UTW Comment Wrangling

Well then.

There are now… about a squillion comments on the main UTW page… It’s kinda getting hard to manage (;

What I’m going to do, is start taking general questions, and adding the answers to the shiny new FAQ page (and probably eating the comment. Mmm. delicious comments); and for more specific setup questions, I’ll email you an answer.

I’ll leave comments open on the existing UTW pages for a little while; but it’s my plan to close ’em off once I’ve got the FAQ section up to speed.

2 thoughts on “UTW Comment Wrangling

  1. Nice idea ! But since your plugin has gone very (very) popular, setting up (in parallel to your faqs) a board would be more user friendly 🙂 Let’s say… a little free forum, as punbb ?

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