Fudging About

Who’s the best cow-orker ever? I’m the best cow-orker ever. Behold, part of the fudging process.

Take 2 cups of sugar and three tablespoons of dutch-processed cocoa and combine them. Add a 1/2 cup of milk and a couple of knobs of butter; then heat gently until everything has melted and dissolved. Boil until it smells chocolatey, then add about a shot of cointreau. Wait a few minutes, then beat the crap out of it until it loses its shine, then pour into a tray.

Meta: Wrangling of Things

Delish has vanished; in its place, there’s a Food category in my shiny new blog. If you had been subscribed to delish using its atom feed; I think I’ve tweaked things behind the scenes so any new food posts will appear (Maybe even this one).

In the new blog, I’ve switched from MoveableType to WordPress – I was running version 2.6, and had to rebuild my site one too many times (so I would have needed to upgrade to version 3); and wordpress runs on PHP, which makes it much, much easier for me to make all sorts of tweaks to it.

Oh, on the off chance there is anyone else out there in blog land who was reading any of the other xml feeds, let me know in the comments and I’ll do some more wrangling and get those feeds pointing at new stuff.