Colour Me Impressed

*Looks at confirmation email*

*Looks at todays date*

*Looks at the box of Amazon treasure*

That box of Amazon treasure isn’t meant to get here until roughly the start of November. Not that I’m complaining, you understand.

[I’ve now got Foucaults Pendulum; Jennifer Government; Holy Blood, Holy Grail; Cookwise (Food science type book); the first Alton Brown cookbook; and a couple of CD’s (Black Angels/Kronos Quartet; and 4 Track Demos/PJ Harvey. Dissonance is my favourite thing.)]

Pot Sticker Dumplings

We’ve been eating a lot of pot sticker dumplings these past few days. It turns out that they are both easy to make, and extremely tasty.

First, you need to take a mission to yonder oriental food store in search of wonton wrappers. Luckilly, the wrappers come in packs of 100, so you don’t need to do this every time you make pot stickers. Unless, of course, you are making a lot of pot stickers at one time.

Next, defrost the wonton wrappers. Not all 100, mind you. But don’t panic! If there are any defrosted wonton wrappers left over, refreezing appears to be fine.

Meanwhile you’ll need to consider the filling.

We’ve been using a combination of minced pork, half of a finely diced red onion, half of a finely diced green capsicum and a lightly beaten egg with a little bit of hoisin and soy sauces and just a touch of salt and pepper. There are infinite variations on this theme, of course.

Alrighty. Assemblage of the pot stickers comes next.

Take a wonton wrapper, and wet two adjacent sides. Put about a teaspoon of the filling in the center, then fold the dry edges across to meet the wet edges; making sure any air gets squeezed out. Next, make two small pleats on the two joined edges of the triangle. Repeat until the filling and/or wanton wrappers run out. Next time we’re making these, I’ll try to remember to take pictures – it’s probably easier to figure out what is supposed to happen if you can see what is supposed to happen.

Finally, the cooking.

Take a wide pan, and heat a little bit of peanut oil in it. Place the pot stickers in the pan with big gaps between. In my pan, I can fit about five or six in at a time. Cook the pot stickers for two minutes; then add about a half cup of chicken stock and cook for a further two minutes with a lid.

It’s just like magic, really.

I am an Evil Genius!

(But you knew that already, right?)

Evil Genius The lovely and charming Cyrus bought this for me as a Happy Friday present the other day. It’s the perfect game for any megalomaniac type. In it, you perform tasks to become more infamous (the ultimate goal); gain minions and henchmen; and build your secret lair.

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