Tags, Categories, Taxonomies, Folksonomies; Oh My!

Melbourne WordCamp now has a Program!

I’m going to be doing a talk, “Tags, Categories, Taxonomies, Folksonomies; Oh My!”, where I will waffle on about all sorts of taxonomy stuff.

Important Sidenote: The box that Leopard comes in: gorgeous.


WordCamp Melbourne. Yay!

So yes. I am going to WordCamp Melbourne, which is happening on November 17th. There’s an Upcoming page for it. And, uh. Yeah. That’s about it, really (:

If there is anything that you’d like me to waffle about, or otherwise form a presentation on; you should let me know. I know I know all sorts of things, but I don’t know what I know (:


A milestone of sorts

Akismet has caught 50,265 spam for you since you first installed it.


WordCamp Melbourne

Flights are booked! I’m going to WordCamp Melbourne. Yay!

(And hanging around for a few extra days since I’m there.)

I’m idly considering going along to WordCamp Melbourne.

Raise your hand* if you think it would be awesome if I showed up.

* Uh, tell me how awesome it would be in a comment


UTW + WordPress 2.3 + Yay for people on the Interwubs

Apparently there exists a WP 2.3 compatible version of UTW.



My Code. Mine!

1. If you are going to lift functions from UTW / WordPress Things to use in your own plugins, it is polite to ask first. Really, I would prefer you didn’t. Tag rendering stuff in particular was created through blood, sweat, tears, sheer will; and not to mention a fricken year of evolution. It makes me upset when parts of it get lifted because of the enormous effort that went into it.

2. If you are going to lift functions from UTW / WordPress Things to use in your own plugins without asking first, it is extremely impolite to leave comments linking to your plugin on my plugin posts.