Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.3

UTW 2.8.3 has switched to tagyu.com for tag suggestions instead of using Yahoo! With any luck this will produce much more useful tag suggestions (:

I’ve also added in a new predefined format, weightedlongtailvertical which is the format that I’m using for the popular tags, and on the Archives page; in this theme.

There are also a few more custom formatting placeholders for getting the percentile ranking of tags.

Download here | Generic info here

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.8.3

  1. hope tagyu.com suggests better tags than yahoo. i got a warning for every post which has embedded images from flickr, its returning an error as follows
    Warning: file_get_contents(http://tagyu.com/api/suggest/%3Cdi
    3D%22http%…blah blah
    failed in /home/obk/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-ajax.php on line 87

    any suggestion y i am getting this

  2. I’ll have to do a bunch of pre-processing to strip out any HTML.

    (Bother. I hadn’t thought of that).

    The short term answer: go to tagyu.com and copy your text into the box.

    I’ll look a the code-y fix when I get home from work; so hopefully there will be a new version of the plugin in 12’ish hours.

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