Oh, the horror!

Meet the Giant Dragonfly.

I met a giant dragonfly today while I was standing around in the garden with the cat. It flew past the back of my head, with a sensation not unlike a bumble bee crossed with a small bird. As I’m sure you can imagine, this prompted a response which I would broadly categorise as “What the heck was that?”. I had a look in the direction the flying thing went, but didn’t see any bumble bee birds; but happened to look in the other direction, and lo, there it was – a giant dragonfly resting on the wall of the garage.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to summon Cyrus and my camera fast enough to grab a photo of it; but yeah. I saw my first giant dragonfly today.

I’d be fine with not bumping into another one. They are called giant for a reason.


We just had an offer accepted on a house! (Half a house, technically: It’s a big old villa which has been turned into two flats)

It’s located down some stairs, off The Terrace kinda between Salamanca road and St Marys church. It’s a lovely, lovely place with a ton of character, and wonderful ambience: Most of it has polished wood floors, and the whole thing has a 12ft stud.

So yeah. At this stage, it’s still in the hands of the builder, valuer, city council, solicitor and bank; but so far, so good!

Aaaaand, relax

We didn’t get this house; we were about $8,000 off.

There will be other houses, I’m sure. Some of them will be larger and/or closer to town! (but unlikely to be as affordable)

In the mean time, we can continue on; with only rent commitments!