Ultimate Tag Warrior: Fin. The End

Okay! This is the last version of Ultimate Tag Warrior. The state-of-the-edge version of WordPress includes tagging, so duplicating functionality in this plugin seems kinda dumb.

But fear not! Just as soon as I finish writing this blog entry (and, uh, making a new wordpress theme for my site.. it’s about time I had a new one (: ); I’m going to see about making some sort of UTW:Render plugin that will display tags from wordpress in much the same way as they were displayed using UTW.

In any case, there’s a final update that can be downloaded from here, which has a few fixes for search and such.

Interesting Times, I suppose

Blink Kitty

That’s a picture of a cat that got hit by a car this week; taken with a camera which was stolen when I was burgled a few weeks back. There comes a point where you stop being too attached to the things that you have; because you start expecting them to vanish.

On the upside, I guess, I do have a shiny matte black MacBook. Whee. Not to mention sweet-kitties sister. Who seems to be trying to fill the gap that he left behind.