The Forums

I’m looking at getting the forums back online at the moment; so, uh, if anything odd happens, that’s why!

I’m moving away from phorum to use vanilla, instead; so there is a bit of datawrangling that needs to take place, including making new users (;

New forums are there! [although the caveat of creating new users still applies. If you were a registered user at the old forum, you can request a password change by going to the password request form thinger] Looks like I have all of the old data, and it even seems to be in a sensible form. Truely, this is a wonderful thing.

Where did all this stuff come from?

I’m moving house tomorrow and Friday. Hoorah.

An important consequence of this, is that I will be living with my computer again.

An important consequence of this, is that I’ll be a lot more able to look at wordpress stuff. I, uh, have a big pile of email to deal with once I’m settled.

I’m not sure how I managed to accumulate quite so much stuff, though…