Becks & Posh is running Utensibility week; wherein food-bloggers everywhere will wax lyrical about their utensiliest utensil.

I’m a little undecided on what constitutes a utencil: certainly a cooktop or oven isn’t a utencil; but what about a knife (I love my Global 6-1/4-Inch Heavyweight Chef’s Knife – not the usual 8″-10″ chefs knife; but it’s just the right size for me. Anything longer would be like waving a sabre around.)?

Alas, I don’t have any of the more common Utensibility worthy candidates; although it must be said that a bright red Kitchen Aid stand mixer is certainly on my wishlist (but not something I can really justify getting with my current kitchen layout – there’s nowhere to put the thing! It’s just not physically possible to fit one into any of the cupboards in my kitchen.)

WhiskAlthough, I do have a hand whisk! And a marvellous hand whisk it is too. It’s like an like an ordinary hand whisk, with a marble in a mesh ball that gives it superpowers. Whipping cream is easy with this whisk. Making custard is easy (in so far as making custard is easy; but that’s a whole other story. It must be said, however, that every time I’ve made custard with this whisk…. success!).

I had coveted (a little.) (perhaps.) (okay maybe a lot.) the WMF Ball whisks; but I’d always felt a little bit unsure about them. Would they work, I often pondered to myself? Or would they end up being another piece of worthless junk (I had a WMF flour sifter. It broke within a couple of months. I was so mad! Mad, I say! However, I digress). But on one fate-filled day, wandering the aisles of a kitchen store, I saw this whisk. And it made sense. And it saved me close to $30. So I took it home with me.

Oval Oven of Doom

I bought myself a Le Creuset Oval Oven today.

Kirkcaldies is having their infamous sale at the moment; and I had a gift voucher that I received for Christmas. Going to Kirks to find something to buy myself seemed like a reasonable thing to do. This particular pot (the last one, no less) was on sale for $185, down from $300; which seemed like a worthwhile sort of a discount, really. The pot I ended up getting, is the 27cm oval oven, in flame; if you’re interested in such things.