The Liquid Kitchen

Cyrus and myself tagged along to the Food Show yesterday. The exhibitors were a bit meh; but we did go along to two of the food presentations. The first of them, was Ray McVinnie, which was okay. The second, was Hayden Wood, making cocktails; that was much, much better.

In any case, we bought his second book, the liquid kitchen – party drinks (signed, no less. Albeit to Syrus and Christine; but no matter). It’s more of the same kinds of things from his first book; without much in the way of overlap.

His website, at has a few cocktail recipes and other such bits and pieces on it. One of the drinks which is there at the moment, is Monaco iced tea. We haven’t made that particular drink; but the candy apple syrup that goes into it is delicious.

A List of Recommended Books

I just came across this list of cookbooks while poking about on eGullet forums. It looks like a handy list to keep hold of for when I’m next looking for more books.

Cajun Creole:
The Evolution of Cajun and Creole Cuisine – John D. Folse (The Bible)
Naturally N’Awlins – Frank Davis
Frank Davis Cooks Cajun Creole and Crescent City – Frank Davis
Commander’s Kitchen – Adelaide Martin
River Road Recipes I, II and III – Junior League
All of the rest of John Folses’s and Paul Prudhomme’s Books

Healthy Cajun:
Something Old & Something New – John D. Folse
Chef Prudhomme’s Fork in the Road- Paul Prudhomme

King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion – King Arthur Flour
Baking by Flavor – Lisa Yockelson
The Simple Art of Perfect Baking – Flo Braker
The Bakers Dozen – Reinhart, Braker, Medrich, etc.
Secrets of Baking – Sherri Yard
A Passion for Desserts – Emily Luchetti
Chocolate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts – Alice Medrich

Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen – Rick Bayless
Mexico One Plate at a Time – Rick Bayless
Authentic Mexican – Rick Bayless
The Cuisines of Mexico – Diana Kennedy
El Charro Cafe – Carlotta Flores (Sonoran Style Mexican Food)

Professional Baking:
Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Simple Art of – CIA
Professional Baking – Wayne Gisslen

Professional Reference:
Larousse Gastronomique – Prosper Montagne
The Professional Chef, Seventh Edition – CIA
Culinary Artistry – Andrew Dornenburg (Great for Flavor Development)
On Cooking – Sarah Labensky
The Professional Chef’s Techniques of Healthy Cooking – CIA

Southeast Asian:
Hot Sour Salty Sweet – Jeffrey Alford (Awesome)
The Complete Asian Cookbook – Charmaine Solomon
Thai Food – David Thompson
Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table – Mia Pham
The Vietnamese Cookbook – Diana My Tran

Posticker Chronicles – Stuart Chang Berman (American Style Chinese)
The Chinese Kitchen – Eileen Yin-Fei Lo
The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen – Grace Young
From the Earth – Eileen Yin-Fei Lo
Asian Ingredients – Bruce Cost (Good for identification)

Vegetables Amaranth to Zucchini – Elizabeth Schneider (Uncommon Vegetables)
Vegetables – James Peterson
Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables – Elizabeth Schneider
Local Flavors – Deborah Madison

Simple French Food – Richard Olney
Glorious French Food – James Peterson
The Provence Cookbook – Patricia Wells
Good Food No Fuss – Ann Willan
From My Chateau Kitchen – Ann Willan

Foods of Sicily & Sardinia and the Smaller Islands – Giuliano Bugialli
Foods of Naples – Giuliano Bugialli
Foods of Tuscany – Giuliano Bugialli
Ciao Siciliy – Damian Mandola (Americanized Italian)
Ciao Yall – Damian Mandola (Americanized Italian)
Cooking the Roman Way – David Downie
In a Roman Kitchen – Jo Bettoja

Southern and Low Country:
The New Low Country Cooking – Marvin Woods
Louis Osteen’s Charleston Cuisine – Louis Osteen
Bill Neal’s Southern Cooking – Bill Neal
Biscuits, Spoonbread and Sweet Potato Pie – Bill Neal
Damon Lee Fowler’s New Southern Kitchen – Damon Lee Fowler

On Food and Cooking – Harold McGee
What Einstein Told His Cook – Robert Wolke
The Curious Cook – Harold McGee

The Good Cookie – Tish Boyle
Cookies and Brownies – Alice Medrich

Bittersweet – Alice Medrich
Cocolat – Alice Medrich
Chocolate Desserts – Pierre Herme

Bread Bakers Apprentice – Peter Reinhart
Crust and Crumb – Peter Reinhart
Amy’s Bread – Amy Scherber
Italian Baker – Carol Field

Other Really Good Books:
The Best Recipe – Cook’s Illustrated
Fish and Shellfish – James Peterson
Bistro Cooking at Home – Gordon Hammersley
Zuni Cafe Cookbook – Judy Rodgers
American Pie – Peter Reinhart
Sauces – James Peterson
Kaffeehaus – Rick Rodgers