Inline Tag Thing

I made a new thing!

Inline Tag Thing allows you to AJAX-ly add and remove tags on posts (at least, for the posts you have the permissions to edit.)


Tag Managing Thing

There’s another Thing for wordpress!

Tag Managing Thing! [Tag Managing Thing Download]

Tag Managing Thing is pretty sweet. It adds a new window to the WordPress admin system which allows you to modify tags (and categories! (and things in any other post-based taxonomies you acquire through other plugins… Oooh! Exciting)).

Tags Terms can have their name and slug changed; and can be deleted. Two pedestrian, but none the less useful bits of functionality.

It’s also possible to split an existing term into a number of new terms; and you can merge existing terms into a single term. Two much more interesting things to be able to do.

Ooh, and this is my favourite. You can change the taxonomy that a term belongs to. Which is to say, you can turn a tag into a category or a category into a tag. (And if you have additional taxonomies for post objects, you can also move terms into and out of those taxonomies as well.)

I think it’s pretty neat.

Tag Suggest Thing

I’m making Things for wordpress. Many of them are Tagging Things. The first of them is up in the WordPress plugin collection thing.

So without further faffing about: Tag Suggest Thing! It does tag suggestions for WordPress 2.3.