Bugs in the House

So far, the house has two kinds of bugs.

One type, sounds suspiciously like vagrant spiders (we have seen two enormous freaking hunting spiders, in any case. Last night, one was climbing on a wall, and fell off. It hit the ground with a *thwok*). The other type of buggly invaders…. are millipedes.

I had millipedes come and visit when I was living in Oriental Bay. Rumor has it, I didn’t like it very much.

So far, I’ve only seen dead millipedes downstairs. If I see living millipedes upstairs, there will be another millipede armageddon.

(I suspect that the owners before us might have used an outdoor-type insect deterent/poison, because almost all of the crunchy millipedes have been within a meter or so of the outer walls)