Oh the excitement!

It turns out that the night before you move into your first home feels a lot like your first Christmas as a child when you realise that there’s going to be presents the next morning.

Except that with the house, it’s still being paid off ten years later; and with the toys, they’re forgotten a year later.

Anyway, we’re getting the last little bits and pieces organised for the move; and with any luck, everything will be at the new place this evening.

We’re scheduled to have our internet hooked up on Tuesday; but they’re going to try and get it done this weekend if they can. In any case, we might end up being a little scarce for a couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Oh the excitement!

  1. Hope your first night in your own house was memorable. Congratulations on becoming a homeowner. It feels good, doesn’t it?

  2. It was!

    We got all of our things moved to the new house… then it started to rain.

    Which was followed by the rainbowiest rainbow that I’ve ever seen. Once we’ve got the internet hooked up, I’ll definately be uploading a photo of it.

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