Ultimate Tag Warrior: What Next?

This is my current todo list for Ultimate Tag Warrior

  • * Figure out Joshs’ problem UTW doesn’t play nice with version 1.5 of wordpress. 1.5.1 and beyond are A-OK, though
  • * Fix the Previous Entries bug (The link always shows, even when there aren’t previous entries) [This, I think will end up waiting until WordPress 1.6 comes out]
  • * Fix the /tags/ bugs (/tags/(tagname) doesn’t seem to work)
  • * Fix the really dumb bug in popular tags (Yeah. There’s a dumb bug which makes it break. Whoops!)
  • * Clean up tags when a post is deleted
  • * See if I can get UTW to work with ecto
  • * Write a converter that changes categories into tags
  • * Write a simplfied document for using UTW (I guess there is a point where too much documentation becomes daunting..)
  • * Write a thing that consolidates dupe name tags
  • * Write some things that allow tags with spaces (I’m inclined to structure this in such a way that when you edit tags, you use underscores; but when tags are displayed, they are displayed with spaces instead when it’s appropriate) 2.0a and beyond
  • * Provide a list of the existing tags on the post-editing screen, and allow clicking tags to lazy-add them 2.0a and beyond
  • * Write a thing for posting to del.icio.us (The opposite to usual del.icio.us thing.. I’ve kinda written one; but the first time you click on a “post to del.icio.us” link, del.icio.us pops up a OS-esque login box which is a little intimidating. In case you were wondering; it populates the tags with the tags of the post.. just the title/url is pretty trivial to do (: ) [Again, I think wordpress 1.6 will provide enough stuff to let me do this..]
  • * Make feeds available for tags [wordpress 1.6, I think…]
  • * Properly localise the plugin
  • * Allow unions when selecting multiple tags (Scary: allow a combination of unions and intersections)
  • * Figure out the cause of the 404 error that some people get
  • * World domination

If you have other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here; that way it’ll be much harder for me to forget about them.

(*phew* I should have called it “Mediocre Tag Warrior and called it a day at version 1.0 (; )