We just had an offer accepted on a house! (Half a house, technically: It’s a big old villa which has been turned into two flats)

It’s located down some stairs, off The Terrace kinda between Salamanca road and St Marys church. It’s a lovely, lovely place with a ton of character, and wonderful ambience: Most of it has polished wood floors, and the whole thing has a 12ft stud.

So yeah. At this stage, it’s still in the hands of the builder, valuer, city council, solicitor and bank; but so far, so good!

4 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. With enough offers, we were bound to be “those bastards who were willing to pay more than us” sooner or later (:

    Now all we have to do is clear our conditions… But at least this time around we’ve got a comparatively leisurely three working days as compared to the (technically) one working day we did our last unconditional offer in.

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