Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.7

Whee. ‘Nother release!

  • I fixed the bug with related tags
  • I’ve added a new template tag, UTW_AddTagToCurrentPost($format=””) that renders a textbox for adding a tag to the current post (it needs to go inside the wordpress loop; If a named format is specfied, the contents of the page element with the id “tags-{post id}” will be replaced with the list of tags for the post, in the format specified)
  • I’ve added a few more bits for formatting
    • In custom formatting strings, %intersectionicon% draws a cute little icon, and links to the current tag(s) and the tag being rendered. (This only makes sense for tags that are displayed on a tag page rather than the index or single pages)*
    • %icons% will render a set of icons (currently Technorati, Flickr, Del.icio.us, Wikipedia, RSS, intersection).
    • For named formats, “iconlist” renders a link to the tag followed by the set of icons
    • “htmllisticons” renders <li> tags, containing the icons followed by a link to the tag
    • “commalisticons” renders a link to the tag followed by the set of icons with a comma between tags

download here | get started here

* Adding the url as a custom formatting option seems so obvious now.. I’ll add one for the next release.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.7

  1. woot! you plugin owns, man. especially the local tags feature. personally i see no use of Technorati and other external plugins so the local tagging option is perfect for me. keep up the work!

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