Broken Social Scene

Stampy! Broken Social Scene I went and saw Broken Social Scene perform last night with opening band Cassette at the San Francisco Bathhouse. Which mostly reminds me that I should retrospectively blog about the other shows that I’ve been going to of late. Perhaps later (:

But yeah! Cassette is now an ostensibly local Wellington band; and they were really good, which is always a bonus. I tend to find that the local opening acts for overseas performers are a little.. lacklustre. It’s always nice to be surprised.

Broken Social Scene was fantastic, also (: Often times I judge how good a concert was by how sweaty, filthy and disgusting I feel at the end. There was much with the jumping about and such.

Next concert on my agenda: Okkervil River on March 5.

p.s. For Matt. If you swing by…

2 thoughts on “Broken Social Scene

  1. Hey, i just blog searched Broken Social Scene, and yours popped up first! What kind of setlist did they play? Was it mainly BSS stuff? Or was there Kevin Drew/Brendan Canning material too? How many people were on stage?

    ha, sorry for all the questions, but im really curious to know what the current set up of the band is. (I’m seeing them in the summer).


  2. Haha. Nice. It’s.. good to be first, or something. Which isn’t the same as being authoritative.

    I couldn’t tell you much of anything about what they played d:

    Although there would have been probably 5ish-6ish people playing. I’m just midgety and short so I get to see about half of the stage some of the time.

    But, really, it’s about the music and jumping and being surrounded by people and such rather than watching the musicians (:

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