Steenking Monitor

My computer monitor seems to be on the verge of dying a horrible, horrible death; so odds are good that at some point today, I’ll effectively become computerless! The horror! so while I’d ordinarily spend the day tinkering with UTW, Today may involve me spending the day doing nothing to do with the computer.


2 thoughts on “Steenking Monitor

  1. *looks at partners monitor sitting on his desk*

    I would steal it, except, well… it’s a big-ass-expensive 21″ CRT, and I wouldn’t want to get shot if I dropped it d:

    (My monitor, on the other hand, has straight edges at the top and bottom; the left edge is wiggly, and the right edge is curved… I’d try and get the edges straight, except the monitor periodically degausses itself and changes its settings. Gah!)

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