Chevre Phase II

Last night, I did the first part of chevre making: heating of milk and the addition of cultures and rennet. Tonight, I embarked on the second part of chevre making: draining off the whey (and making ricotta, as a nifty side benefit).

Chevre II This is what I came home to. The milk turned into distinct curd and whey parts. Astonishingly so.

Chevre IVI spooned some of the curds (and a bunch of whey) into a cheese mould. This was full, and what you’re seeing is about an hour or two of draining. There’s still quite a bit of whey to drain off.

Chevre V:  Finished CheeseI had a bunch of curds and whey left; so I put them into a colander with cheesecloth. The cheese I drained in this manor was ready in a few hours.

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