Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.4

Shiny new version of Ultimate Tag Warrior!

This one adds tag suggestions (via the Yahoo! content analysis webservice). It’s nifty. Really!

On the edit post pages, there’s now a tag suggestions box; and when you click the Get Keyword Suggestions button, the happy little AJAX elves will interrogate Yahoo! for keywords, and display a list of clickable links that will add tags to your post.

(A little later, I’ll augment the Yahoo! results with some guesses based on existing tags; but you know.. one step at a time)

Download here | More info here

Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.3

There’s a new version of UTW… just a couple of bugfixes, one of which is fairly important!

– tag pages no longer display private posts/future posts (this is the one which is fairly important)
– RSS feeds + tag.php files now get along
– The javascripty bit for the ajax should now be XHTML compliant.

Download here | More info here