Evening Snow


This is about what it looks like when it snows at night. So pretty! So very pretty!

On the other hand, this is the current depth-of-balcony-snow status

The Plateau, 21-Dec-08

So far, winter is being much easier to deal with than summer was. It should be noted that I’ve experienced 50°C of temperature variation so far this year…

Snow Way!

So it turns out that it snows in Canada.

There is snow sitting on my skylight (:


Happy Six Month Anniversary To Me!

It’s a little strange to realise that I have been in Canada for six months so far. It seems both longer and shorter than that.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have gone through the photos I took while I was ostensibly on holiday and being a tourist (along with my recent re-trip to Toronto), and uploaded a collection of photos.

So, there’s…




Between Places (Including the train from Edmonton to Vancouver)

Return to Toronto


Oh. Oh My.

I am going to be computer-less for the next month or so.


In the interests of informativeness, this is where I will be for the next month or so:

April 25th -> I Fly to Toronto, until..
May 9th -> I catch a Train to Montreal, until..
May 23rd -> I Fly to Edmonton, until..
May 26th/27th -> I catch a Train to Vancouver


Squirrels. So Cute. Heeee!


Icy Stuff. Falling From The Sky

Snow! In Streetlights!
Snow! On Street!
Snow! On Car!

I’m told this is sleet. It was, however, made of ice and falling from the sky. And not that bad to walk in. Until it starts to melt.