySQL – the table “wp1_tags” has two columns: “tag_id” and “tag”

  49. Christine,

    I’m still running in to the same problem cordac and I had 3 months ago: Use url rewriting for local tag urls (/tag/tag instead of index.php?tag=tag) doesn’t work. And I like the /tag/tag so much better than the index.php?tag=tag. I saw that cordac stopped using UTW at his site and returned to bad old categories. Did you find a solution?

    Cheers, Gerard

  50. Don’t panic with that one! It’s trying to rename the id column from id to tag_id; but since it has already been done, it displays an error. (I need to get it to check, so that the error doesn’t display..)

  51. *thinks*

    Copy the old files over the version 2.8.1 files; and I think for version 2.6, you’ll need to change the name of the tag_id column, in wp_tags back to id.

  52. Okay, I downgraded and it seems now it works fine again …
    Let me say: I’m consistently amazed by your very quick and very kind reactions and support! Thank you for this!
    And greetings from Down Over 🙂

    (You must be a very nicely person in real life too, I think … By the way: are you married? 😉 )

  53. Interesting.. I’ll have to figure out what the difference between versions is.

    (Sometimes, I manage to be quick; other times, the timezone difference makes it a little more difficult. Hee I’m a splendid person in real life (: Not married, but very well attached!)

  54. Hi Christine,

    Way back then I used 2.7.3, now I’m totally into 2.8.1.

    I’m experimenting with using the plugin weighted-categories to the side (not on http://www.path-work.info now, so that’s not the problem) because I want I want three separate tag clouds: one for tags (=subjects/keywords), one for author names and one for the source of the articles. Preferably I want to all this in UTW because I know it works and looks great and when it doesn’t work great you work great on that. Soooooooo: is this possible, is this going to be possible in one of the next versions or can you easily explain to me how to change which file to make this work?


  55. You know, the fascinating thing is that yes; that will be reasonably easy to do in a “soon” version of the plugin (not so much at the moment..)

    I’m looking seriously at the possibility of faceted tags – so you’d be able to go ingredient:mushroom or plant:mushroom to distinguish between the context of the mushroom tags (or author:Joe Bloggs or source:MetaFooIntarWeb)… From there, well; all sorts could happen! The per-facet tag clouds would be one (: (I’d also allow choosing between tag clouds that display foo:bar, or just bar (or just foo, actually))

    Of course, adding facets does turn tagging into something of a shallow category tree (;

    (I guess the “easy” way of doing this would be to use the facet:tag syntax for your author and source tags; and making a function similar to the GetWeightedTags one; except that takes a prefix and only gets tags that start with that prefix, and probably another one that excludes faceted tags for getting the subjects and keywords. Not sure how daunting this is for you; so let me know if you’d rather I did the tinkinering (:

    When I do it the “hard” way; I intend on putting the facet and the tag in different columns to make doing more generalised “stuff” easier; but if your tags are in the right format, then it’ll be straightforward to make the jump.)

  56. Hey Warrior,

    After trying many category/tag plugins I found the combination of Ultimate Tag Warrior and Christoph Wimmer’s very simple but effective Heat Map (a heat map seems to be another synonym for tag cosmos or keyword cloud etc.) to work perfect… I can display as many tag clouds as I want so I’ll dump my cheap sun glasses. You can see it at work now (the one above is UTW, the other two Heat Map) at http://www.inner-work.net and later at the site I mentioned before and won’t now.

    So Ponderosa, ponder no more,


    P.s. In the course of this quest for the holy plugin I found quite a few plugin makers who dropped their plugin bombs and left their users orphaned. You’re a very good mum for us, even for guys who could have been your father. And now I’ll never mention this again.

  57. Oh good. I won’t panic about getting the faceted stuff done as super-soon, then (: (There is a lot to be said for simple plugins (: )

    A tagging plugin, at its simplest, doesn’t need to do very much; so it’s quite easy to get to the end and stop…

    Except if you have a tagging plugin that sprawls on and on and keeps adding more functionality d: It’s *possible* that I’ll get it finished.. one day (:

  58. Now this does kick *ss… I am loving it. And this has been some interesting hours I just spent diving into your code. And I am already thinging (unless you have any objection to that) at incorporating yet another way of browsing those tags of your through my ExtendedLiveArchive plugin in a soon-to-be release.

    Btw, did I mentioned that to me UTW is just an example of the WordPress credo : code can indeed be poetry (well, sort of… espicially with nearly no comment in there (: )

  59. With something like an archive plugin, I imagine you’d be able to write it without changing UTW code (: (But if there are things that you need, I’m happy to fold changes in)

    UTW could certainly use more commenting (; I’ve made it easy for me to use under the hood, so I guess it makes sense it’s easy(ish) for other people too. UTW 1ish wasn’t anywhere near as nicely strung together (:

  60. I did a quick scan of comments and didn’t see this so apologies if it’s been thoroughly addressed.

    When I select a tag to add a synonym to I get:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘xxxxx.xxx_tag_synonyms’ doesn’t exist]
    select t.tag from xxx_tags t INNER JOIN xxx_tag_synonyms ts ON t.tag_id = ts.tag_id WHERE synonym = ‘3’

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘xxxxx.xxx_tag_synonyms’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT ts.synonym as tag, ts.tagsynonymid as tag_id FROM xxx_tag_synonyms ts WHERE ts.tag_id = 3

    when I type a synonym and click ‘Save Synonyms’ I get:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘xxxxx.xxx_tag_synonyms’ doesn’t exist]
    DELETE FROM xxx_tag_synonyms WHERE tag_id = 3

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘xxxxx.xxx_tag_synonyms’ doesn’t exist]
    INSERT INTO xxx_tag_synonyms (tag_id, synonym) VALUES (3, ‘SYNONYM_HERE’)


    Despite the “Added SYNONYM” message, going to my front page and clicking a tag for which I assigned a synonym doesn’t seem to bring up its occurences in the multiple forms…sorry again if this is trivial or already addressed, any advice?

  61. So far so good : I made it without requiring any changes to the code. But, hell, through some /* */ or some // at least before the prototype of the functions/methods (I got to say I know your code pretty well now (: )

  62. Sounds like the synonym table didn’t get created /:

    Go to Manage > Tags, and click the “Force Reinstall” button (not as scary as it sounds (; it doesn’t remove anything; but will try and re-do any database changes.) It’ll either create the synonym table; or let you know that it couldn’t, in which case you’ll need to add it manually. Let me know if you need help adding it manually (if it comes to that!)

  63. Yep… Somewhere on the todo list is chucking in javadoc style comments so that I can use a document generation tool to make a pretty API doc.

    (But having just finished updating the user help… I’m going to build new stuff for a while and come back to it (: )

  64. Christine, thanks for UTW. I’ve run into one slight mystery. Clicking on a tag under GET KEYWORD SUGGESTIONS does nothing. I get this message in Firefox’s JavaScript console:

    Error: addTag is not defined
    Source File: javascript:addTag(‘job’)
    Line: 1

    Everything else works fine.

    Oddly, clicking on a keyword works perfectly (i.e. adds it to the Tags field) on an identical setup on my local machine. So I’m not sure where to start with this problem.

  65. David,

    Looks like a bug!

    The difference between your setups, is that locally, you’re displaying tags for easy-click-adding and on the server, you’re not.

    (Unless it’s a different bug to the one I found (: The addTag function was only being included in the page if one of the lists of existing tags was being displayed…)

  66. That’s it! Thanks! That was starting to make me feel insane. I guess my “identical” setup was not so identical. I turned on the tag display for my server, and now I’m click-adding tags willy nilly.

  67. UTW rocks! Thanks!

    I just found a bug in the tag display in blog entries, though. If there is only one tag applied to an entry, invalid XHTML is generated because the closing span element isn’t added.

    Looks like line 483 of ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php needs to be able to deal with arrays containing just one item. I’m not sure how to do that quickly, or I’d just hack it up and send a patch…

  68. Ethan,

    I’m keeping an eye out on tagyu – I don’t know if there’s a webservice for getting tag recommendations just yet. Whee. There is a webservice. I’ll look at dropping it in real-soon-now – the Yahoo! suggestions…aren’t great.

  69. D’Arcy,

    I know that one!

    Add “single”=>”<span class=”localtags”>%taglink%</span>” and “single”=>”<span class=”technoratitags”>%technoratitag%</span>” to the arrays of guff that gets passed to the formatting function, in ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php in the ultimate_the_content_filter function; if you want to patch it up before the next release.

  70. Rock! Thanks, Christine. I wouldn’t have even noticed this bug, but was just trying out the new Opera, and it barfs rather violently on invalid XHTML – only the first couple of posts on my blog were displayed 🙂

  71. Ethan,

    Looks like I’ll be releasing a version of UTW with tagyu recommendations tonight NZ time – I asked about a POST method of getting rec’s; but apparently GET is A-OK for giant chunks of text, so GET it is!

  72. Hi Christine,

    As you’re working on this thing again: I’d like a thingy that shows the number of posts with some tag when you hover over that tag in the cloud instead of the option to put the count in the cloud directly.

    Another thingy I still miss is one that highlights the tags in the posts someone has chosen to view by either clicking the tag in the cloud or in the taglist in the post. It would make knowing whether the posts chosen to view are as interesting as they seemed a lot easier for visitors. I guess this would be difficult/impossible for the posts themselves at my site as I first show a list of posts with only titles and tags for these posts and not the post contents? Or is it? You only see the full post when you click the title and I can imagine it is hard to code something that says that ‘human being’ should be highlighted when the referring page is http://www.path-work.info/index.php?tag=human_beings.

    Code on,


  73. Oh yeah: great improvement on the layout and linearbarwithtagscolouredthing. Does it reflect the fact that your head is less messy?


  74. Gerard,

    That first one is reasonably straightforward.. and useful! I’ll probably tweak the existing tag clouds to display the magical number when hovered over.

    *thinks* The second one is a little more interesting. I’m pretty sure that I know how to figure out a way of doing it; but it’ll take a bit of playing.

    My head is still full of messy! (I do like the down-the-page version of the bar thing.. I should have thought to play with it sooner!)

    Remember this? (I’m guessing you’re the same Gerard)… I’ve added the bits and pieces needed to draw a tag cloud that varies based on the ranking of frequency rather than the frequency – it doesn’t allow clustering the rankings together as in the comment, but it does even out the high end of the tags. The colours for the bar+tag cloud on this site are now calculated using the rank of the frequency, which is why the colour transitions are a bunch smoother.

  75. Hi Christine,

    UTW rocks, thanks for your effort to deliver such a good plugin. I have one question to ask below.

    Whenever clicked the tag hyperlink, archive page for that tag will be shown that displayed all the posts with that tag. UTW supported RSS feed of tag. Is there any function I can use to check if it is inside archive page of tag so that I can display the related link for people to subscribe RSS feed of that tag?


  76. Christine,

    Thanks. I would like to know if the following functions available.

    1. Is there any function to get the tag name of the current tag archive page so that I can display the heading like ‘Posts tagged with xxx’?
    2. Is there any function to get the hyperlink of RSS feed of the tag in the tag archive page?

    I have a suggestion of the handling of ‘Tag Suggestion’ through tagyu.com. My web hosting has disabled allow_url_fopen due to security reason. Can you use CURL library as well?

    Thanks a lot.

  77. 1. Yep! <?php UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet(“tagsetcommalist”) ?> is the best way of doing that. It’ll display “Tag” if there’s one tag, and “Tag and Tag2” for two, and “Tag, Tag2 and Tag3” for three or more. (And “Tag or Tag1” if it’s an “or” thing.

    2. <?php UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet(“”, “%rsstag%”) ?> will display the a link to the RSS feed of the current tag page.
    <?php UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet(“”, “%rssicon%”) ?> will display a little RSS icon with the link.

    (3.) I’ll have a look into that! There are all sorts of hosting issues that I don’t know about, but when people let me know they exist, I can figure out ways around them..

  78. Christine,

    I couldn’t find 2.8.3 yet but I’m happy to know you build/t in the features I mentioned.

    I’m version 39.10.14 of the same Gerard and yes, I do remember comment 3295. Actually it’s one of my favorites and I reread it at least once a week. Great you created this option.

    I discovered your tag archives page and I do like the looks of the linear bar and the tag cloud. For my purpose (showing the tag cloud in the sidebar to see the contents of the site in one view and using it as the main tool for navigation) I can’t use the linear bar on normal pages because it gets too long. I didn’t have the intention to use the linear bar at all but after the renovation (I hadn’t seen the inclusion of words before) I’ll include it in the tag archive page.


  79. Hi again,

    I noticed that an apostrophe (like in Sith’s Revenge, Lord’s prayer) in the tags and tag clouds get a before it (Sith’s Revenge and Lord’s prayer). Is there a way around this?

    And I’m still having problems with the tag/tag URL instead of index.php?tag=tag. I mean: it doesn’t work. Except tag/pathwork, that did show results, but not the right ones?! Have you heard other people mention this? To the ‘Other People’: did you encounter this and solve it?



  80. Hi all,

    Tag suggestion seems to be a hot topic around Ultimate Tag Warrior and in general. I have a 100%, okay 99%, working method and that’s using the keyword analyzer in SEO Studio from http://www.trendmx.com. It has a free version which can do this: analyze your text, count which words or word combinations are most frequent, show a list of them and export them to the clipboard. It’s a little bit more work but it’s very configurable and faultless. What makes it superior to subjective tagging is that in essence I automatically let the writer of the post (in my case also articles by others) decide which tags are important. And of course I add or deselect tags when necessary, but I guess that’s around 10% of all tags. And you need to make a good stop list first. You can ask for the one I made and change it to your needs, it contains around 2000 words.

    The only thing I don’t like is that I have to put comma’s between the tags in WordPress/UTW myself.


    P.s. Can you build this feature into UTW? 😉

  81. I was adding tags to a post using the “superajax” format and they were being added empty. UTW_AddTagToCurrentPost() wasn’t working either. Some echo’s later and I think I found a bug on GetCanonicalTag()…

    Here’s what happening, I think… If it doesn’t find a tag (setting the $truetag var), it will look for a synonym, but if doesn’t find one, it will return it anyway (empty).

    So I changed the function to this:

    function GetCanonicalTag($tag) {
    global $tabletags, $tabletag_synonyms, $wpdb;

    $truetag = $wpdb->get_var(“select tag from $tabletags where tag = ‘$tag'”);
    if ($truetag) {
    return $truetag;
    } else {
    $synonym = $wpdb->get_var(“select t.tag from $tabletags t INNER JOIN $tabletag_synonyms ts ON t.tag_id = ts.tag_id WHERE synonym = ‘$tag'”);
    if ($synonym != “”) {
    return $synonym;
    return $tag;

    Maybe it’s because I upgraded from 2.7.5 to 2.8.3… but that change did the trick to me.

    Also, there’s a variable with the wrong name on line 213 of the RemoveTag() function inside core.php, that removes the tag but doesn’t update the , “refreshing” the tag list because of a sql error:

    $q = “DELETE FROM $tabletag WHERE tag_id = $tagid”;

    Should be:

    $q = “DELETE FROM $tabletags WHERE tag_id = $tagid”;

    Cya 🙂

    Julio Nobrega

  82. Cell phone reviews,

    The RSS feed adds tags as <dc:subject> nodes; but there isn’t a convenient way to include them in the body (at least, not at the moment.)

    I’ll see if I can think of a good way of doing this.

  83. Thanks.

    I think Ultimate Tag Warrier is a great product, especially for a first time blogger like myself.

    One thing that I did notice though. If I have Technorati tag links selected under Manage, I am given a selection of tags when I create a new post. But if I have Technorati tag links and local tag links selected under Manage, I am not given a selection of tags. I have to type it in each time. That is not a big problem for me, but I thought that I would mention it.

  84. I have tried to edit the tags of an existing post. But after I saved it, the changes have not been saved and the original tags still shown in that post.

    I don’t know if the correct procedure to change the tags is only to edit the tags of the post and then save.

  85. Any indications of whether UTW works with the 1.6 alpha releases of WP? I get the annoying database errors plunked into the Tags field when trying to use 2.8.4 on a WP1.6 nightly.

    If it doesn’t work, no problem. I just won’t use it on my test sites.

  86. Hey there 🙂 I just installed your plugin and I’ve got a question. The install of 2.8.4 went well, no errors.

    Would you have any idea why when enter a post and click on the “Get Keyword Suggestions” button, nothing happens? The button changes state and then everything just sits there. No timeouts. No error messages.

  87. Actually, I’m wrong – I’m getting a 500 error:
    a.b.c.d – – [17/Oct/2005:09:32:37 -0600] “GET /wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax-js.php? ajaxurl=http://www.kothz.org/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php HTTP/1.1” 500 609 “http://www.kothz.org/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=67” “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.10) Gecko/20050719 Red Hat/1.0.6-1.4.1 Firefox/1.0.6”

    Any help appreciated 🙂

  88. Doug,

    I make no promises for the 1.6-alpha-do-not-use versions of wordpress (; But when I get home, I’ll have a little play and see if it’s little, simple things I need to change.


    Ooh. I’ll have to have a look into that. I’m not sure what would cause that off hand.




    Force-Reinstall will make it go again.

  89. Thanks Christine 🙂 I’m running WP 1.5.2 … I’ll throw some asserts into the script to see if I can find out where it’s failing when i get home.

  90. Strangely enough, even just this:


    threw a 500 error at me. The only PHP in that is the first line, really, and the echo lines.

    So, I copied ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax-js.php to test.php, removed all the js, and just left an echo. Worked.

    I copied all the stuff back INTO the test.php from -js.php, it got further until it failed finding -ajax.php.

    I copied -ajax.php to test2.php (and modified -actions.php). Worked until the next function call. The 500 error now appears in the space below the tag section vs the whole browser window.

    More info when i get home.

  91. A couple of things:

    First, I was having the same problem as someone quite a way above where the colour of my tag cloud was radically different to the hex code I put into the Manage Tags page in WP. I just went into the K2 code and changed the tag ‘coloredsizedtagcloud’ to just ‘sizedtagcloud’ and the colour is now correct.

    Second, I was messing around with creating a .htaccess file yesterday in order to get customised permalinks working (but without success). I eventually just deleted the .htaccess file I’d created just so I could get my site working again. The only problem is that ever since then the UTW tags for new posts (only) do not display. New posts just say ‘No tags’ for both local and technorati tags. Posts published before the .htaccess adventure are displaying their tags fine. I’m not sure where to start to fix this so hopefully someone will have encountered this problem before.

    Oh yeah, if anyone knows how to get my customised permalinks and UTW tags working properly, I’d really like to know.

  92. So, after some putzing with my shared hosting account I found that the *.php files needed to be chmod’d 644 before the php handler that the shared hosting service uses would run the script. Not a terribly friendly error message from the access log. 🙂

  93. Troy,

    Ooh. It would have taken me much longer to have figured that out.

    I’ll look at tinkering with the permissions of the files in the .zip so that it behaves.

    Thanks for your help with that!

  94. Can someone please help me with the following questions? Just started using WordPress and blogging for that matter since the beginning of October so please excuse me if any of these questions seem childish. However, this plugin looks cool and seem like it will simplify the tagging process, now I just have to figure out the details.

    Automatically add categories as tags.
    At present this is turned off. By leaving this off is WordPress will still automatically using categories at tags?

    Automatically include local tag list.
    At present this is turned off. What is this and what does it do? Not sure if I should turn this on or leave it off.

    Use url rewriting for local tag urls (/tag/tag instead of index.php?tag=tag)
    Obviously this has to do with the questions above. It is presently turned off. What exactly does this do?

    Automatically include Technorati tag links.
    At present this is on. I image this is for turning off UTW as a whole and just using the categories as tags?

    What is a tag cloud? And why would I want to use one?

    Lastly, on the beginning of this page it has some instructions. It says

    On the post editing screen, below the main content editing space, there are two new boxes – one labeled Tags, and another labeled Tag Suggestions. Then there is a picture of the plugin. However, it shows in the picture

    Tags (Space separated list. –‘s and _’s display as spaces)

    However, when I go to manage > posts and start writing a new post or edit existing one it has directly under the post area it has it as:

    Tags (Comma separated list; and -‘s and _’s display as spaces)

    Tag Suggestions (Courtesy of tagyu.com)

    So do I use commas to separate the list or no?

    Also, lets say my blog is about beer,

    If it is space separated should my tags be:

    Beer 1 Beer 2 Beer 3
    Bee1 Beer2 Beer 3

    If it is comma separated should my tags be;

    Beer 1, Beer 2, Beer 3
    Beer1, Beer2, Beer3

    Thank you for any potential help.

  95. Please ignore my last post.

    I found the help file that explained all of this. There are three help files and I must have clicked on the custom formatting one twice. But I found the basic one that answered these questions.

    I think I know what I’m doing now!!!

  96. Back again. That didn’t last long!!

    One quick question. Are Technorati tags case sensitive? looking on their site it appears to me that, for example, dog and Dog are two seperate tags.

    Thanks Again.

  97. Skrp,

    Hooray for help!

    I looked at the Technorati pages for Dogs and dogs (And Dog and dog (: ), and it looks like both versions exist as pages; but both seemed to have the same matching posts, so it shouldn’t matter.

  98. Hi, I’ve read in the previous posts that it should be possible to have a name of a tag displayed on that tag archive, so that people can see something like “This is the archive for the tag XXX”.

    I’m not really a coder, but I thought that something like this could work:

    <?php /* If this is a tag archive */ if (is_tag()) { ?>
    <?php UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet(”tagsetcommalist”); ?>
    <?php } ?>

    however, I don’t know where to put it exactly, I tried in different parts of theloop.php with no avail.

    Thanks for any help.

  99. Hey Christine,

    Haven’t tested 2.8.5 in all it’s new features but I just opened the help file and want to say: the help file looks great now. I’m amazed, very good work.



  100. It hovers!!! It sizes relative automatically instead of absolute which makes it much more differentiated!! It now allows /tag/tag1 after I found out UTW didn’t like my permalink structure of /%category%/etc…!! It=great.

    The only thing I couldn’t get displayed the way I want is the “weightedlongtailvertical” at my archive. It has two ‘wings’, silly colours and it creeps under my navigation columns as a default. You can have a laugh at it here: http://www.path-work.info/keyword-paradise . Where and how can I change this ‘One flew over the cuckoo nest’-look?

    Bye, Gerard

  101. Getting the help into this new shiny format was a task and a half… I’m never, ever letting it get that far out of date again!

    It could still do with a few more examples, though (;

    As far as the wingy bits – it’s in a <center> tag at the moment… if you un-center it, that aspect will be okay.

    For the colours – it’s using the same colours as the tag cloud at the moment… Something that I want to do is allow specifying the colours to use, but at the moment…meh.

  102. What a robust plugin.

    I wonder, what kind of search capabilities are there? I’m awe-struck by the ability to view RSS feeds for cross-referenced tags, but can I search like this too?

    For example, if a post is tagged “work, fun, home” and I search for “home, work” will that post come up? How do I go about enabling this?

  103. Sumeet,

    “Ordinary” search isn’t something that I’ve done much of anything with. I’ll have to look into what wordpress will let me do and get back to you.

    (It sure would be good if it could.)

  104. I second Sumeet’s request. The only way as a visitor to find intersections and unions is typing the URL /tag/work+home or /tag/work|home, isn’t it? You made very functional captions (tagheader) for individual tag pages, intersections and unions but how to reach the intersections and unions in a consumer friendly way? Can’t you make a search box where you can type ‘work+home’ which results in /tag/work+home or type ‘work|home’ or ‘work-home’ which results in /tag/work|home? To make it more daunting, remember the faceted tags you talked about? I would surely use this feature at my site to find buddhist articles about death or hindu articles about death or an article by pope John Paul 2 about death. Could it become possible to search for something like ‘author:John Paul 2+death’ or ‘source:buddhism+death’? The WordPress search function is dramatically bad and having the possibility to search in and combine tags would really make your plugin stand out in search performance as well. Enough pleading?

  105. Gerard,

    There’s a custom format named htmllistandor that you can see in the sidebar on tag pages in this theme* that shows + and | links which is one way of going about making these sorts of links easier.

    I was just having a look at this plugin; and now that I have a general idea about what I need to do to get more advanced searching to work (and it doesn’t seem to be too daunting.. I say this before I’ve tried to write any of the code for it, of course (: ).

    * I really should make it available for download so that people can poke about and see how things are done (:

  106. Aaaahhh, that’s what htmllistandor does. I see the usefulness of that at a tag page. I don’t know exactly how it works but when I’m at your tag/dessert page a + link points to for example /tag/dessert+foodporn. Which makes me think, as a non-coder, a search box with free choice of tags and boolean operators should be able to generate pages with any combination of tags. For me, where the tags at some sites are the only navigation mode, this would be a priceless asset.

  107. There is a sloppy and partially effective workaround that I am using until I figure out (or someone else figures out) how to do this properly.

    The first thing I do is install one of the expanded search plugins, like Jerome’s Search (http://vapourtrails.ca/wp-plugins).

    This will just search more stuff than the title.

    Then I changed my searchform.php template file so that the action is http://mydomain.com/

    This will now take searches and essentially redirect them to the tag page for that search query.

    If someone searches for “blue red” the search will return all posts that contain both those tags – just like if we used the + in the URI.

    It’s not even nearly perfect, but until a better method comes along, it’s a decent fix. However, it does mean that you can’t use the /tag/ base. You have to have ?tag results set in your Tags options.

  108. Sumeet,

    I pondered the search problem while I was asleep last night; and came to the conclusion that a pretty good way of integrating search+tags a little more tightly was to include another template function in the plugin that looks at the search string, and provides a list of links to tag pages that might be relevant.

    So in practice, in the search.php file in your theme, you’d add a call to the new function (probably UTW_GetTagPagesForSearch()), which would display a list of relevant tag pages at the top of the search page (rather than mingling any results that matched based on tags among the search results)

    What do you think about this approach?

  109. I think that could work pretty well, actually. It’s important, however, to make sure that the tags can be searched out of order. If the tags are ‘X Y Z’ and someone searches for ‘Y X’ they should get that post.

    Also, I’m sure many people would prefer to simply replace (rather than add) the WP search with the tag search. This is a capability I think is vital.

    As a clarification, when you say “display a list of relevant tag pages at the top of the search page,” do you mean display those pages first in the results or display them _above_ the standard results? I think it’s best to include them within the standard results but have them be more relevant results.

  110. I like the idea of putting the ‘tag search’ and ‘all words search’ in one search box and in one results page with the ‘tag results’ posts always before the ‘all words results’ posts. That’s what you mean, isn’t it?

    For me the possibility to search with both ‘and’ and ‘or’ operators is very useful. The WordPress defaults to ‘and’ and doesn’t allow ‘or’, as far as I know.

  111. I get the message below on my screen, together with the more polite ‘Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.’, when I put a non-existing tag in the URL. Say: ‘/tag/aok’. Do you consider this a just punishment for asking UTW silly questions or is it something I did? Both?

    It’s not too disturbing for me now, but I thought it might cause problems when visitors get a tag search box in which they can put any word they like so that this esthetically boring message would appear more often.

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘secretdatabasename.pathworktag_synonyms’ doesn’t exist]
    select t.tag from pathworktags t INNER JOIN pathworktag_synonyms ts ON t.tag_id = ts.tag_id WHERE synonym = ‘rupy’

  112. I found your plugin and want to start using it, but I would like the to diaplay the tags right below the time the post was made like so:

    Is that possible? I am new to coding and WP, so I don’t know where to start. Thanks,

  113. Oops, the link to the screenshot did not show up. This is how I want the tags to be displayed:

    Anyone know if I can do it that way?

  114. hi,

    i would like to get the tags for a post as an array (not the html with links etc) because i the post is supposed to be color coded based on if a tag is included or not.

    example: red background if the tag “blod” is included
    example: blue background if the tag “ocean” is included


  115. hi, i managed to fix the problem above, but here’s another one!

    if i use superajax to list my tags and i want it to be commaseparated list, how do i do? right now i’ve done a semi-ugly hack by just adding a comma in this line:

    $predefinedFormats[“superajax”] = array(“pre”=>””,”default”=>$default, “post”=>”$aft”);;

    but this adds a comma after the last tag too which kind of sucks. so my question is, is there another way of doing this and if not, how do create some code that figures out if it’s the last tag?


  116. hi christine,
    i am trying to figure out how to call the utw on the sidebar like you did for your popular tags, but i didn’t manage it. i like your plugin very much and like you, i like food and wine too. i deal with it and i have a blog for it: http://www.swingcheese.com
    so i you don’t mind, could you send me the code for the sidebar please,

  117. Hello, sorry to bother you again but I’m really curious about this. Since your tag has a built-in ability to display Flickr/Technorati/etc icon, is it possible to add flickr or technorati tag for an entry via UTW?

  118. Paul,

    To change the way something is displayed or its location, you generally edit the theme that your installation of WordPress uses. Themes don’t change the content at all – that’s all handled via a database that stores your posts, people’s comments, etc. So don’t be frightened to dive right into WordPress themes and learn via error. Nothing you do in there could possibly mess up your blog, and you can always switch back to the default theme.

    To get the tags of a post to display, you just insert where you want the list to appear. This line of code will go into a theme.


    This link will help you get an understanding of how the layout and design of WordPress is tinkered with.

  119. Arg. That should read:

    To get the tags of a post to display, you just insert <?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“commalist”) ?> where you want the list to appear. This line of code will go into a theme.

  120. Sumeet,
    Thanks, I will start plugging away. I think I might have to change theloop.php, and just enter the code to produce the tag, right belwo where the time of the post is coded. I will figure it out.
    Thaks for the tips.

  121. I have a small error here when I try and incorporate UTW into my theme…

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: utw_showtagsforcurrentpost() in /home/.baz/osmaker/techramble.com/wp-content/themes/default/single.php

    Do I need to include a file that is not included by default?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  122. Hi, this plugin is so great
    But when i click the “tags”button under Manage, I’ve experienced an problem showing:

    Warning: Unknown(D:\Vhost\wwwroot\aoeking2\www\wp-admin\ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: Unknown(D:\Vhost\wwwroot\aoeking2\www\wp-admin\ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: (null)(): Failed opening ‘D:\Vhost\wwwroot\aoeking2\www\wp-admin\ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;c:\php4\pear’) in Unknown on line 0

    Could you help me about that?

    Thanks very much

  123. I would like to use your great plugin, but i’ve got a little problem: The options of version 2.8.5-7 just show an error message like this:
    Cannot access empty property in […]wp-includes/functions.php on line 246
    Maybe it’s a bug, but it could be everything, i have no clue.
    I received another version, i think it’s about 2.8.2, there is no optionmenue (is that right ?), so there is no error. i had no time to test it, but i keep trying. everything looks fine, at least there is a line to write tags for your post.

  124. Jona,

    In between then and the current version, the stuff in the options page moved from the manage page; so yeah, that sounds about right.


    Ooer. I’ll have to have a closer look…. I have a feeling that by making the plugin work in 1.6, it may have stopped working in 1.5 (which you seem to be using). Version 2.8.6 of the plugin should work fine, though.

  125. BIll,

    if you go to index.php?tag=ask-the-team&feed=rss2 does it display the RSS feed? (In which case it’s a case of URL Rewrite rules not being there).

    Otherwise, which version of the plugin are you using?

  126. Nope, I get the same results w/ URL rewriting turned off. We’re using version 2.8.6 of the plugin…

    my .htaccess file contains:
    RewriteRule ^blog/tag/?(.*)/feed/(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$ /index.php?tag=$1&feed=$2 [QSA,L]

  127. I’m one of the three. I even tried it from Linux:

    -bash-2.05b$ unzip -t ultimate-tag-warrior-2-8-7.zip
    Archive: ultimate-tag-warrior-2-8-7.zip
    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
    a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
    latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
    the last disk(s) of this archive.
    unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of ultimate-tag-warrior-2-8-7.zip or
    ultimate-tag-warrior-2-8-7.zip.zip, and cannot find ultimate-tag-warrior-2-8-7.zip.ZIP, period.

  128. I notice that you use short tags in the UTW_AddTagToCurrentPost() function in ultimate-tag-warrior.php. This breaks WordPress completely on servers where short tag support turned off. I modifed the code myself to fix it, but you might want to do that for your release versions as well.

    Otherwise, I love this plugin deeply and want to have your babies. Or something.

  129. Hey,
    back again …
    i finally found the optionmenue in version 2.8.2 but know i see, there is the same error:
    Cannot access empty property in […]wp-includes/functions.php on line 246
    Could it have to do with my host or his php version?
    A friend of mine suggested that.

  130. Christine,
    I have installed the plugin and actived 2 of the 3. When I go to Manage > Tags, the tags links points to “http://www.sherpatrek.com/weblog/wp-admin/ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php” and the same under Options >; I just get an 404 error page, Do I need to copy certain files to the admin folder?

    Any suggestions?

    Any help is really appriciated.

    Thank you.

  131. It was inside of a wordpress loop yes, Turns out $post needed to be a global variable. I assumed wordpress did that already, but apparently not.

  132. Hi. I love the plugin. I have it on my new blog and it works great. Only one thing. I would like to have tag.php be a list of postlinks/excerpts of posts related to the tag clicked on instead of displaying actual posts. Is there any way for me to do that, I can’t seem to make it happen.

  133. Hi Christine, fabulous plugin you made there. I just wanted to say that in my eyes, tagyu does an extremely terrible job of suggesting tags. Sometimes these tags are so unrelated to my texts, I’m wondering if they are just churning out random words. Is there an option of choosing another service (like that Yahoo thing before), instead of tagyu?

  134. Hi. I think your plugin is really cool, I have a question: at the moment I have a list of primary tags under my titles and, after the post, I have a list of secondary that brings me to technorati. To avoid confusion, I’d like to have a technorati icon close to the latter, but not an icon to each tag, rather something like this:

    [icon] “tag”,”tag”, “tag”

    Is it possible to do that?

  135. Hi Christine,

    I’ve ran into a small probem with the plugin. If you check out the site (http://www.copperleaf.org), in the tags section of the sidebar, Photo_of_the_Day is the most popular tag. However, when I click on it, I get a 404 error. If I manually query the db, I get 59 matches in the post2tag table that have have a tag_id that matches that tag. Any thoughts?


  136. Hey, your plugin looks excellent. I reviewed several and found this to be the best among them! Kudos!

    However, I was unable to figure out how to make a page which shows all posts tagged with a particular tag. e.g. – i want that http://www.mysite.com/tag/help should show all posts which have been tagged ‘help’. I know it is possible, since I saw that on your site. And, I know it should be plain simple. I am just not able to find the magic yet. Forgive me for my dubmness!


    PS: I accidently posted it on faq page whereas I wanted it to come on this page! eee!

  137. Hi Christine,

    Great plugin. I’m tweaking along on a dev site but cannot get a text field to appear in the admin area to add synonyms!

    I haven’t been able to find anyone with the same issues, so I thought I’d ask you directly.

    I’ve tried forcing the reinstall – the table is in the database, just no text field to add synonyms.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  138. Hey C,

    Killer Plugin – only one problem for me. My administrative tagyu tag suggestions button doesn’t work. I get no tags. Probably user error, but not sure. The code says….


    TIA, JH

  139. Does the UTW_ShowRelatedPostsForCurrentPost function have anything to do w/ the date of a related post?

    Seems all my related posts get returned in reverse chronological order. Or does this function rely entirely on each posts tag?

  140. I’m new to this plugin. The reason I initially installed it is that a WP support forum member suggested it as a way to format multi-word tags for Technorati.

    But after installing it, it appears that Ultimate Tags is a way to organize and offer my own posts to visitors interested to search for more posts on the subject they’re reading about.

    However, I do see there is Technorati compatibility built into the plugin. I just don’t know how you use it. Can you explain?

    Also, I’ve added these tags to the post linked to this comment:
    amir_peretz, israel, labor_party, mideast_peace, yossi_beilin, yossi_sarid

    And they’re displaying within the post as links like so:
    amir peretz israel labor party Mideast Peace yossi beilin yossi saridamir peretz israel labor party Mideast Peace yossi beilin yossi sarid

    Can you explain why the duplication? Have I used a wrong setting somewhere?

  141. Christine: I installed the plugin a few days ago. It worked for a few days & now has stopped working. I know that because the tagyu “Keyword suggestion” box does nothing when I click it. Also, when I add a very specific tag which probably is used by no other site, there is no listing in either Technorati or Delicious (whose tags I’m using) even many hrs after publishing to post.

    I don’t know if this is an error on my part, the plugin’s part or what. Would you have any ideas?

  142. Hello there,

    I think this is a most useful plugin, my technorati links are working, the only thing thats not working is local tags. I looked into .htaccess file and there is a /tag/ redirector but when I click my tags below the posts i.e http://mysite.c*m/tags/myfirsttag it tells me sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

    what could I be doing wrong? I am using permalinks, all the usual stuff looks right.

    Please somebody give some advice.

  143. I like the basic idea behind UTW, however I do not use the editor in wp, as it is severely limiting and out dated. I use RocketPost to send posts to all my blogs. Is there any way to automate UTW? It’s approach is desirable, but would be useless to me if I could not use RocketPost as RP offers additional features and benefits, and makes it easier to manage a fleet of blogs. Thank you.

  144. hi Christine,

    UTW plugin rocks, it’s a useful tool to archive my blog.

    And there’s problem: when I active UTW plug, my rss feed just out of order.

    I check my feed via FEED Validator and it says:
    “XML parsing error: :3:0: xml declaration not at start of external entity ”
    There are two lines above the

  145. Let me try that again. When I use [!–more–] tags do not display on their own line in Firefox on the Mac and Windows. I think this is a UTW issue. It looks fine in IE and Safari. Peace. See my post “Happy Thanksgiving” for an example at http://www.rustyhinges.com

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  147. Totally new to this tagging thing (actually everything about tagging) but just details. I noticed duplication when I enter my tags. How can I set this right? I havent used any php tags, all is default.
    Im using wordpress 2.0-RC1

    hope u guys/gals can help me out

  148. Danny,

    There are two automagically included tag options on the Options > Tag page on the admin side… select one or the other (:

    (I *really* have to look at the default values…)

  149. Christine, Many thanks for this wordpress plugin. The first time I activated the plugin, I could see my tags appear under my post just after “Technorati Tags:”. However, the tag links would not point to technorati.com but instead to posts on my blog bearing the same tag. I tried changing “Technorati Tags:” to “tags:” in the code of ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php. This did not work: the tags still appear but without any labels! Also, I am not quite sure how the Options>Tags parameters should be set because I don’t know the difference between local tag links, primary tag links and secondary tag links!

    Would very much appreciate your help.

  150. Joseph, All you have to do is: from the Options>Tags menu clear the check boxes for local tag links, primary tag links and secondary tag links. Then your tags should no longer appear. Hope this helped.

  151. Christine, You have undoubtably written one of the best plugins for WordPress that exists today. I just wanted to let you know that it doesn’t validate when you turn on the icons, for the lack of the "alt" tags. I’m sure that it’s just an oversight, but I wanted to drop you a line to be sure that you were aware of it. Johnhttp://jei.afraid.org/wordpress 

  152. For those of you who are getting a 404 page when clicking on a tag, I figured out what’s wrong. Perhaps this is an Apache version/setting thing, but in the RewriteRule lines for UTW (RewriteRule ^tags/…), wherever you see a $matches[1], $maches[2], etc. replace them with just $1, $2, etc. This fixed it for me.

  153. Great!

    now it works, after i tried it yesterday 2 hours to run the tagging.

    $1 ist working fine…

    Thank you for your good work


  154. Hi Christine, great Plugin…. I seem to be having the problem that I think the guy above is having but am not sure. When I click the tags or the cloud it takes me to a list of my posts that correspond to the tag but if I have a pic or whatever in there it skews my entire blog, ie: the sidebar nav bar etc are all over. With Firefix, it just puts the pic under the sidebar. heres a link to a tagged item:


    Of course it’s the size of the pic but that would mean I can only use thumbnail sized pics and that would be a drag. Is there a hack where I can list the tag posts out like the categories list in worpress lists? ie: like this?


    In this instance, the pics are irrelevant as it only shows the expert and then allows you to selct which article/post you’d like to read, then it takes you to the single page where pic size is irrelevant.

    Any ideas? I really dont want to not use this great plug.

    Another NOOBIE question if I may… when I post and pick several tags but choose the option to only show which category the post was in ie: using tags but not showing them, does all of this still work with Technorati and other tag searches? In other words, am I still tagging for searches but just not allowing my readers to select posts by tag because if they did, well as explained, they might, depending on a pic size get a skewed blog?

    Thanks in Advance to anyone for help on this.

  155. Christine,

    Awesome plugin! Thanks for doing so much work in creating this plugin, and maintaining it.

    I’ve only just been mucking about with the options for UTW, and realising just how much fun can be had with it.

    Thankyou, and cheers.

  156. I could please need some help!
    I have some problems with the permalinks.

    my main structure is:

    my tags:

    and I got this in my htaccess:

    RewriteRule ^tag/?(.*)/feed/(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$ /index.php?tag=$1&feed=$2 [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^tag/?(.*)/page/?(.*)/$ /index.php?tag=$1&paged=$2 [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^tag/?(.*)/$ /index.php?tag=$1 [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^tag/?(.*)//page/?(.*)$ /index.php?tag=$1&paged=$2 [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^tag/?(.*)$ /index.php?tag=$1 [QSA,L]

    the tags are working but when it gets to page 2 of the displayed posts I get this linkurl:

    you see the missing slash between index.php and tag?
    it ends up on my 404 page.
    I think it´s just a small change to the htaccess page but I haven´t found it.
    I tried adding a slash before “tag” but it´s not working.

    can somebody please help me out on this one?
    thanks a lot in advance

  157. Hello Christine. Thanks for the plugin, it looks lovely. I’ve quickly managed to set it up in a basic manifestaton and get-to-tagging. (i’ll play more with complex stuff later)

    i found a problem witht eh ‘get keyword suggestions’ button though. when clicked i get the following error text poping up below it:

    Warning: main(../../../wp-blog-header.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/myurl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php on line 4

    Warning: main(../../../wp-blog-header.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/myurl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php on line 4

    Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘../../../wp-blog-header.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:.’) in /home/myurl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php on line 4

    …not sure whats going on there. hmm, is there a UTW forum somewhere?

  158. Rajio, I had the same problem, I fixed it by editing the ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php in the plugins folder, then change this line:




    That fixed the problem on my site. However, I have another problem. Whenever I click on the “Get keyword suggestions button” I get no tag suggestions. Any ideas?

  159. Hi,

    Im getting a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error whenever the .htaccess is updated – im trying to enable UTW 2.89 as the plugin on WP 1.5

    I can’t see where the problem is, can anyone help?

  160. Ok I set it up and it’s working great. I just wanted a categories type plugin to add a little extra help searching my site. Only thing is I would love to be able to have it look like –>

    Tag: Aurora

    instead of just


    How can I add the Tag: before the actual tag link?

  161. I love this plugin! It does everything I want (I still need to fix the css so the post tags will format the way the rest of the content does).

    I’m using an external archives.php and can get the tag cloud to show up however when you click any of the tags it either shows only the index.php as it currently is (not archived posts) or else says “no posts match your criteria”.

    Not sure why this is happening.

  162. Christine,

    First off, thanks for the great plugin (and the inspirational cheese pictures!).

    I’m not having any functionality problems with UTW, but it IS causing a slew of XHTML validation errors. Not all of those errors are caused by UTW, but many are. If you could take a look, that would be great.


    It gets worse if I turn on del.icio.us icons.

    I’m using 2-8-9-wp-2, if that’s any help.

  163. Got some suggestions/requests:

    Tagyu suggestions doesn’t seem to be working.

    I’ve turned on “technoraticommalistwithlabel” for automatic tag link inclusion. I would rather not have “No Tags” displaying when no tags are defined on a post, just nothing at all. Is this possible?

    I want to incorporate the tag name into the title tag of my tag pages — for SEO purposes. It would be easiest if the tag was part of wp_title().

    UTW revised my .htaccess but did so incorrectly. It put $matches[1] where it should have put $1, and $matches[2] where it should have put $2.

    In order to be search engine friendly, UTW should use hyphens rather than underscores in tag names and URLs. Underscores are not treated as word separators by Google, as Google engineer Matt Cutts confirms:
    Any chance you can change those underscores soonish?

    Thanks for a great plugin!!

  164. I don’t want to bother you, but what I’d love to see are XHTML 1.1 Strict-compatible Icons. Right now they have a “border” and an “hspace” attribute which are both not XHTML 1.1, but they miss an “alt” attribute. And I’m too lazy to edit the ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php file for every new release.
    Merry christmas!


  165. Cheers!

    Long time no talk.

    I don’t know if it is the new release that I’m using or WP2 but when I click on a tag instead of the formating being for the archives.php template it’s using the index.php template. Not good for the way I set up my blog.

    thanks a lot and if you could email me that would be great.

  166. Superb! It works!

    Now, how do I decrease the size of the fonts? I have tried using the configuration page but nothing happens 😦

  167. Hi I’m looking to use a list of tags for each post to use for navigation but then also a list of keywords to use for SEO. Is there a way I can maintain two seperate lists of words for each posts so I don’t display the SEO tags as navigation tags? I would like to do this with one plugin instead of two, if possible. Thanks for your help.

  168. I having a MySQL database error. I keep getting this:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1]
    DELETE FROM wp_tags where tag_id =

    do you have any ideas how to fix this?

  169. I forgot to mention that I get this when I tidy the tags and no reinstall doesn’t appear to fix this problem. I using the latest version of UTW 2.8.9 and WordPress 2.0.

  170. None of the tag IDs contain a null valid. I’m just clicked the tidy tags button to see if it works. I really don’t need to tidy the tags at this point this is a fresh install of UTW.

  171. I’ll probably leave it as it is for now, then.. I tried a couple of different things and couldn’t get it to throw up that error; and since you don’t *need* to do a tidy-tags…

    (It’s mostly just there because a UTW 1ish didn’t properly deal with orphaned tags, which it does now (: That, and if you were to do some custom importing of tags, it’s nice to have a thing that will unwrangle them for you.)

  172. Thanks for the help. I was just concerned it this is something major. Other than the error my tags and site works just fine. Now I don’t have to be concerned. Thanks again.

  173. First: Your plugin is quite impressive, and feature rich, thanks for such work. The only thing I would suggest to improve is the support for special characters like accented or tilded ones, which currently are not displayed properly.

  174. In the process of upgrading to WP2 and UTW 2.8.9.

    .htaccess isn’t getting updated when I do an “Update Permalinks”. I haven’t changed any of the permissions on my files, so .htaccess is still 666… Weird. Anyone else seeing this?

  175. Nice plugin there

    but I have a query – when I put tags for a post I get Tags : tags which lead to my pages where the tags are used. Instead of that I would like to link back the tags to technorati tags.

    how can I do that ?

  176. Thnaks for the plugin. It works beautifully when I automatically include tags. But when I try to add a function into The_Loop on my index page of the theme (e.g., in the post-metadata section) I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: utw_showtagsforcurrentpost()

    Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

  177. Thanks for this great plugin, unfortunately I have a problem to get it to work.

    If I click on a tag or go to tag address (e.g. bitcycle.de/tag/wordpress), no tagged postings were found.
    I have the same problem with a local WP installation without mod_rewrite (index.php?tag=foo).

    The cloud is diplayed correctly.
    I’m using WP2.0 and UTW for WP2.0.

    Any Ideas?

  178. Great plugin and you’re doing a heck of a lot of support work for a freebie.

    Why do my tags show as:

    tag tag tag Technorati Tags tag tag tag
    (repeated left and right)?


  179. EyeNo,

    I sent you an email; which I guess you didn’t get d:

    But at least you figured it out! (:

    (p.s. for anyone reading this: this comments page is getting scary, so instead of replying to questions here, I usually email you directly)

  180. Hi Christine,

    I just installed 2.9 and am having the same problem Doug Stewart is. I don’t see the tag entry box when writing a new post. It was definitely there in 2.89. Am I missing an option somewhere?

    Thanks 🙂

  181. I’ve noticed several others have already mentioned various problems with “Get Keyword Suggestions” but the problem I’m having seems to have not been reported before. I’m using WordPress 2.0 with the latest version of UTW. Here is the text of the error message I received when I double-click on the “Get Keyword Suggestions” box:

    Something went wrong:[Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0xx1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED) [nsIXML HttpRequest.send]” nsresult: “0xc1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED location: “JS frame :: http://www.familymanlibrarian.com/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax-js.php?ajaxurl=http://www.familymanlibrarian.com/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax :: askYahooForKeywords :: line 56″ data: no]

    Use of this keyword suggestion function is one of the primary reasons I wanted to try UTW. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

  182. what does it mean (i don’t speak english very weel) , but i want to display the green cloud of technorati with the tag, at the end of the post… what can i do…i reading all the instruction..and that’s is appear on my blogsites http://www.procef.net , please help me, my email, is stefigno@gmail.com…thank’s for all, bye Stef!

    Displaying a tag cloud
    Include outside the wordpress loop (Could go in your header, footer, sidebar or archive)

  183. Hi, UTW is great.

    1. mod_rewrite:
    But unfortunatly the mod_rewrite for the tags doesn’t work. The mod_rewrite for the wp-articles works fine.

    2. List articles with tag x
    Is there a way, that I can in one template (on a page) list all articles with the tag=x?


  184. Hi Christine,
    I have installed UTW and works like a charm. It took some time untils I realised that there is the ‘Force Reinstall’ which fixed everything I was fighting with. Thanks for this great plugin!

    In my case it would be nice to have separate tag lists as it is a bilingual blog, but I realize that’s more like a dream (for now ;))

  185. Hi Christine,

    I’ve been using UTW for a while now, it’s the best tagger out there and I’m glad I pointed it out to Michael when he was still using Bunny’s on K2 :).

    But a problem I’m having with WP 2.0 now is that rewritten tag URLs aren’t working anymore. /index.php?tag=blah works, but /tag/blah/ doesn’t, it just gives a 404 error. I’ve tried tweaking the settings on UTW and forcing reinstall to no avail.

    Any help would be very much appreciated :).


  186. How do you get the sidebar tagcloud to just link to Technorati instead of the posts within the blog?

    Also, on my blog, mrfootball.weblogs.us, after I entered the tag cloud on the sidebar (in ), it now displays on the bottom of the screen…any ideas why?


  187. this is very cool…im glad someone had it when I came over from Drupal. By the way.. what program are you using to get the avatars in the comments? im a little new to wordpress

  188. Like Paddy and Doug above I cannot see the tag fields on the Create New Post page once installed. I’ve tried a ‘Force Reinstall’ but thats made no difference. I saw a ‘Tag’ field once and used it but never seen the ‘Get Keyword Suggestion’ – now I can’t see anything. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  189. “As was pointed out, the old page that lived here wasn’t too helpful for new users; so I’ve scooted that off to its own page”

    Yeah, so, where did that go? I could use a reference for all the template tags that are available with UTW, and I *thought* that used to be here… 8)

  190. Err, wait, I think I’m just kind of a moron. I thought there was a different template tag for related posts.

    Still, a breakdown of the acceptable input for UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost() would be handy.

  191. Ray_Jay, if you upload a photo to gravatar.com your avatar will appear. There is a plugin you can obtain to have gravatars in your WP comments.

  192. Ok – scrap last comment. Re-Installed 2.9.1 and made sure my directory was named UltimateTagWarrior and not utw as I had originally – it now works a treat. Not sure if it was the directory name or version 2.9.1 (I was on 2.9) that made the difference.

    Thanks for a great plugin.

  193. Is there any way I could modify the plugin to use quotation marks to show tags with spaces (like Flickr) instead of using underscores or dashes? I’ve been in a few situations where I wanted to use a tag with a dash in it, only to find it converted to a space.

  194. I added the to my sidebar, and it worked fine, I wanted to limit the amount to 30 so I changed it to..

    Problem is, all it showed was tiny print, i couldn’t read. I changed it back till I find an awnser, but is it because I only have two post? (new blog) or do I need to change a font size??


  195. I get this error when trying to activate the plugin:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in F:Websiteswordpresswp-contentpluginsUltimateTagWarriorultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 125

    Any idea what could be wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  196. Has anyone had problems getting UTW to work properly on Windows/IIS?

    I can activate the plugin fine, it creates the tables, etc. When I go to write a post, the tags box appears and I enter my tags. But when I publish, the tag doesn’t stick to the post. The funny thing is that it adds the tag to the database (the wp_tags table), the tag just never associates to the post.

    Any ideas?


  197. I had the old version installed and it worken with my old theme (Falling Leaves) I have changed themes to The Cabinet by Evok Interactive and it started to blow up the html in WP 2.0. (div errors) I installed the new version of your plugin and now do not see the tag boxes on the Write pane (in either the new editor or old). Any ideas?

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  199. Hi,

    Sorry if I’m missing the obvious but I can’t find what’s wrong with this line:

    UTW_ShowRelatedPostsForCurrentPost(“”, array(“none”=>””, “first”=>”Related posts : %postlink% – “, “default”=>”%postlink% – “))

    It simply returns a blank output, with no error and the rest of the page is fine.

    TIA, thanks for your time and great plugin.

  200. After ‘Force Reinstall’ I got:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘id’ in ‘wp_tags’]
    ALTER TABLE wp_tags CHANGE id tag_id int(11) AUTO_INCREMENT

    Edit Tags

    Enter a comma separated list of tags to split a tag into multiple tags

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘tag’ in ‘field list’]
    select tag, t.tag_id, count(p2t.post_id) as count from wp_tags t inner join wp_post2tag p2t on t.tag_id = p2t.tag_id inner join wp_posts p on p2t.post_id = p.ID WHERE post_date_gmt 0 order by tag asc

    No tags are in use at the moment.
    Assign Synonyms

    Enter a comma separated list of synonyms. A synonym behaves in a similar manor to a tag – viewing the tag page for a synonym of a tag displays the tag page for the underlying tag.

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘tag’ in ‘field list’]
    select tag, t.tag_id, count(p2t.post_id) as count from wp_tags t inner join wp_post2tag p2t on t.tag_id = p2t.tag_id inner join wp_posts p on p2t.post_id = p.ID WHERE post_date_gmt 0 order by tag asc

    No tags are in use at the moment.

  201. Hello.
    1. Thank you
    2. I see the Tags section on the side but all I see is the “Tag Suggestion” section and I see nothing else. even when I expand it by hitting “+” I cant see any list. Any help?

  202. Great plugin, generally it works fine for me. Except that in the description above it says “..The text field in the Tags box is where all of the tags associated with the post go. Under the tags box there’s a list of clickable links to the tags that are already in use. Clicking on these tags will add them to the tags box…..” This doesn’t work for me, either drop-down box or list. The “javascript:addTag(‘mytag’) doesn’t seem to work. I’m on 1.5.2, any hints?

  203. Oh, me again, your comments feed doesn’t seem to work. In particular Netvibes said it’s not valid at the moment. You may want to check this out!

  204. Hi Christine,

    This is a great plugin! I was wondering if you’re considering including some way to use an external editor support instead of having to use the built-in wordpress one.


  205. Hi Christine,

    This is a GREAT plugin, thanks for much for making it.

    I have some special circumstances that I wonder if you could help me with. I run a WP dropin (vice a plugin) which allows me to post directly to by WP2.0 blog from my camera phone. I’d like those posts to be tagged with ‘moblog’, but I can’t figure out how to do this. I am able to edit the contents of the post within the script file, and I attempted to just add the tags I wanted to the script, but that obviously does nothing to enter the post tag relationship in the database.

    I imagine I’d have to do something like insert the post, query the db to get the post id, and then make an entry in the proper UTW table. That’s about as far as my thinking has gone.

    Can you maybe share some thoughts with me about the easiest way to implement this thing before I start stumbling all over myself?



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  207. Hi,

    I have WP 2.0 with the K2 theme. I installed the newest UTW for 2.0. Everything functions except the field under the Post Edit page, it’s missing, there is no place for me to put the tags in each post. How can i fix this? I have all 3 of the plugins activited. Thanks


  208. Hi Christine,

    Excellent plugin! However, I am having trouble getting the “Get Keyword Suggestions” function to work reliably. When I hit the button once, nothing happens. When I hit it the second time I get the following error message:

    Something done went wrong:[Exception…”Component returned failure code: 0xc1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED)[nsIXMLHttpRequest.Send]” nresult: “0xc1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED)” location: “JS frame :: …

    Any help would be appreciated.



  209. Hi Christine,

    What a great plugin! Its fantasticness is proven once again by the fact that I, a total CSS/PHP/XHTML newb was able to install it and have it running.

    I do have a question for you or anyone else more experienced with CSS, PHP and WP themes.

    I’m using the popular Almost Spring theme for my fun learn-to-do-this blog, located here. I’ve decided to activate the tag cloud feature.

    If you look closely, the Archives & Categories are slightly indented, while the Tag Cloud is unindentend. Not a major thing, but… I get the feeling that what is going on here is that the php command which fetches the elements of Categories, for example, , is applying styles from the CSS stylesheet governing behavior of text elements in the sidebar. The command, on the other hand, is not applying the CSS styles.

    So… the question is… is there a way to have the CSS apply its styles to the elements in my Tagcloud? I want basically to indent it slightly for now, but I could see wanting at some point to use the CSS to apply different formatting to the tagcloud.

    Any suggestions/teaching a newbie?

    Thank you,


  210. Sophisty One:

    Try this…

    Try this:

    <?php UTW_ShowWeightedTiddlyPomHowYouHaveItNowButNotReallyIMeanHonestlyJustLeaveThisAloneAndAddTheULsAndLIs() ?>

  211. Thanks Christine.

    That gives me a nice ordered list in a column, which is nice, but it isn’t the tagcloud I was hoping for… just indented. 🙂


  212. (Arrgh! The thinger that cleans stuff up ate what was in your code block. If you like, you can email me instead of having a comment-conversation – christine at neato dot co dot nz)

  213. I am using UTW for some time now and I am really happy with it. My new K2-based self-created theme WP-Binary-Blue-K2ed fully supports it out of the box if it finds an installed and enabled UTW plugin in the WP installation.

  214. I use the tag warrior – great plugin! I would like to add the word “tags:” in front of the tags in the RSS feed and also have a after it.

    How can I do this?

    Thnak you for any support.


  215. Argh! The comment thingamajigger ate the thing you want after your tags!

    You’d need to do a little hack to the plugin code (although, having a tags label is probably a good thing; if you could let me know what you wanted after the tags, if it makes sense for the masses I’ll include the change in the next version of the plugin, so you won’t need to re-hack it if you upgrade)

    In ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php on around about line 602, replace

    $thecontent = $thecontent . $utw->FormatTags($tags, $utw->GetFormatForType(‘commalist’));


    $thecontent = $thecontent . $utw->FormatTags($tags, $utw->GetFormat(‘commalistwithtaglabel’, array(‘post’=>’whateveryouwantedafterthetags’)));

    (Of course, you should replace whateveryouwantedafterthetags with the HTML or text or whatever you wanted to display after the tags (: )

  216. Hi Christine,
    first of all, thanks for that great Plug-in!

    I installed and used it successfully, however, i am looking for a way to let the readers tag the articles by their own. I searched for such a feature but couldn’t find, am i too stupid?! 😉
    Maybe you can help me and give me a hint. If there is no feature like this and you think it’s not meaningful to implement it inside the normal developing branch, could you give me a hint which functions to use best, so i try to code it by myself.

    Thanks in advance!
    BR, Jesus Villar

  217. Hi all,

    this is a very cool plugin. I tried to install it and everything worked fine till I tried to view the post. On my frontpage (using wp 2.0) there was only this

    Warning: main() [function.main]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(../ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/www/htdocs/adesigna/) in /www/htdocs/adesigna/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 12

    Warning: main(ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php) [function.main]: failed to create stream: Operation not permitted in /www/htdocs/adesigna/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 12

    Warning: main() [function.main]: Failed opening ‘ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:..:.’) in /www/htdocs/adesigna/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 12

    Warning: main() [function.main]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(../ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/www/htdocs/adesigna/) in /www/htdocs/adesigna/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 13

    Warning: main(ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php) [function.main]: failed to create stream: Operation not permitted in /www/htdocs/adesigna/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 13

    Warning: main() [function.main]: Failed opening ‘ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:..:.’) in /www/htdocs/adesigna/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 13

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: ultimatetagwarriorcore in /www/htdocs/adesigna/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 16

    Any suggestions?

  218. Some tags are not displayed on the archive page (tag cloud) — in what is the trouble? Please help! Also sometime when I use tags in Russian, they are changed by others tags when the post is saved — why?

  219. Hello,
    it’s me again. The version 2.6.8 now works fine with my blog. I’ve got only one big problem. UTW produces a whole lot of queries. Up to 800, 900 and that is too much. Without UTW, the query count is absolutely okay. I tried the newest version, but it is even worse: 1900 Queries. I have no clue, but may be you could suggest me what to do.

  220. I’ve been having some problems with case-sensitivity. I tagged several entries on my site as “Chinese”. For some reason, SOME of the posts have come out as “chinese” with a small “c”, while others are correct.

    I’ve tried both editing the posts, and using the tag manager. Either way, when I correct a capitalization error, the tag is unchanged when I check the page.

  221. I found a very, very minor bug. One of the formatting options allowed is %rssurl% … it doesn’t work in the newest version for WordPress 2.0 (might work in other versions, never checked). In any case, all one needs to add is this line just after the str_replace lines concerning url’s (line 1046 in my case):

    $format = str_replace (‘%rssurl%’, $rssurl, $format);

    Great plugin. Many thanks.

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  223. I want to display the tag set in the TITLE of the page, how can I get the list without the links generated? I just need the text of the tags (I still have to check for the encoding poblem)

  224. Hello,

    I’ve installed the plugin, and I’m facing trouble naming tags in french. The accents é è à are translated into %E9 etc…

    So, a tag named “littérature” will lead to /litt%E9rature and will open the tag page /littrature (without the é)

    How can I use french letters with this plugin ?


  225. I have a quick question. I want to display a htmlist but I want to be able to format the bullets. How would I do this, seeing (as far as I can tell) that there is no

  226. Excellent Extension… Upgraded to 2.x and noticed in the admin that the tag entry text box spans over into the right hand post options. Have not dug into yet, but thought you would like to know.

  227. hey ive been using UTW and it was working fine, but when i make a post, in the tag space theres in there. it causes problems with my layout if i forget to remove it. any ideas what thats about?

  228. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use wp_query() with tags? I’d like to pull post data into an array, much like you can with categories. I suppose I could always write my own function, but I’d rather not reinvent the wheel here.

  229. Hello,
    UTW seems don’t write anything in .htaccess file. In fact, after updating to WordPress 2.0 on my sites, I ‘ve update UTW from 2.6.2 on one of these sites. In that site when I enable the option “Use url rewriting for local tag urls” and I go to this local tag url, WP give me an error (not found). It seems to be a rewrite problem but if adding the row “RewriteRule ^tag/?(.*) /boliboop/index.php?tag=$1 [QSA,L]” nothing seems to change. Because another site of mine work with UTW 2.6.2 with (pre WP 2.0 update) and without (post WP 2.0 update) that rewrite rule, I think that the only problem is in your plugin, but, as you can see, I don’t have a clear idea of the situation. Can you help me, please? Thank you very much,

  230. Christine,

    How would I have the tags appear on the main and archive pages in the exact same format as they do (by default) on the individual post page?

    That is, the “tag” icon, followed by “Tags: <comma-separated tags here>”

  231. I’m also having problems with using rewriting, they don’t seem to want to work that way, do I need to manually include rules in my .htaccess file?

  232. To anyone else who’s having the silly problem I had, the reason turning on the tag rewriting was breaking was that I had not manually gone to the permalinks page and told it to update the structure. Once I’d done that, everything worked just fine, so FYI, turning on the option in the plugin doesn’t complete the set up, you have to click the “Update Permalink Structure” button on the Options–>Permalinks page.

  233. Hi Christine!
    I love this plugin! I just upgraded to yesterday and am having a problem in Admin. The list of tags displays correctly, but when I hover over and/or click on one, I see %tagjsescaped% instead of the actual tag name. I can type the tag name in and everything works fine. This only started yesterday. Do you have any ideas about what might be wrong?


  234. Hi,
    I use WP2. Everything seems to be ok but when i use “UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“htmllist”)” or UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical(“coloredsizedtagcloud”), i’m getting the “Call to undefined function: utw_showweightedtagsetalphabetical()” error.

    Can anyone help, please ?


  235. I have got 3,000+ plus posts in my blog. Is there any way to generate the tags automatically cause doing it manually for each post is going to kill me 😦

  236. Bugger! The above doesn’t make sense with the angle bracket contents missing. Removed. Feel free to edit. Sorry!

    I’ve spend the day trying to tweak UTW with limited success; all I want is a visible list of tags with an RSS icon/ link for each, and an invisible list of the same tags for Technorati purposes i.e.

    Tags: alpha [RSS], beta [RSS]
    { Technorati Tags: alpha, beta }

    The second requirement is no problem; I just styled out [?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“technoraticommalist”) ?] in theloop.php (K2 theme). I’m using WP 2.0.1, UTW 2.9.2, ecto for Mac 2.4.1).

    There are five persisting problems:

    (1) Robin Lu’s hack (http://www.robinlu.com/blog/archives/57) to make ecto work with WP doesn’t seem to work for WP 2.0.1. Shame.

    (2) Every time you “Send Edit” from ecto, it wipes out any UTW tags you may have entered via the web GUI. This is a major bummer 😦

    (3) Using the fantastic Tiger Style Administration plugin (http://orderedlist.com/wordpress-plugins/wp-tiger-administration/), the Save button in Options; Tags; Configuration is not visible, so you can’t save your options! At least disabling TSA fixes this.

    (4) I can’t use this in theloop.php:

    [small class=”metadata”]
    [span class=”tagdata”]Tags + RSS: [?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“commalisticons”) ?].[/span]

    … because no RSS icons will show without using Options; Tags; Configuration (Is there a hack to overcome this?).

    As a work-around, I tried to paste HTML into Options; Tags; Configuration like this:

    Prefix for primary tag links: [small class=”metadata”][span class=”tagdata”]Tags + RSS: 

    Suffix for primary tag links: .[/span][/small]

    …but end up with this:

    Prefix for primary tag links: [small class=\

    Suffix for primary tag links: .[/span][/small]

    i.e. it corrupts every time I go back to Configuration. Annoying.

    (5) Minor, but the UTW tag entry field seems to screw up the layout of “Write Post” in the web GUI whether the TSA plugin is active or not. The field is simply too wide?

  237. I just installed and set up the UTW Plugin for my WP2.0 Blog but I can’t get it running.

    I want to get all entries related to a tag with calling up “blog.foo.com/tag/bar”.

    But if i do so i’m getting an “Internal Server Error”. My apache error log says:

    [Fri Feb 03 04:47:01 2006] [error] [client] FastCGI: comm with server “/system/php” aborted: error parsing headers: duplicate header ‘Status’, referer: blog.foo.com

    Any ideas how I can fix this problem?!

  238. Re using UTW + ecto + WP 2.0.1

    Update for info: Robin Lu’s hack to get ecto semi-working with UTW does actually work with WP 2.0.1. Maybe I put the hack on the wrong line? With reference to Robin’s page , be aware that:

    $post_more = $content_struct[‘mt_text_more’]; appears on line 544 AND on line 634

    $catnames = $content_struct[‘categories’]; appears on line 571 AND on line 623

    Robin has since clarified:

    “I only added the line into two places. Line 545 and line 625. The trick is you set $_POST after $content_struct is initialized and
    before wp_insert_post or wp_edit_post is called in both mw_newPost and mw_editPost.”

    With this in place I confirmed that if you check some tags and do a ‘Send Edit’ in ecto it will upload the tags, but they will be unchecked again after the upload (checked tags persist if using the factory settings to upload Technorati tags). I also confirmed that if you do some more editing to that post in ecto and ‘Send Edit’ again, this will wipe out any UTW tags you have already attached to the post – with the exception of tags added via UTW’s ‘Automatically add categories as tags’.

    Again, Robin explains:

    “… the tags are wiped off because after ecto publishes, it then get the content from server. You need to hack mw_getPost and mw_getRecentPost to add a key ‘mt_keywords’ to indicate what tags the post is having. Even so, ecto does not recognize ‘mt_keywords’ as far as I tested, which makes this part of hack fail. I wish I have the source code of ecto so I can fix this problem by applying patch to both side.”

    Maybe Adriaan from ecto can address this???

  239. Hello, thanks for this great plugin. I spent some time optimizing a site to get the number of database queries down, and I modified your plugin to load all the tags in one step instead of performing one query for each post.

    If you would like to have the modification, please drop me a mail.


  240. Love the plug-in. Super easy to install and use.

    I’m having a big problem with the tag cloud though. it’s producing “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: utw_showweightedtagsetalphabetical()”

    And adds “-Ubujetlo” after my domain in the directory path, which I suspect is a big tip-off.

    Clues appreciated. I really would love to cloud it up!

    thanks for the great plug-in

  241. There’s a conflict between UTW and Semiologic Static Front Page plugin.

    When requesting a tag page, the result is always a 404 error page (using or not permalinks structure). If I deactivate Sem static front page plugin, everything is OK.

    Does anybody knows how to resolve this problem ?

    Thanks for your help and thanks to Christine for her great UTW plugin 🙂

  242. “UTW can also be coaxed into linking to other tag-savvy websites such as del.icio.us, Flickr and Technorati.” Does this mean that I can make a tag cloud of my del.icio.us links with UTW for my WordPress blog?

  243. WARNING! ESL teacher’s grammatical nitpick! WARNING!

    You already helped me with a question here, and your Tag Warrior has been great on my site. Thanks. I just thought I’d point out that “FAQs” shouldn’t have an apostrophe. Apostrophes are only used for contractions (I’m, can’t, etc…), possessives (Jim’s, Ellen’s, etc…), embedded quotations (“He said, ‘Why, not?'”), and plural SINGLE letters (“staff” has two f’s). In general, apostrophes can’t be used for plurals. “Car’s”, “house’s”, “CD’s” and “FAQ’s” are all wrong. Remove those niggling apostrophes and all is golden.

    Ok… I’d better get back to my grading. It looks like I can’t escape it, even by web browsing.

  244. Ok, so doing what any normal geek does I went ahead and tinkered with the settings and where I could place everything and then found the one thing that I want UTW doesn’t appear to be able to do… but its so slick, so fantastic, and so well made that I won’t let go. Is there any way, any way at all to make this work?


    I want the coloredsizedtagcloud in my loop soooooo freakin bad! Perty please?

  245. Hi,

    when i install the 2.0 Version i get some SQL Errors and they still appear after a “force reinstall”.

    Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /usr/export/www/hosting/aikkon/cms/wp-content/plugins/utw/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 10

    Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /usr/export/www/hosting/aikkon/cms/wp-content/plugins/utw/ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php on line 2

    Any idea about that?



  246. When I click on a tag link, it does not show me all the posts that have that tag. Instead, it just shows my front page again.

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my configuration?

  247. Is there a way to change the output if there are no tags to say “No Keywords” or something other than “No Tags” ???

    People that look at my blog aren’t going to know what tags are, so I changed the:

    div class=”tagtop” /div
    div class=”tags” Tags: ?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“commalist”) ? /div
    div class=”tagbottom” /div


    div class=”tagtop” /div
    div class=”tags” Keywords: ?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“commalist”) ? /div
    div class=”tagbottom” /div

    The problem is that if there are no Keywords, it still says “No Tags” which doesn’t make sense at that point.

    Thanks a lot!

  248. Hey. Great stuff. Have you been able to reproduce the WP GUI bug in the post writing screen though? It makes half the options down the right side useless by forcing fields on the left to span too widely and stomp all over the right-hand column. Would sure love to make that go away.

    WP 2.0.1, Firefox 1.5, Shiira 1.2, Safari 1.3 all do this on Mac OS X. 😦

    If you want more details send me an email.

  249. ..what I notice is that if I have UTW activated with ELA or Super Archives…my blog is totally blank…if I have UTW off ELA works Super archives does not work at all …. but A combo of UTW and either archive plugin activated renders the blog Blank…
    Any Suggests?

    also noticed the tag pages have NOTHING in sidebar

  250. Yeah, I’ll echo a few of the commenters above to say that I’d like a function which can be used to add unanchored tags (for the <title> of the page). I’d really like to use it to spruce of my page titles when someone views a tag. I’d try to hack one up myself, but I’m a bit lazy. Hopefully I haven’t overlooked anything and this has already been addressed.

  251. [I just realized this might be a better place to comment, rather than on your updates page, sorry.]

    A very useful and FUN plugin! Thank you!

    I have two questions, one is that I’m having the same trouble as cordac (#189) above (“Sorry, no posts match … “), but I’ll keep an eye on this page for an answer. My guess is that it’d be something with the url rewrite.

    But my big question comes from this WP request. My specific case is this one. That post was months ago, but my issue remains: multiple category search like a job search site or an apartment search site. At this point, I don’t care so much HOW it works, but I need this working in some way (or I’ll probably lose the project).

    I’ve also worked with Drupal, but it’s too clunky for me and I’m just in love with WP … 😉

    Thanks for any comments you may have (I’m sure they’d be appreciated over on that WP post, too, if you have an extra few minutes to post your comments there).

    Thanks again for the plugin and your time.


    – Bradley

  252. Hmm…I think Tag Warrior might be incompatible with one of my plugins. When I click a tag link, it says

    “Nothing was Found
    I’m sorry to report that no article was found under that address. Perhaps you would like to try searching now?”

    I have URL rewrite on, and these are my plugins:
    Hello Dolly
    Static Front Page

    Any know problems?


  253. Hi, great plugin.
    Is there any way not to sort the tag cloud alphabeticaly?
    thx and keep up the good work!

  254. I apologize in the advance to the many who excel at this stuff with my noob question.

    I am running WordPress 2.0 and the latest version of UTW. I notice that my tags aren’t showing up or being saved when I am writing posts. When I go into the options area for tags, it says that there are no tags in use. When I do a force install, these are the errors I get:

    WordPress database error: [Access denied for user ‘yscr_bbEd5o’@’localhost’ to database ‘berkman’]
    ALTER TABLE wp_tags CHANGE id tag_id int(11) AUTO_INCREMENT

    WordPress database error: [Access denied for user ‘yscr_bbEd5o’@’localhost’ to database ‘berkman’]
    ALTER TABLE wp_post2tag ADD ip_address varchar(15)

    There are also two more errors writing to tag tables.

    I can’t figure out why it would have trouble writing to my db.

    I have called Yahoo and of course, they pawned me off on to the WP Codex, where I can’t find this scenario. Can I just delete some files and do the install again or is this something else entirely?

    Again, you guys rock, I suck. I am not worthy. Thanks in advance. – Derek

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