Ultimate Tag Warrior 1.1.1 1.1.2

There’s a new release at http://dev.wp-plugins.org/file/ultimate-tag-warrior/trunk/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior.php.

It fixes the bugs with the most popular tags list; and it also fixes the bug where /tags/ didn’t work.

You’ll need to update your permalinks for the /tags/ bug, either by going to Options > Permalinks and refreshing; or manually changing your .htaccess file. If you’re doing this manually, you need to change the order of the rules so that the /tags/ rules comes first. I have no idea why this matters; but there you go.

I’ve also added a function for posting to del.icio.us… it’s… not very friendly, in that guard dog will bite your hand off kind of way. I have a feeling that I’m going to have to turn this into a administration function for logged in users; or ask the lovely people at del.icio.us to let the /post/ url accept tags. If you are that interested, by all means have a look.

I don’t think I’ve broken anything in the process, but if I have, sing out!

Go with 1.1.2. It turns out I did introduce a bug.

(p.s. with the other bug on my list relating to the previous page link; so far, not so good – I can’t use the post filters to do the SQL voodoo for the intersections of tags; so fixing this so that it always works, all the time isn’t going to be easy…)

24 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 1.1.1 1.1.2

  1. Christine,

    After installing the new version and updating my permalink structure, none of my posts would display on my main page. It’d just give the default WordPress text, “Sorry, no entries found.”, or something along those lines. If I clicked on one of the popular tag links (which now show the correct number, good job 😀 ), it’d show the posts… but the main page seems to be broken, at least for me.

  2. Oy, forgot something else. I let those tags sit overnight. The one with Technotag was indexed and viewable via Technorati’s tag search. The ones from your plugin never did show up.

    No idea why, since you told me it works just fine for your site. I searched for Ultimatetagwarrior, and this post showed up.


  3. I removed all of the calls from the sidebar and my index file, and copied them exactly from the readme file… still no dice.

    Maybe it’s because my WP Loop is a bit different, due to me having to change it to get Asides working. Did you change anything that that would have affected?

  4. Josh,

    You appear to be jinxed d:

    Although…. I did change the thinger that chooses what UTW includes. I wouldn’t have expected it to make a difference to your main page, though.


  5. Uhm.

    You know how that panned out last time (;

    I’m going to have a closer look at what’s happening with Joshs’ problem (it seems to be tied in with some asides stuff which he’s using that’s doing interesting things to the main loop); so perhaps everything will be okay for you!

    (But keep a copy of plugin that worked just in case (; )

  6. I’m having a strange problem–when I go to http://mysite.com/tag/tagname I get my regular main page. I’ve updated my htaccess and everything.

    Might there be a problem with rewriting my htaccess file in general? I’d almost prefer a more crufty URI structure to avoid any htaccess issues. Is there a structure I could use like “index.php?tag=tagname”?

    Any advice would be welcome and appreciated! Thanks! (Great plugin, otherwise!)

  7. Thepete,

    You wouldn’t be the first person to have .htaccess problems.

    index.php?tag=tagname should work A-OK. If that doesn’t work, it could be the case that .htaccess is working fine and something different is broken (If you’re using version 1.1.1; give 1.1.2 a try).

    (I should really write up a FAQ thing somewhere)
    (Also: figure out the cause of .htaccess woes)

  8. Hey Christine, thanks for the fast reply! YOU ROCK!!

    Unfortunately the “index.php?tag=tagname” thing doesn’t work either. : So, I’m not sure what’s up–I am using 1.1.2 already. I’m just sure it’s got something to do with WP not being able to see that my htaccess file is writeable (writable?). I’ve had so many problems because of that. The funny thing is that my server says it is writeable and I’ve even asked my host to doublecheck and they say it is writeable. Do you think this might be the problem?

    Welp, I’m about to head out so no rush on getting back to me. Thanks again for your fast reply!

  9. In that case, I will ponder this further when I get home!

    (I think the last time this problem popped up; someone was using version 1.5 of wordpress… I looked at your site, and you seem to be using, so it *should* be okay. Are you using ultimate tag warrior with a different install of wordpress that is running 1.5?)

  10. It is with a couple manual changes that effectively make it But I doubt the tiny changes I made (according to instructions at wordpress.org) will make that much of a difference. But I have had trouble with creating pages–in order to do it, I keep having to replace my htaccess over and over with the code on the permalinks page. Again, this is because WP thinks my htaccess isn’t writeable when it is. I’m also wondering if maybe it has to do with the fact that my root directory is different from my WP directory.

    Sadly, I’m a n00b with the insides of WP and PHP so I can only get too far when trying to suss out these problems. Again, thanks for your help and your quick replies! Hope you had a good 4th (whether you’re an American or not)!

  11. ThePete,

    The different-directory thing could well be it.

    Do you get a tag page if you go to /wordpress directory/index.php?tag=sometag ?

  12. No luck–I even tried dumping a copy of my index.php into my wp directory (making sure to fix the wp-blog-header.php path) and still no luck. Just for fun, I tried doing it this way, too: wpdir/tag/tagname and still no luck. I think I’ve just got one of those pesky WP installs that won’t do everything. I may consider doing a clean install of WP sometime soon, but I’m not sure that will help since I just did one about two months ago to fix some other problems I was having.

    Oh well, if you have any ideas on what else could be wrong, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could let me know. Feel free to IM me at thepetecom on AIM and Yahoo. Take care and thanks again for your help!

  13. Hmm. Gah!

    It might be worth trying version 1.0, just in case.

    (At the very least, try using the tag.php file from 1.0 instead of the latest version – there was a big change in that template in one of the later versions.)

  14. Hm, still no luck–I’m wondering if I can’t gut the tag.php and implant it into some other kind of file. Or just call it some other way than from within the index.php? Any ideas?

    Feel free to email me if you’d rather I not keep bugging you here. I’d really appreciate your help on this. Thanks! (If you’re too busy, that’s cool, too!)

  15. (I’m in New Zealand, where time is weird, at least, relative to most people (: I’m at work just at the moment; though.)

    Hmm. Hum. Hrm. Uhm. Hmm.


    There’s a function called, ultimate_get_posts() or something similar, which returns a list of the posts that match the tags specified by the tag parameter (e.g. calling the get posts function on a page with an url like this http://whatever/doesntmatter/anythingreally.php?tag=sometag
    would get the posts tagged with sometag)
    which might be useful if you want to try and wedge tags into your index.php.

  16. I think I’m just outta luck. Nothing I’m doing is working–I just wish I had the time to teach myself a little more PHP so I’d know what’s not working. Thanks anyway for your help! Maybe I’ll try again some time. Take care and thanks again!

  17. This is a great plugin and I’m glad it’s getting developed! If you are having problems with htaccess, I think that Apache is wary of using it if the directory that it’s in is world-writeable. I think this is a security feature to prevent people from using htaccess to take over the server. The Apache user needs to own .htaccess, or be part of its group, in order for WordPress to do it. Try ‘chmod a-w .’ in your root wordpress directory to disable world-writeable, and ‘chown apache .htaccess’ or whatever user it is.

    I had to put the following into my master Apache config file, under the virtualhost entry, to get the rewrite working. I forget where I found this (around here?) but it seems to work:

    DocumentRoot “/your/virtualserver/path”
    ServerName “vhost.your.com”
    RewriteEngine on RewriteBase /

    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All

    allow from all
    Options +Indexes

    I forget what this mumbojumbo does. Maybe it’s not all related. But I after I put it in, I could rebuild the Permalinks. ‘AllowOverride all’ I think means that the htaccess files are enabled to be badass.

    I have an unrelated question too. I am trying to reconcile the roles of tags and categories, and in particular I want the tag template page to display a link to a category *if* the tag exactly matches the name of the category. Like “see also category Iraq” on the Iraq tag page. see http://wp.hongpong.com/tag/iraq , but right now it automatically makes the links regardless of whether the category actually exists.

    Other questions: Can I make posts under a given category automatically get a tag same as the category? Or can UTW do that while rendering tag pages? Also, could I attach “related categories” to a given tag manually? I’ve been messing around with tags and embedding del.icio.us scripts, and I am also wondering how to pass UTW tag intersections into the scripts I’m using. Thanks for everything!

  18. Oooh. That stuff with .htaccess sounds useful (: (I’m not sure what it means either (; )

    With the categories and tags thing.. how are you generating the “see also category …” links?

    As for turning categories into tags; real-soon-now-I-promise, there’s going to be a bit in the admin section that will do a bulk import of categories into tags. Once I do that, it should be fairly straight forward to do the conversion when posts are edited/saved/published.

    As for related categories; I’m not quite sure what you’re after. If what you’re looking for is something along the lines of having the “monkey” tag associated with the “banana” category, and displaying a link to the “banana” category on posts that have been tagged with “monkey”; I’m not sure how useful that would be to most people.
    Real-soon-now-I-mean-it, I’m releasing UTW2, which ought to support related tags for a post; which in conjunction with the “see also” category links might do what you want.
    (Of course, you might be after something else again (: )

    As for passing UTW tag intersections around, what kind of format would be useful?
    tag1+tag2+tag3, or tag1,tag2,tag3; or an array of tags, or something else?

  19. Hi Christine,

    Very nice plugin, thanks a lot for the work you’ve been putting into it…
    So far, only a few comments and bugs (all while using v. 1.1.2, which I believe is the latest stable release to date. if you addressed them in 2.0, please ignore.

    1) there seem to be a few problems with the way links to tag pages are generated. The code assumes the blog is always located at the root of the domain (e.g. domain.com/tag/foobar) and will therefore fail if the blog is in a subdir (domain.com/blog). The solution is to use WP’s get_bloginfo to insert the correct URL in front of the tag path. For example, ultimate_tag_cloud() can be fixed by replacing line 189 by:
    echo "<a href="" . get_bloginfo('url') . "/tag/$tag->tag" class="$tagclass" title="$tag->tag ($tag->count)">$tag->tag</a> ";

    There probably are other instances to be fixed, but that’s the only one I spotted for my limited use.

    2) I see there is something about support for multiple-word tags in 2.0… I haven’t had time to look in details at the way it will be implemented, but if I may humbly suggest: it would be nice to use a comma-separated list rather than space-separated, in the tag field. The space then becomes usable for multi-word tags. Of course, it also works with “-” instead of spaces, but sounds needlessly complicated for both user and developer…
    As for the syntax of URLs, it might be worth it to follow Technorati’s convention of using “+” as a separator between multiple words of a single tag. You may want to ask Kevin Marks on Freenode’s #wordpress channel, if you have any question regarding Technorati’s specific implementation of tag support: I am sure he will be glad to help.

    All that being said: great product! very exhaustive and nicely tied together!
    keep up the good work,

  20. dr Dave,

    #1 is something which I’m going to fix before I release “UTW2: Fit For The Masses” with great fanfare and parades (or possibly just a blog post). I think yours is the second or third request for it… so obviously it’s useful!

    As for spaces in urls; the way it works, is if you enter a tag with -‘s or _’s; links to the tag page display -‘s or _’s; but the link text displays spaces.

    Internally, I regard + as seperating tags (as is the case in del.icio.us and Flickr); [Gah! there’s a bug I need to fix] i.e. /tag/foo+monkey is the page for things matching both the foo and monkey tags; so yeah. No dice on that count.

    However, there’s magic formatting stuff in UTW2, which allows specifying “formatting strings” like <li>%taglink%</li>, which looks for %technoratitag% as one of the things that it replaces; so I could get that to output +’s in place of -‘s and _’s.

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