Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.5

Ultimate tag warrior 2.5 is out! however, UTW now has it’s very own home at http://www.neato.co.nz/ultimate-tag-warrior where the juicy details will be posted for this, and other versions.

[Brief overview: 2.5 has big changes to the admin side of things; allows tag clouds; will render a long-tail graph for your tags; ought to behave in not-in-the-siteroot blogs; will clean up duplicate tags; can turn categories into tags; and anything else that I’ve forgotten]

I’ll continue to make announcements in the main part of my blog, though (:

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.5

  1. Hi, Having followed yoru instructions to the ‘t’ I still get
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/newsex/public_html/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php on line 139 via the admin.


  2. I think you’re seeing a bug in version 2.0 (at least, there’s nothing that would cause this problem in version 2.5; but there is in 2.0)

    You can work around it by adding a tag to a post; or by upgrading (The bug has been fixed in 2.5)

    – Christine

  3. Christine,
    ultimate_get_posts() merely fills the global $post variable. There are several other things you should be doing. I was getting errors all over the place and 9 blank entries on tag pages with only 1 entry. You should make $wp_query global for ultimate_get_posts() and add these lines at the bottom of the function:

    $posts = $wpdb->get_results($q);
    $posts = apply_filters(‘the_posts’, $posts);
    $wp_query->posts = $posts;
    $wp_query->post_count = count($posts);
    if ($wp_query->post_count > 0)
    $wp_query->post = $wp_query->posts[0];

    (this may get mangled by the WordPress comment form)

  4. Mark,

    Oooh. That’s some good stuff to know (: *yoink*

    I had an inkling that my Frankenstein-ian way of setting $posts needed to do just a little bit more stuff to function properly. (The having clause made me do it d: )

    With any luck, WordPress 1.6 will have enough query hooks so that I can bypass ultimate_get_posts completely (At least, I raised a bug to get more hooks; so here’s hopin’..)

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