UTW in Themes + WordPress 2.3 A Go-Go.

Exciting news, boys and girls. The paint, she is drying on my latest Thing.

UTW Theme Compatibility Thing is now available for the ol’ download. If you have a wordpress theme which has UTW_ShowSomething function calls in it, this is a great plugin for you.

If you’re showing icons anywhere, there’s a little extra step you’ll need to do so that the icon URLs go to the right place; but otherwise, just disable UTW, import your tags into wordpress (if you haven’t already), then enable the compatibility plugin.

Oh, and if you miss the admin functions of UTW, I have a fabulous plugin, Tag Managing Thing which does much of the same.

2 thoughts on “UTW in Themes + WordPress 2.3 A Go-Go.

  1. ONO ugh not another upgrade I was just about to scream before when I thought I destroyed my wordpress. Alas not so after following the instructions to revert to old wordpress I was able to see UTW caused the problem. So being as brainy as I am sometimes, I turned off the UTW plugin then I went and upgraded WPress. Went back to admin cos I like the UTW plugin, I proceeded to restart the plugin and it said NO in computer speak of course. So thinking a little harder I headed here from the link in the plugin to Christine’s page to see what I assume is the end of UTW. Ok these new one’s look cool and seem to be similar I think to myself so I just grabbed them and checking them out now so far no problems.

    BTW Thanks heaps for the UTW plugin Christine…

  2. Ok, I’m on WP 1.5.2 using 3.0.1 of UTW. I am having the permalink problem. I’ve followed all of the steps, other than not finding the two tag.php files that it says I need, and I still get the problem of not finding the messages. What do I do next? Or is the product dead enough that I won’t be able to use it?

    Don B.

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