Tag Suggest Thing

Tag Suggest Thing uses the Yahoo! term extraction API to find tags to suggest.

To Download
http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/tag-suggest-thing.zip has the latest version.

To Install
Drop the plugin file into your wordpress plugins folder.
Enable the plugin

To Use
On the Edit Post screen, there will be a box in the right column labeled “Tag Suggestions”. When expanded, there’s a button to click to retrieve suggestions. That will display a list of tags you can click to add to the list of tags assigned to the post. There is also a link to add all of the suggested tags.

57 thoughts on “Tag Suggest Thing

  1. This sounds very interesting, but I get the following error after activating the plugin:

    “Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘Things_TagSuggest::TagSuggestionScripts’ was given in […]wp-includesplugin.php on line 164”

    Using WP 2.3 Final. Sorry, but my PHP skills don’t extend to classes, or I’d know what the heck this meant.

  2. Christine – thanks a million for this. When I saw that WP 2.3 wouldn’t work with UTW and neither had it the tag suggest functionality I was very disappointed.

    I founfd this plugin and my life was complete once more (well, not quite but I was very happy anyway).

    I have installed it and it works really well,



  3. Great plugin! It is helping me out tremendously. However, I sometimes click on the wrong tag. Someone mentioned adding the css ‘cursor: pointer’ to the clickable tags. Where would I do that?

  4. Hallo, thanks for making UTW compatible with wordpress 2.3.
    Just a question: the old UTW version let me to choose from my list of previous used tags and I found that very useful to avoid mistagging. Is it possible to have it back?
    Really miss it…

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  6. Hey Christine,
    It looks like the Tag Suggest works fine with WP 2.5, except when click on “Add All”, it will add, but it doesn’t update the screen.

    I believe WP developers might have changed the element ID maybe, I could hack it for you if you want OR you can update your own plugin.

    Best regards,

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  8. to add ‘cursor: pointer’ edit lines 70 and 75 of TagSuggestThing.php adding:

    style=”cursor: pointer;”

    between ‘)” and > so that it becomes:

    “‘)” style=”cursor: pointer;”>

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