There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve moved into a permanent place, now. Yay. I haven’t had one of those in months.

There is a kitchen. It has plenty of power points. And all of the cupboards in the world. At the moment, there is a singular cupboard with food in it. The tall cupboard, which screams pantry, is currently playing the role of armoire. There’s another filled with tech and music gear. Another is a bookshelf. There’s a bathroom behind the kitchen; and the biggest wardrobe I’ve ever had is on the right (it even has a light. Nice. Now all I need to do is get some coat hangers so I can store clothes in it usefully.)
Home, looking inward

There is also a wide open plain of space. I have lots of space. It’s a little weird. I think it’s around about 5-600 square feet all together. At the moment, the extent of my furniture is a freestanding hammock.

A freestanding hammock is pretty comfortable for sleeping on. I didn’t fall out or off, and it didn’t collapse. It’s winning all around!
Home, looking outward

I have a skylight! Because I’m on the top floor (heh. My mailbox is labeled PH1, for penthouse 1). This does also mean I have to walk up the most stairs to get to my place.
Home, looking upward

And this was sunset last night, as seen from my balcony
Sunset from my balcony last night

Aaaand, from my balcony, I can see a really big tree. It’s pretty nice to be so central but not buildinged in.
Home, the balcony


I made two things today:

1. Giant pile of rubbish (well, potential compost, really. It’s all plant-matter rather than the bad kind of rubbish)
Stuff that's not on the wilderness pathway

2. Meticulously cleared path
Not so scary stairs

(The giant pile of rubbish all came from the meticulously cleared path… there’s quite a bit of path; but also a staggering amount of leafy stuff that was in the way)

Tomorrow, I’m going to be hurting.

Bugs in the House

So far, the house has two kinds of bugs.

One type, sounds suspiciously like vagrant spiders (we have seen two enormous freaking hunting spiders, in any case. Last night, one was climbing on a wall, and fell off. It hit the ground with a *thwok*). The other type of buggly invaders…. are millipedes.

I had millipedes come and visit when I was living in Oriental Bay. Rumor has it, I didn’t like it very much.

So far, I’ve only seen dead millipedes downstairs. If I see living millipedes upstairs, there will be another millipede armageddon.

(I suspect that the owners before us might have used an outdoor-type insect deterent/poison, because almost all of the crunchy millipedes have been within a meter or so of the outer walls)

It’s ours!

Well; we’ve just got home from the real estate agent – the settlement part of the exercise has been done; and now we’ve got our little paws on our key. Now all that’s left is to finish up the packing for the move tomorrow…