Patience, Little one

The vendor is looking at offers tomorrow night.

We’ve got an offer in, with a set of conditions on it as of right now; but we should be able to go unconditional before tomorrow night.

*fingers crossed*


I had intended on making these on Tuesday; but with the cat, it didn’t end up happening. However, since it’s Jesses’ birthday on Saturday, and my co-worker Geoffs’ birthday on Friday, I made a batch of cupcakes this evening instead.

The cupcakes are made from the Night and Day cupcake recipe in Nigella Lawsons book; however instead of the icing in the recipe, I made one of my own devising – it’s a splendiferous bittersweet chocolate icing. The pink and white are both white chocolate.

Well Then.

All birthday celebrations have been officially cancelled; since one of the cats (Pixel. The blue guy.) had an argument with a car, and lost.

And so our curse of cat ownership continues. Last year saw Cyrus’s cat Loki die; the year before, our first joint kitten Samael.