Didn’t Finish the RPM Challenge*

But I did start it! Although not until the last week. Which may have been the fatal flaw in my plan. I did, however, cobble together five songs.

If only I’d started sooner <:

So. The songs: Another Guitar Song (which is a guitar song. Obviously. The rest are electronica; I guess), Bouncephonic, Drums and Claps, Experiments in Random and Spacenoise.

*The RPM Challenge is to create 10 songs/35 minutes of new material in the month of February.

Broken Social Scene

Stampy! Broken Social Scene I went and saw Broken Social Scene perform last night with opening band Cassette at the San Francisco Bathhouse. Which mostly reminds me that I should retrospectively blog about the other shows that I’ve been going to of late. Perhaps later (:

But yeah! Cassette is now an ostensibly local Wellington band; and they were really good, which is always a bonus. I tend to find that the local opening acts for overseas performers are a little.. lacklustre. It’s always nice to be surprised.

Broken Social Scene was fantastic, also (: Often times I judge how good a concert was by how sweaty, filthy and disgusting I feel at the end. There was much with the jumping about and such.

Next concert on my agenda: Okkervil River on March 5.

p.s. For Matt. If you swing by…

“Without music, life would be a mistake”

We just got back from seeing the Kronos Quartet play at the Wellington Town Hall.

It was really good.

Among other things, it turns out that row E (where we were) is not the fifth row back from the front; and that rows A, B and C didn’t exist, putting us in the second row. The second row was close enough to notice subtle things like the tapping of toes, stray hairs on bows, and the sound of turning music pages.

Potassium, composed by Michael Gordon would have to be my new favourite song.


I’m going to go see the Kronos Quartet performing in March. I’d forgotten to tell the world, since I bought my Dad a ticket for Christmas, and didn’t want to mention it until after then…

From chambermusic.co.nz:
The Kronos’ programme is a selection of ‘eclectic and electrifying’ world music.

Hindi film music maker Rahul Dev Burman is known for introducing an era of electronic rock to the Hindi film scene in the 1960’s. Kronos performed one of Burman’s compositions, Aaj Ki Raat, on their Caravan CD released in 2000. The quartet will perform an arrangement of four of his pieces, ‘Suite’ on their New Zealand tour next year.

The group will also perform a piece by young composer Alexandra du Bois. Twenty three year old Alexandra was the first recipient of the quartet’s prize for up and coming composers, the Kronos: Under 30 Project.

The quartet are known as supporters of minimalist music, and will perform a piece by American composer Steve Reich (which includes pre recorded backing tracks by Kronos).

Other highlights of the programme include ‘Myself when I am real’ by the jazz great Charles Mingus, ‘Potassium’ by rock music fan Michael Gordon (written especially for the group), and ‘Oasis’ by Azerbaijan composer and pianist Franghiz Ali-Zadeh.

Kronos Quartet

I’ve been listening to a bunch of Kronos Quartet lately. Black Angels and Short Stories are both stellar; I’m not quite as fond of Night Prayers which is the third CD of theirs which I have at the moment.

There are times where they walk a fine line between music and cacophony – but I like that.