Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.5.4

New version!

– Documentation has been updated to take out the step where the tag.php file is copied to themes.
– The minimum and maximum font sizes can be specified for tag clouds
– There’s now a little bit of magic for related posts
– “Technorati Tags: ” no longer displays when there are no tags, when they’re included automagically.

[Edit: Apparently this was post #300 for me. Go milestones!]

Closer to Normal..

..but still knackered despite spending the afternoon asleep..
therefore: more nothing productive this evening!

Tomorrow, with any luck, I’ll be feeling a little more chipper.

[Dentist wasn’t as bad as it could have been. As it stands, I’ve had a temporary filling put in place. If the tooth “settles down”, a permanent filling will be put in to replace it in a month or so. If it doesn’t… well, she didn’t really say; but I get the feeling I’ll be in root canal territory. But sheezus. It took three injections to numb the tooth; which left me numb from the bottom of my chin, to the top of my forehead; on the left side of my face for damn near 4 hours. I can’t help wondering if my wisdom tooth that went vacationing on that side is somehow to blame d: ]

Tomorrow, as they say, is another day

Today, however; I’m completely wiped out, and will be spending much of the evening watching cartoons instead of pondering anything even vaguely constructive. The dentist has managed to squeeze me in tomorrow morning; and the prospect of whatever she’s going to be able to do is still terrifying.

Cyrus did bring me flowers at work today, which was just charming.

A brief personal interlude

I was going to do a bunch of stuff to Ultimate Tag Warrior today.

Instead, I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon lying in bed half asleep, stressed and scared.

I’ve been going through a bout of dentistry over the past month or so (3 fillings, one extraction, one filling to go..) Week after next, was going to be my last appointment (to replace a dodgy filling). Today, a chunk of tooth that used to be attached to the dodgy filling fell out. So instead of having a relatively straightforward piece of work done week after next; I have no idea what the heck they’re going to be able to do now.