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  1. Yo!

    I’ve got 2.0.2 running. I tried to move up to 2.6 by copying all 2.6 files into /wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/. This promptly blew up my site. I’ve got no idea why, I have no time to look into the matter at the moment, and it’s likely all my fault. Just thought I’d mention it. In any case, I’m looking forward to the superajax magic of 2.6.

  2. Tim,

    You’ll need to go to the install page thinger (/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-install.php) – there are a bunch of settings that it adds that you won’t have. (I ought to make this a little more tolerant..)

    (You’ll be able to hack the ajax stuff to let anyone do stuff pretty easily; but it doesn’t do any logging of IP’s and such.. yet.

  3. Suman,

    I’m not sure if you’re just using the automagically generated tags; buuut… You’ll need to do a little bit of tinkering in your theme to get the new bits to work.

    Open up the index.php file for your theme, and include <?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(“superajax”) ?> where you want the tags to display. (If you’re using the automagically included tags; you might want to turn ’em off so that you don’t have two sets displaying)

    Lemme know if there’s anything else I can help with.

  4. Fantastic work! After I click ‘>>’, there’s a small lag while the links appear… but since the images are stored locally, why don’t the links appear instantly?

    What next? 😉

  5. Diwaker,

    As far as the lag… Not too sure what I can do about that (ya know, aside from doing it purely client side instead of using fandangled ajax to do it (; (Heh. That’s probably a better way of doing it, in this circumstance, really.)). Looks like the first one is slowest, and subsequent ones are a bit faster, though.

    And what next? probably an expandy-thing for displaying related tags (: (Oh, and introducing auditing of tags added through the interface that would eventually make it viable to allow anybody to add tags… of course, that also means writing an interface for dealing with spamminess and baninnation which is fundamentally tedious, so it’ll have to wait until I’m in an especially good mood (: )

    After that…

    …something else.

  6. Could you create an expand button for adding tags? I love the new feature but with my black background and white boxs it looks wierd. Thanks.

  7. I haven’t gotten around to giving it another go. The first time around, I did run the installer, but I think I disabled the 2.0 plugin before I started. Usually if things aren’t spelled out as though you’re speaking to a 5 year old, I’ll manage to screw up something. I’m sure I’ll get it straightened out, perhaps this weekend.

    And I think your ajax tag adder thing is pretty much exactly what I want all users to have access to. Because I’m just dying for tag spam, obviously.


  8. Dan,

    Whoops.. I shoulda checked the urls. Curses! Guess I’ll fix that when I get home from work. Putting the Add thing into an expandy bit seems like a smashing idea.

    (And yes, a grandiose auditing thing is on the way.. Something that Tim was interested in was allowing Joe Anybody to add tags to content. The stuff I’ve written so far is the first step in that direction… One day, I will have all tagging functionality! *muahahah*.)

  9. Ralph,

    I haven’t tried it in Opera (Bad developer, bad..); and I’m considering de-Ajaxing this particular little bit – showing the extra links isn’t something that’s *dependent* on talking to the server; which should make the expandy thing go a lot faster (:

  10. So you want to make it work with Opera as well – great! Still my browser of choice…

    Did i get this right: you want to optimize the code for speedup? Or should it already be fast enough? I’m experiencing a lag of ca. half a second…

  11. Ralph,

    I’m going to see what I can do for Opera (:

    As for optimizing… at the moment, when you click the expandy-thing, it asks the webserver for the html to display the icons. I’m probably going to change it so that javascript in the page auto-generates it instead, so that it’s a bit faster.

  12. Don’t hurry with Opera. As cool as an AJAX implemention is, it saves you one click when lining up the icons like i did…

    A few more things:

    Multiword tags are stored internally as A_B or A-B.
    When you search e.g Technorati it should search for “A B” or “A+B” and flickr additionally returns results for “AB”. Is there a way to tweak the delivering of tags to the specific searches?

  13. Sorry for reasking that question. I hope, you’ll still answer me this one:

    I would like to have the tag count as a title (mousehover) for all tags in my cloud. My cloud is realized with UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical(“coloredsizedtagcloud”). Can that be done?

  14. Ralph,

    Probably the easiest way is to tweak the format in ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php. Look for “coloredsizedtagcloud”, and in the format, add title="Matches: %tagcount%" (or similar) to the links.

  15. I’ve tried this plugin, and it seems to work just great. There are a few things I would like to check though:

    1. Is there anyway to make the list of tags stay the same way they are entered. If I enter “foo bar” in the list of tags the result will come out “bar foo”.

    2. When I display entries using the http://{website}/tag/[tag] it lists all the entries on a single page, even though the rest of my blog uses paged entries. Will this eventually work with paged entries?

    Thanks for writing such a useful plugin!

  16. Samuel,

    Hrm. It sorts them alphabetically at the moment; But I can’t think of a super-easy way of doing this just off the top of my head. I will ponder this a little further and see what I can think of.

    As for paging; soon.. (: It’s going to involve jumping through a bunch of hoops, so I keep putting it off d:

  17. Hi again. Actually it doesn’t sort the list alphabetically. From what I see it seems to be dependent on the order that the tags were actually added to tags database.

    Also, for the custom format string, you might want to include a new format type (maybe call it “single”) to specify the format for the case where there is only 1 tag. This is required if “first” and “last” are set, for example if I want a comma separated list with the first tag in bold and the last tag not to have a trailing comma.

  18. C, I noticed that for tags with spaces such as “the Simpsons” on Dan’s (#11) site it produces a URL that has %20 in it and I don’t think many people have tagged their stuff with those codes. 😀 The Technorati and Flickr links brought up results, but del.icio.us did not. Of course it worked for Wikipedia. I’m guessing that clicking on the word rather than the expander is a tag link for the local site? Fantastic work as always! -J

  19. Samuel,

    Hrm. Curious. Obviously it uses Magic to determine the order (:

    The “single” format is something that I’m going to do real soon… it’s a good and useful and wonderful thing to have.


    *squints* I have no idea how he managed to do that (: [Well, aside from using an older version of UTW that didn’t support spawning multiple tags when renaming.]

    And yes, clicking the word takes you to the local tag.

  20. OK, C, new issue. When I go to a tag’s page, posts that do not have tags show up in the tag’s page. View this page for an example. Any idea what’s causing it or how to fix it aside from adding tags to all my posts?

    BTW, I hacked up your code to make the Flickr link work better. Just changed the stem to flickr.com/photos/tags/ in ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php for the Flickr tag and Flickr icon link. Also, I don’t know if I borked the image url, but I had /path/to/UTW/icon.jpg instead of flickricon.jpg. Just a couple notes in case those were overlooked before.

    Thanks as always.

  21. Jamie,

    Looks like it’s displaying the same posts as your homepage on the tag page /: Are you using a tag.php file, or is it defaulting to the index.php?

  22. Ah, I think I do not have a tag.php file. What’s involved with creating one? I suppose I would start from the category template, eh? As a follow-up issue, I can’t get a weightedlinebar to display. Any ideas on that too? I added one to my category template and one to my single.php to no avail.

  23. Jamie,

    Not having a tag.php is A-OK… I was just seeing what you had (: What version of the plugin are you using?

    When you try and use weightedlinebar, what happens?

  24. I just upgraded to 2.6. I always install the newest to get the goodies. I have and when I view my page, nothing shows up. There is a substantial blank spot, but I'm not sure if that's a blank spot for the linebar.

  25. Sorry, I forgot to close my tag.

    I just upgraded to 2.6. I always install the newest to get the goodies. I have and when I view my page, nothing shows up. There is a substantial blank spot, but I’m not sure if that’s a blank spot for the linebar.

  26. (Nevermind (: )


    Go to /wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-install.php

    It might just be that you’re missing a couple of settings.

  27. Well, uhm, I have had the thing installed and activated for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to adding the weightedlinebar until now. So, sorry, I suppose that’s not much help. The other calls work, even the “superajax” one. :-/

  28. C, I downgraded to 2.5 and activated the legacy bits (just in case) to no avail. I am still getting the tag behavior I described before. Look at http://www.jamiephelps.com/cogentprose/tag/hosting. I should only have one post tagged with this I’m pretty sure. At any rate, most of those posts are not tagged with it as you can see. You can see the tags on the single page. My site seems to be the one that always has troubles getting things to go smoothly…

  29. Let me assure you that you’re not the only one who runs into trouble (;

    What other plugins do you have activated? Jeromes Keywords is one which sometimes interferes with the way my plugin works.

  30. Nope. I disabled a few of my other activated plugins to no avail. Right-O about the custom field business. It used meta tags in the wp_postmeta table. Not sure where to go with this now. ?

  31. Ha, I was wondering how you respond so quickly. I too am at work. I leave in an hour and a half, so I will have to mess with this tomorrow if we don’t get it fixed before then. Enjoy your day!

  32. OK, more info. I thought perhaps the permalinks weren’t working right, so I tried accessing tags via /index.php?tag=tag and that resulted in the familiar index page.

  33. C,

    I noticed that when I display related tags for a post (and am logged in), then I see the +/- option for the related tags as well. What does it mean to add or delete a related tag? I’m not sure I understand…

  34. Ooh. Hum.


    I’m not too sure what’s happening, actually.

    [If you were displaying the related tags using the “superajax” format, that sorta explains what’s going on. Kindah. Maybe.]

    I’ll have a look at this when I get home from work (real soon (: )

  35. Diwaker,

    Gah! GAAH!

    It’s a frustrating thing to try and fix d:

    I’ve got it half-fixed, by adding a superajaxrelated format for displaying related tags for a post, that displays a + that will add the tag to the post; but I’m going to need to build in a little more state, ‘cos at the moment if you expandy a related tag, when you shrink it, it isn’t displaying quite right.

    Gah! (:

  36. Thanks for a great plugin! I’m interested in using UTW, but I use ecto to post all of my entries. (I see elsewhere that some others share my interest). I don’t particularly need UTW to be integrated with ecto’s tag management, but was curious if there’s a way to specify tags manually in the post text?

    Thanks in advance!


  37. As soon as I get all of the other little bits and pieces sorted out; I’m going to have a look at making some changes to the wordpress code that will allow using ecto and some of the other desktop blogging tools to do the tag thing.

    (Of course, if that all gets too hard, I might fall back on a wrap <tag> tags around tags… that would work too and could almost be useful for non-desktop-blogging)

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