Ultimate Tag Warrior: What Next?

This is my current todo list for Ultimate Tag Warrior

  • * Figure out Joshs’ problem UTW doesn’t play nice with version 1.5 of wordpress. 1.5.1 and beyond are A-OK, though
  • * Fix the Previous Entries bug (The link always shows, even when there aren’t previous entries) [This, I think will end up waiting until WordPress 1.6 comes out]
  • * Fix the /tags/ bugs (/tags/(tagname) doesn’t seem to work)
  • * Fix the really dumb bug in popular tags (Yeah. There’s a dumb bug which makes it break. Whoops!)
  • * Clean up tags when a post is deleted
  • * See if I can get UTW to work with ecto
  • * Write a converter that changes categories into tags
  • * Write a simplfied document for using UTW (I guess there is a point where too much documentation becomes daunting..)
  • * Write a thing that consolidates dupe name tags
  • * Write some things that allow tags with spaces (I’m inclined to structure this in such a way that when you edit tags, you use underscores; but when tags are displayed, they are displayed with spaces instead when it’s appropriate) 2.0a and beyond
  • * Provide a list of the existing tags on the post-editing screen, and allow clicking tags to lazy-add them 2.0a and beyond
  • * Write a thing for posting to del.icio.us (The opposite to usual del.icio.us thing.. I’ve kinda written one; but the first time you click on a “post to del.icio.us” link, del.icio.us pops up a OS-esque login box which is a little intimidating. In case you were wondering; it populates the tags with the tags of the post.. just the title/url is pretty trivial to do (: ) [Again, I think wordpress 1.6 will provide enough stuff to let me do this..]
  • * Make feeds available for tags [wordpress 1.6, I think…]
  • * Properly localise the plugin
  • * Allow unions when selecting multiple tags (Scary: allow a combination of unions and intersections)
  • * Figure out the cause of the 404 error that some people get
  • * World domination

If you have other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here; that way it’ll be much harder for me to forget about them.

(*phew* I should have called it “Mediocre Tag Warrior and called it a day at version 1.0 (; )

12 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior: What Next?

  1. Write some things that allow tags with spaces…

    You’ve probably already thought of this, but it would be good to make sure that the link in a tag with spaces keeps the underscores (or is converted to dashes) to keep the markup valid.

    Provide a list of the existing tags on the post-editing screen, and allow clicking tags to lazy-add them…

    Love it!!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you actually included my problem on your todo list for your plugin! 🙂 Upgrading to the newest version of WordPress fixed my initial problem. However, now I’m having a few others. I emailed you about them.

    I mentioned it in one of my emails, but it’d be ultra nifty keen if you could implement Technorati support into this. Technotag lets you tag your posts, and lets Technorati know about them (with the correct tags associated with the post). However, if I use both Technotag AND your plugin, I’m going to have MY tags at the top of the post, and the Technotags at the bottom.. which will most likely be identical.

    And that’d just look goofy. Maybe I could style the Technotags to be hidden, and yet still let Technorati know about ’em.

    Eh. It’d still be easier (at least for me) if your plugin did what Technotag does. But that’s for me. It’ll probably be a pain for the coder (you).

    Anyways – great plugin. Hope to hear from you soon. 😉

  3. “Mediocre Tag Warrior”


    Your list is great! I can’t wait to see the list items incorporated…

  4. Dan,

    What do you need for technorati integration, beyond including the links ( ultimate_show_post_tags($separator=” “,
    $baseurl=’http://www.technorati.com/tag/’) ) ; and having technorati included in the list of services to ping?

    – Ch.

  5. Dan,

    Scratch that… turns out that Technorati will pick up the tags in the “ordinary” version of ultimate_show_post_tags that links to the local tag page (it looks for rel=”tag” rather than a link to the tag page in technorati specifically).

    You might need to include a call to both ultimate_show_post_tags on both your index.php template and single.php, though.

  6. I already display the tags in the header of each post with ultimate_show_post_tags(“, “, ‘/tag/’) and the same on the post/single page.

    So you are saying that Technorati already gets the tags that your plugin gives to each post?

    If so is there a way to display the ultimate_show_post_tags again with a link to the technorati tag. The is an example on my post pages now because I have another plugin. The same I mentioned earlier.

    Here is an example:

    Look to the right under tags.

  7. Okay! If you do this thing: ultimate_show_post_tags(“, “,”http://www.technorati.com/tag/”)

    Then yeah, it’ll generate the links you’re after (:

  8. Sweet thanks.

    But just to clarify Technorati already picks up the tag through UTW? If so you should advertise this as a technorati plugin too since a lot of people would love that feature alone.

    So glad I came across your plugin. And thanks again for all your EXCELLENT work.

  9. It… *should*, at least according to something I read on the technorati site..
    You do not have to link to Technorati. You can link to any URL that ends in something conforming to the tag standard. For example, these tag links would also be included on our Tag pages:

    * <a href=”http://apple.com/ipod” rel=”nofollow”>iPod</a>
    * <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity” rel=”nofollow”>Gravity</a>
    * <a href=”http://flickr.com/photos/tags/chihuahua” rel=”nofollow”>Chihuahua</a>

    But it doesn’t seem to be updating on the technorati side at the moment (for at least one guy).

    The tags on this post, for example, are up there; but yeah. I’m going to have to look a little closer when I get home from work.

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