Plz Sned Exprt: iPod Touch + sqlite + WordPress = not quite

I have an ipod touch.

And I jailbroke it. (Worked like it says on the box, incidentally)

And I have Apache + PHP working.

And I have WordPress 2.2.2 for Sqllite on it.

But alas, writes to the database aren’t happening.

(I installed it on a Real Computer and put the .db file it created on to my iPod; and WordPress is able to read data from it A-OK. It just isn’t writing to it. The permissions on the .db file are 777; same for the folder its in. I’ve also tried renaming it to .sqlitedb which matches some of the other sqlite databases that the iPod uses, but that made no difference either.)


UTW in Themes + WordPress 2.3 A Go-Go.

Exciting news, boys and girls. The paint, she is drying on my latest Thing.

UTW Theme Compatibility Thing is now available for the ol’ download. If you have a wordpress theme which has UTW_ShowSomething function calls in it, this is a great plugin for you.

If you’re showing icons anywhere, there’s a little extra step you’ll need to do so that the icon URLs go to the right place; but otherwise, just disable UTW, import your tags into wordpress (if you haven’t already), then enable the compatibility plugin.

Oh, and if you miss the admin functions of UTW, I have a fabulous plugin, Tag Managing Thing which does much of the same.