Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.5

Let’s try that again (:

– This time, the database should automagically update itself (instead of breaking tags (; )
– I’ve changed the way tag suggestions are requested; so if you weren’t able to use the old way, if you could try again and let me know if it’s still a problem that would be great (:

Download here | More generic info here

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.4

New Version!

– Beware: There are a bunch of new options: go to the Options > Tags page. Some of them will change the way things look.
– Edit: Beware #2: If all of a sudden tags stop saving, doing a force reinstall will make everything go (the first .zip of this version I uploaded had build numbers out of sync. It’s sufficiently late that I’ve probably made the build numbers out of sync in a different way in the new .zip d: )

– I’ve fixed the bug where text sent to tagyu.com for tag suggestions that contained HTML markup would have a spaz
– I’ve fixed the typo in RemoveTags() (Thanks Julio!)
– I’ve fixed the bug in GetCanonicalTag() (ditto)
– I’ve split the administration into two pages – one is configuration stuff, and lives at Options > Tags, and the other is for wrangling tags, and stays at Manage > Tags. I’ve added links from one-to-the-other, so with any luck they don’t get lost (;
– I’ve turned the automagic tags inside-out! There are now “primary” and “secondary” tag links (instead of “local” and “technorati”). Each set of tag links can have its own predefined format selected. Let me know if this causes more pain than joy!
– I’ve added custom format stuff for linking to gada.be; along with a handy predefined format gadabecommalist that will render a simple, comma-separated list of tag links into the gada.be site.
– I’ve monkied with the internals of GetFormatForType. It’s much cooler, now (: Instead of a big switch, there’s an array of items which lets me grab a format by key (And make a list of predefined formats for the options page (; On the horizon will be a convenient way of putting custom formats somewhere so that they can be called by name, without fear of changes being squished by later versions of the plugin – probably it’ll be a “make this file, put a function called somesuch in it” kind of arrangement.)

– I think that’s it! (:

Download here | Generic Info here*

* Caution: Out of Date, but I’m way too tired now; so I’ll update it tomorrow (:


I made two things today:

1. Giant pile of rubbish (well, potential compost, really. It’s all plant-matter rather than the bad kind of rubbish)
Stuff that's not on the wilderness pathway

2. Meticulously cleared path
Not so scary stairs

(The giant pile of rubbish all came from the meticulously cleared path… there’s quite a bit of path; but also a staggering amount of leafy stuff that was in the way)

Tomorrow, I’m going to be hurting.

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.3

UTW 2.8.3 has switched to tagyu.com for tag suggestions instead of using Yahoo! With any luck this will produce much more useful tag suggestions (:

I’ve also added in a new predefined format, weightedlongtailvertical which is the format that I’m using for the popular tags, and on the Archives page; in this theme.

There are also a few more custom formatting placeholders for getting the percentile ranking of tags.

Download here | Generic info here

Chevre Phase II

Last night, I did the first part of chevre making: heating of milk and the addition of cultures and rennet. Tonight, I embarked on the second part of chevre making: draining off the whey (and making ricotta, as a nifty side benefit).

Chevre II This is what I came home to. The milk turned into distinct curd and whey parts. Astonishingly so.

Chevre IVI spooned some of the curds (and a bunch of whey) into a cheese mould. This was full, and what you’re seeing is about an hour or two of draining. There’s still quite a bit of whey to drain off.

Chevre V:  Finished CheeseI had a bunch of curds and whey left; so I put them into a colander with cheesecloth. The cheese I drained in this manor was ready in a few hours.

Chevre Phase I

I have a new hobby: Cheesemaking.

This is the first part, of my first third cheese (I’ve made paneer and mascarpone before; but nothing too far into the realm of cheesemaking). I’m making a chevre (or fromage blanc) from goats milk. The recipe that I’m using lives at http://fiascofarm.com/dairy/chevre.htm. I’m curious to see how it pans out (:

I got the out of the ordinary cheese ingredients from Curds & Whey who are based in Auckland, NZ.

Shiny! New!

Behold! neato has a shiny new look and feel. I have a feeling that there are still a few little buglets and wiglets and all sorts of mean and nasty things lurking around; so let me know if you stumble upon something that is broken.

(Uh, I may be running a slightly updated version of UTW than is currently available, if you spotted things that you can’t quite do in UTW at the moment..)