Goings, Comings, Hirings, Somethings!

It is April! Already! I am astonished that I have been in Canada almost a year now. It seems both much longer and much shorter.

My year of working holiday is up in less than two short weeks. But I am not going home yet (:

In a slightly more perfect world, I would have been in the process of getting a work permit to continue working at the same place where I’ve been working most of the time I have been living in Montréal. Alas, it was not meant to be, as said workplace disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

However, in this slightly less perfect world, there is another year-long visa available to me. Which the Canadian consulate in Sydney is processing for me, right at this very moment. I’m hoping the processing for it will finish in the less than two short weeks I have left s: (the estimated processing time was 4-6 weeks, two’ish weeks ago; so in the next two weeks is optimistic. However, my last work visa also had a 4-6 week processing time, and was done in eleven days)

Failing that, there will be a couple of visits to the USA in my future – to come back as a visitor, and then back again when I can get more work visa.

However long it takes, now seems like as good a time as any as to embark on the search for the next place that gets to employ me!

I should become available in two to four weeks (depending on how long visa processing takes); at which point I will have an open work permit for a year (so I can be hired in Canada without additional paperwork on the employer side). I have a CV, which is also available as a PDF. Hoorah.