Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1415

Pretty much just bugfixes in this release.

– Delete and rename no longer flange [oops]
– The superajax formatting bit no longer flanges [oops]
– Tagyu has vanished, so Tagyu suggestions have been removed
– I’ve changed the way includes hang together, so that the two main files are only included where they are needed. If UTW breaks for no reason, try uncommenting the bit with the path (and adjusting if needed) at the top of ultimate-tag-warrior.php


Ooh! For those of you with pretty-URL issues, it might be worth having a look at this rewrite workaround. It involves adding a plugin (Fix Greedy Rewrite Category), rather than changing files. Awesome.

Download here

13 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1415

  1. Simple question from a WP/UTW newbie (I could not find an answer in the forums or with google search):

    To upgrade to this version of UTW, do I just copy and overwrite the files in the UTW folder /wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/? … or do I need to deactive the old plugin, copy files into folder, and then re-activate the plugin?

  2. Hi I use Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1415 in cyrillic wordpress blog and the cyrillic tag are shown with E1%E8%F1%E5%F0%E8 in address bar.

    The problem exists in other languages…

    The solution for us is to use Tag name for all names of tags present in blog, and to use Synonym name to generate the link. Because we can assign different name (in English) for all synonyms.

    Can somebody help with a little change in
    Ultimate Tag Warrior plug-in?

    I thing the basic change should be in this line:
    $home $baseurl $tag_name_url $trailing
    because this line generate the link.

    We need to change $tag_name_url with something like this $tag_synonym, and to use Synonym tag instead tag name to generate the tag links.

    I’m not advanced user with PHP.

    Any ideas, help and PHP writers will be good to make this great plug-in mich more international!!!

    Please help!

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  4. Hi!

    Your Plugin ist awesome. I liked to know whether it´s possible to limit the amount of words schown in the tagcloud as its used in the sidebar of my website. thx

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