Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.6

This is release #32 that I’ve made of this plugin. Thirty Two. It’s up to about ~90kb of PHP… The first version was 7.7kb.

I was going to call this version UTW 25; but nevermind (:

Changes in this version:

– Tagyu tag suggestions are retrieved using CURL, if available; and file socks when not – some people had hosting provider issues with the file_get_contents() way it initially was. I’ve also tinkered with the escaping – smart quotes were throwing it off by the looks of things.
– The ajax driven tag-adders will accept a comma separated list of tags, so now you can add a bunch o’ tags at once.
– I’ve added another predefined format: technoraticommalistwithlabel; which is like the technoraticommalist, except it puts “Technorati tags: ” at the front of the list. Mostly, this is for use with the automagically included tags.
– There’s a new thing that’s just a little bit special.
I’ve added two template functions: UTW_ShowTimeSensitiveWeightedTagSet and UTW_ShowTimeSensitiveWeightedTagSetAlphabetical. If you use either of these functions on the date.php or archive.php files in your theme (and index.php, I imagine (: ), when you’re viewing at a date based archive; the tag cloud will only display the tags for posts within that date range. (/archives/2005/08/ displays things from August of this year in the popular list in the sidebar, for example.)

– Oooh. I’ve made this theme available for download! (I’ve taken out the gravatar bit, so I *think* the only plugin dependency is UTW) You can find it here

Download here | General plugin info here | Support forum thing here

UTW Comment Wrangling

Well then.

There are now… about a squillion comments on the main UTW page… It’s kinda getting hard to manage (;

What I’m going to do, is start taking general questions, and adding the answers to the shiny new FAQ page (and probably eating the comment. Mmm. delicious comments); and for more specific setup questions, I’ll email you an answer.

I’ll leave comments open on the existing UTW pages for a little while; but it’s my plan to close ’em off once I’ve got the FAQ section up to speed.


I’ve made my first Stilton! I followed the recipe on Jack Schmidlings cheese recipe page. I’m interested to see how it turns out; but having a two month wait to get feedback is a little nerve-wracking.

Stilton I: Cleanliness is next to GodlinessIt’s important to have tools cleaned and sanitised.

Stilton II:  Curds and WheyThis is the milk, with the culture, rennet and mold. It has already started to coagulate together.

Stilton III:  Meet the Ghetto CheesepressAfter the culture and rennet have done their thing, the curds are ‘cut’ then allowed to rest; then placed in cheesecloth to drain. This gets rid of most of the whey. Next, the curds get squished for a couple of hours in this jury-rigged cheesepress.

Stilton IV:  CurdsThese are the curds once they’ve been pressed, then broken into pieces to be salted before being placed in a mold (It turns out that a 500g yogurt container is pretty much exactly the right size for the amount of cheese produced by two litres of milk).

Stilton V: A Mighty Fine Hunk of CheeseThe next day, the cheese was unmolded. I opted to split this into two shorter rounds – it seems to be a bit easier to handle that way.