Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.6

This is release #32 that I’ve made of this plugin. Thirty Two. It’s up to about ~90kb of PHP… The first version was 7.7kb.

I was going to call this version UTW 25; but nevermind (:

Changes in this version:

– Tagyu tag suggestions are retrieved using CURL, if available; and file socks when not – some people had hosting provider issues with the file_get_contents() way it initially was. I’ve also tinkered with the escaping – smart quotes were throwing it off by the looks of things.
– The ajax driven tag-adders will accept a comma separated list of tags, so now you can add a bunch o’ tags at once.
– I’ve added another predefined format: technoraticommalistwithlabel; which is like the technoraticommalist, except it puts “Technorati tags: ” at the front of the list. Mostly, this is for use with the automagically included tags.
– There’s a new thing that’s just a little bit special.
I’ve added two template functions: UTW_ShowTimeSensitiveWeightedTagSet and UTW_ShowTimeSensitiveWeightedTagSetAlphabetical. If you use either of these functions on the date.php or archive.php files in your theme (and index.php, I imagine (: ), when you’re viewing at a date based archive; the tag cloud will only display the tags for posts within that date range. (/archives/2005/08/ displays things from August of this year in the popular list in the sidebar, for example.)

– Oooh. I’ve made this theme available for download! (I’ve taken out the gravatar bit, so I *think* the only plugin dependency is UTW) You can find it here

Download here | General plugin info here | Support forum thing here

9 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.6

  1. http://www.neato.co.nz/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-help-themes.html (:

    Basically, the parameters for all of the functions are the same…

    <?php UTW_FunctionTitle (“$formattype”, “$customformat”, “$limit”) ?>

    $formattype is the name of a custom format (there’s a list on the help page);
    $customformat is for if you want to construct your own format.
    $limit sets the maximum number of tags to display. (It defaults to 150 for “all tags” lists; and to everything for “post tags” lists)

  2. Yep!

    (Is there anything that it can’t do?*)

    For now, you’d be after a custom format (but since I’m writing it anyway, I’ll probably end up adding it to the list of predefined formats (: )

    <php UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet("", array('first'=>'%tagdisplay%', 'default'=>' %operatortext% %tagdisplay%')) ?>

    should display you Monkey and Banana and Primate (supposing you’re on the monkey+banana+primate tag page) or

    <php UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet("", array('first'=>'%tagdisplay%', 'default'=>', %tagdisplay%', 'last'=>' %operatortext% %tagdisplay%')) ?>

    should give you Monkey, Banana and Primate

    * Aside from the sensible automatic tagging thing. But that’s unpossible!

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  4. Israel,

    I’m not sure whether you’ve included the tags in the theme; but if you go to the Options > Tags page; and untick the automatically included tag links, the extras will disappear.

    (If you’ve got theme-y stuff to display the tags, then both can be unticked; otherwise, untick one of ’em)

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