3 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.7.2

  1. Thanks for the quick fix.

    One more request, the script tag echo in the actions.php/ultimate_add_ajax_javascript() function doesn’t return valid XHTML. It needs the type=”text/javascript” parameter added.

    Love the plugin and especially the new Ajax features though!

  2. Uploaded files to my /plugins directory within the “UltimateTagWarrior” folder.
    There is no install.php file in this directory so I just went ahead and activiated it.
    When I got to my Manage>Tags page I get several MySQL database errors saying that no database exists?

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  3. Josh,

    That’s easy enough to fix.. (: Glad you like the plugin!


    Oooer. In theory, the plugin should be automatically creating the various database tables and such that it needs.

    I haven’t actually tried using the plugin with wordpress 1.5.2 yet, so that could be it.

    I don’t suppose it’s miraculously started working since you left your comments? *hopeful look* (:

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