Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.7

Whee. ‘Nother release!

  • I fixed the bug with related tags
  • I’ve added a new template tag, UTW_AddTagToCurrentPost($format=””) that renders a textbox for adding a tag to the current post (it needs to go inside the wordpress loop; If a named format is specfied, the contents of the page element with the id “tags-{post id}” will be replaced with the list of tags for the post, in the format specified)
  • I’ve added a few more bits for formatting
    • In custom formatting strings, %intersectionicon% draws a cute little icon, and links to the current tag(s) and the tag being rendered. (This only makes sense for tags that are displayed on a tag page rather than the index or single pages)*
    • %icons% will render a set of icons (currently Technorati, Flickr, Del.icio.us, Wikipedia, RSS, intersection).
    • For named formats, “iconlist” renders a link to the tag followed by the set of icons
    • “htmllisticons” renders <li> tags, containing the icons followed by a link to the tag
    • “commalisticons” renders a link to the tag followed by the set of icons with a comma between tags

download here | get started here

* Adding the url as a custom formatting option seems so obvious now.. I’ll add one for the next release.

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.4

Shiny new version of Ultimate Tag Warrior!

This one adds tag suggestions (via the Yahoo! content analysis webservice). It’s nifty. Really!

On the edit post pages, there’s now a tag suggestions box; and when you click the Get Keyword Suggestions button, the happy little AJAX elves will interrogate Yahoo! for keywords, and display a list of clickable links that will add tags to your post.

(A little later, I’ll augment the Yahoo! results with some guesses based on existing tags; but you know.. one step at a time)

Download here | More info here

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.0

Okay. I’m somewhat happy with UTW2 now. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to steal your lunchmoney, or anything of that nature, at least.

Something to be aware of, is that even if you have installed a previous version of ultimate tag warrior, you’ll need to visit the installation page; because there are a couple of options which get added. Your head will explode if you forget this! (it probably won’t). By default, the plugin will append links to technorati tag pages at the end of your content; you might not need this, but it’s useful-ish as a starting point if you haven’t used UTW before.

Also, there are now what seems to be two plugins: 1.3 legacy and 2.0. 1.3 Legacy contains all of the functions that the 1.1.2 had, so that everything keeps working; and 2.0 is a cleanslate version which only has functions that use the fancy formatting stuff.

You can also specify the base directory for tags, which is pretty awesome (but I think the admin side will implode if it’s not in the root..)

There’s a readme with instructions for installing in the zip file; and there’s a helpfile in there somewhere which lists out the functions and some stuff for simplified formatting (you can say “commalist” is the kind of formatting, and it dutifully formats it like that; rather than having to wrangle formatting bits directly)

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.0 go crazy with that thang.