Pastry Cushions

Cushions.. Made from pastry! Genius.

This evening, we had pies for dinner. Round pies. Cutting round pie-lids from square pastry involves pastry offcuts. Delicious pastry offcuts.

This is the edges, cut into squares, placed into a woven lattice arrangement, brushed with butter, sprinkled with sugar; and baked in a 200C oven for about 15 minutes.

It’s a little bit on the bland side, though; but well suited to eating with ice-cream.

3 thoughts on “Pastry Cushions

  1. Adam,

    Ooh! Ooh Ooh. Filo/Phyllo is marvellous (: The triangle folding method is genius.. When I’m doing filo/phyllo stuffed with stuff I’d ended up with lumpy-foldy bits.


    And easy!

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