The Getting Started page

My brain! My poor brain!

I’ve spent part of my evening putting together something resembling a getting started/overview/help type page here (the old page that was there, is now here). There’s still a ton of scope for adding more examples, particularly when it comes to customising; but, people who have used the plugin, are there any glaring omissions or things which I should be adding to the FAQ bit?

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.5

New Ultimate Tag Warrior!

This version adds…
– A Force Reinstall button on the manage tags page. Clicking this will attempt to re-run all of the updates.
– There’s now a “single” template in custom formats
– The Tag Suggestions bit will now take the keywords that Yahoo! sends back, and looks for any tags which are related (i.e. if a post is tagged with one of the Yahoo! keywords, then any other tags for that post will be in the tag suggestions list)

Download here | General information page here