I had intended on making these on Tuesday; but with the cat, it didn’t end up happening. However, since it’s Jesses’ birthday on Saturday, and my co-worker Geoffs’ birthday on Friday, I made a batch of cupcakes this evening instead.

The cupcakes are made from the Night and Day cupcake recipe in Nigella Lawsons book; however instead of the icing in the recipe, I made one of my own devising – it’s a splendiferous bittersweet chocolate icing. The pink and white are both white chocolate.

Well Then.

All birthday celebrations have been officially cancelled; since one of the cats (Pixel. The blue guy.) had an argument with a car, and lost.

And so our curse of cat ownership continues. Last year saw Cyrus’s cat Loki die; the year before, our first joint kitten Samael.

Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday today! I just turned twenty five. I think I’m meant to be a proper grown-up by now. Maybe. A little.

Cyrus, has been showering me in gifts since he got back from Los Angeles a couple weeks ago. I’m pretty sure he would have burst if he held out all of the gifts until today (:

In any case, official birthday gifts were a copy of Bouchon, and 512MB of memory for my new camera.

Inofficial pre-birthday gifts were my new camera (: (see aforementioned memory), and a copy of Les Halles.

It is safe to say that this birthday season, I made out like a bandit. (Although, it’s also worth saying that I had no idea how expensive it is to buy things in New Zealand! The camera was about a third less, and the books were about half the price as they would be over here – including the currency conversion)

Beef Stir-Fry

– Marinate thinly sliced beef in a mixture of about 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, a teaspoon of crushed garlic; a generous pinch of salt, and pepper for as long as you can bear.

– Slice up 3 spring onions quite small

– Chop the chunky stems off a bunch of pak choy; and cut the bigger leaves in half.

– (Here’s where most of the waiting for as long as you can bear takes place…)

– Heat up a wok with a bit of oil; then add the beef (leaving as much of the marinade behind as possible. The idea here is to brown the meat, not stew it.)

– When the beef has mostly browned; add the spring onions.

– Once the spring onions have wilted; toss in a package of noodles. I used hokkien this time; other times, I use singapore noodles.

– Once the noodles have had a minute or so to cook; add the pak choy, and the remaining marinade; and keep eveything moving until the pak choy has wilted, but is still a little crispy.

– Bowl. Eat.

Oval Oven of Doom

I bought myself a Le Creuset Oval Oven today.

Kirkcaldies is having their infamous sale at the moment; and I had a gift voucher that I received for Christmas. Going to Kirks to find something to buy myself seemed like a reasonable thing to do. This particular pot (the last one, no less) was on sale for $185, down from $300; which seemed like a worthwhile sort of a discount, really. The pot I ended up getting, is the 27cm oval oven, in flame; if you’re interested in such things.