A brief personal interlude

I was going to do a bunch of stuff to Ultimate Tag Warrior today.

Instead, I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon lying in bed half asleep, stressed and scared.

I’ve been going through a bout of dentistry over the past month or so (3 fillings, one extraction, one filling to go..) Week after next, was going to be my last appointment (to replace a dodgy filling). Today, a chunk of tooth that used to be attached to the dodgy filling fell out. So instead of having a relatively straightforward piece of work done week after next; I have no idea what the heck they’re going to be able to do now.


Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.5.1 is out! it fixes some gnarly bugs around $posts; on the post editing page, it switches the sea of tag links for a dropdown once there are more than 50 tags; and will let you have a local tag cosmos without futzing about with .htaccess files and rewrite rules.

(Not so much with configurable colours at this stage… tomorrow, perhaps!)

Also: where did gravatars get to?