Ultimate Tag Warrior: Fin. The End

Okay! This is the last version of Ultimate Tag Warrior. The state-of-the-edge version of WordPress includes tagging, so duplicating functionality in this plugin seems kinda dumb.

But fear not! Just as soon as I finish writing this blog entry (and, uh, making a new wordpress theme for my site.. it’s about time I had a new one (: ); I’m going to see about making some sort of UTW:Render plugin that will display tags from wordpress in much the same way as they were displayed using UTW.

In any case, there’s a final update that can be downloaded from here, which has a few fixes for search and such.

35 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior: Fin. The End

  1. Hi Christine, sad to know that this is the last update. UTW is the best thing happened to wordpress. Anyways looking forward to your redesign and UTW:REnder plugin. Best of Luck.

  2. Most of the problems people had with the plugin seemed to be tied to the underlying tags, rather than the presentation level stuff, any way d:

    (And, well, I’ve been extremely bad at supporting UTW for for long; it’ll be nice to not have to worry about that nitty-gritty stuff)

  3. I’m sad to see it go. This feels like the final episode of a long-running TV program. I don’t want it to end, but I want to stand up and applaud anyway.

    UTW is a fantastic plugin. Thank you, Christine. 🙂

  4. I understand your decision, there’s no point in adding functionality that’s already there. I’ve used UTW for quite some time on various projects and it has been a breeze, so thank you for that.

    While on the topic though, will you consider making an UTW to WP tags converter, since you’re letting UTW go? It’s something I’d like at least.

    Thanks for all your work!

  5. > This is the last version of Ultimate Tag Warrior

    Let’s see how this all works out 🙂 Anyway, just integrated UTW tags into the All in One SEO Pack. Just in case there *might* be another version please don’t ever change the global $utw and GetTagsForPost 🙂

  6. I am in the process of installing Ultimate Tag Warrior, and as you might guess I must have zigged when I should have zagged. Does anyone know of anybody that can help with the install as a contract project. I really do not what to go to one of the main online services as the process might take to long.



  7. Hi Christine,

    I’m searching recently all over the internet to find a plugin similar to what you once made, but unfortunately don’t seem to support anymore. I’m talking about the Tag Search thingy (http://www.neato.co.nz/archives/2005/11/28/ultimate-tag-warrior-288).
    There is no plugin out there that does something that this plugin does, and it’s (IMHO) the most logical way to search a post. To use multiple tags/categories makes it easier to be more specific. So a brilliant plugin, but not alive anymore.

    Is there a chance that you will pick up this Tag Search thingy again? Or could it be possible to use the old one? The download doesn’t work, unfortunately.

  8. Christine, while it’s sad to see a product nearing the end of its life span, I’m happy to see that this one has aged gracefully. UTW was *the* plugin for WP tagging, with full tag management, and had a wonderful balance of flexibility and smart defaults. I only hope that the native tagging will be so good. 🙂

  9. From the looks of things, WordPress 2.3 is going to have a very spartan tag GUI (as of the current beta, there’s not even a Tag management page!). A little UTW admin magic using the underlying WP tagging system may be needed for 2.3 yet, if one were so inclined 🙂

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