5 thoughts on “Inline Tag Thing

  1. Any chance of making this Thing display also a dropdown list of the tags previously used? I was planning to make one but I realize I have to lift code from you and I know how much it pisses you off, that’s why I’m asking you instead. Besides, I’m too dumb to create something this complicated. Pretty please?

  2. This has to be one of the single best tag or Ajax plugs I have found. Seems to work perfectly and has saved me time and page loads editing, adding and testing tags. Wonderful contribution to the WordPress community.

  3. I love your plug-ins and was sad that this one was not compatible with my custom theme. Looking forward to future updates.

    Originally I was on Blogger and then I moved to Word Press. Your Tag Managing Thing really helped me out sorting through the mess after importing.


  4. Thanks for releasing this! I’m finding it quite useful for going back through old posts and adding tags. I’ve hacked at it a little bit as well, if I actually improve it, I’ll let you know.

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