Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14159265

Hokay. More bugfixes!

  • The thing with tags being eaten by the wordpress 2.1 beta by comment-actions ought to be fixed.
  • The thing where atom feeds were coming back invalid because of a mix of dc:subject and category tags.
  • The thing where bbPress and UTW wouldn’t play nice because UTW had a is_tag function, and bbPress had one too. [If UTW sees that the is_tag function already exists, it isn’t declared; and there’s a is_utwtag function that bbPress users can use instead. Yeah.]

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96 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14159265

  1. When the plugin is activated, it breaks the ‘search blog archives’ function on my site. Search returns ‘not found’. As soon as I deactivate, everthing works fine.

    Am I missing a setting?

    I’m running WP 2.1 with a K2, 3 column mod.



  2. Hello Friends,

    UTW is a grate plugin for tagging.
    i have made same copy of these copy for 2 times.
    1) for the Compnay name tag
    2) for the name of person tag
    2) for the original tag [ ie utw]

    now the problem is as follows,
    whenever i activated all the 3 plugins and write some posts there. on the output page of the posts i found three type of tags like
    Company Tags: ——
    People Tags: —-
    Tags: —-

    now when i click on any of the tag it is giving me 404 page error coz it is showing me like

    For Company Tags : /tag/any_company_name while it shoild be displayed like “/company/any_company_name”
    For Company Tags : /tag/any_poeple_name while it shoild be displayed like “/people/any_people_name”
    For Company Tags : /tag/any_tag_name while it shoild be displayed like “/tag/any_tag_name”

    so can any body help me where i m doing mistake or what is the problem there.

    thnx a bunch in advance 🙂

  3. chintushah46,

    Depending on how you’ve set up the multiple instances of the plugin; chances are, they’re all sharing the same configuration settings under the hood. Hmm.


    How have you set it up? I’m confuzzled (:

  4. Hi Christine,

    First of all, thanks for your great plugin!

    The Yahoo keyword suggestion suddenly stopped working after a server update.
    Obviously that there was a problem with the URL length (HTTP 414: Request-URL too long).

    I found a nice workaround on a French website (http://my.opera.com/Toucouleur/blog/ultimate-tag-warrior-droit-internet) that splits the URL size if it exceeds a maximum value. I have posted an English translation in my blog http://devmates.com/archive/24/ (no, usually I don’t like referencing my own blog, but in this case, it makes sense).

    Maybe it is worth a look.


  5. I’m running on WP 2.1, and just upgraded to 3.14159265 from 3.1415926. When posting and performing operations in the web ui, tags are created and saved as appropriate, however, when posting through xmlrpc (using ecto 2.4.2 on Mac OS X), tags are not created, even though the categories are set appropriately..

    Any thoughts?

  6. ihad,

    By default, the tag cloud displays the top 100 (or is it 50? tags). If I squint at your tag cloud, you might have more than that.

    Does that sound like it might be what’s happening?

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  8. Thank you for an excellent plug-in. I am testing things out with WP2.1.2 with K2 and UTW 3.14159265. It appears that private posts show up in the tag cloud even when no one has signed in. Has this been addressed? If so, what am I do I need to do differently. I am using the tag cloud in the archives and I added the following in a K2 PHP module:

    Thank you!

  9. Sorry about that … The php code w/o the tags: UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical(“coloredsizedtagcloud”,””,20)

  10. Hi there Christine –

    First I must say that I love your work! UTW has helped us successfully implement tags into a tagless software as seamlessly as I could dream of. On to the bad news…

    Ever since I upgraded to your new UTW plugin, there has been an increased amount of processes being sent to my MySQL server, which eventually causes my server to crash completely. This happens every time a post goes live on my site.

    It seems that the issues is that SQL connections are being opened in your plugin, but are never closed. Therefore, SQL processes are running in excess of 5 minutes before finally breaking, and returning the site to normal.

    Have you heard of any others having this issue? I plan on digging through your code later looking for where those SQL connections are being left open. If you have any fix for this, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to email me (at the address I used for this comment), or respond back here. I will check back later.


    Doug Berger

  11. This may be listed elsewhere, but I have two blogs still on WordPress 2.0.x and when I upgraded to UTW3.14whatever (the latest), I had problems where the tag dropdown list was empty when editing lists. Turns out the new code to handle ‘post_type’ (added for WordPress 2.1) was active at all times. So this breaks looking up tags.

    So to fix UTW3 for WordPress 2.0.x, edit ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php around line 33 so the typelimitsql lines look like this:

    $typelimitsql = “(post_type = ” OR post_type = ‘post’ OR post_type = ‘page’)”; // include pages
    $typelimitsql = “(post_type = ” OR post_type = ‘post’)”; // don’t include pages – comment this out if you want!!

    You really only need to change the last one. Now the dropdown will have tags as will ‘Manage Tags’ in the option screen.

    Note this is just for WordPress 2.0.x It’ll work fine on WordPress 2.1

  12. I just installed this version. For an existing post, when I go to Manage Post, Edit and click on Get Keyword Suggestions from Yahoo I get a “Something done went wrong: [object error]”.

    Do I need to turn on some options for this to work?


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  14. Hi Christine — installed the latest UTW update (3.14159265 I think it is) but the tags still disappear whenever a comment is approved. I’m using Cutline and WordPress 2.1.3

  15. I find it hard to write a wordpress post with UTW tags in Zoundry.
    Some one said that the tags could be embeded in the post just like [tags]tag1,tag2[tags],
    however,it doesn’t work in my zoundry and wordpress.
    So is there any solution?

  16. Update: the error I reported occurs under IE7 but does not occur with Firefox.


    1. Sometimes clicking ‘Get Yahoo Suggestions …” returns nothing, even with a 1000 word post. Does that seem right?

    2. When I do View Source on a page with UTW title pages, I don’t see the Tags I chose in UTW. Why not?


  17. hi christine, great plugin!

    my tags still are being eaten by comment actions, despite having upgraded to the latest version (3.14159265). I use wordpress 2.1.3.

  18. Hi Christine, first of all thanks for this great plugin. Is amazing.
    I just have one problem: How I deactivate the tags in my pages? The problem is that i dont have any tags in my “Contacto” (contact us) or “Acerca de” (about) but the label of my tags (in my case “etiquetas”) is show, even if there is no tags at all. And set the option “text to display when there are no tags” to display nothing and text, but i seems that the plugins always think that there are tags.
    I dont know if Im clear… my english is not so good 😦
    Well, thanks in advance!

  19. Ok, I will try to be more clear. I want to deactivate the tags for my static pages (not my post). Why? Because I wanna have the tags label in front of my post tags, but i wanna hide it in my pages (where i dont have tags) Can this be done?

  20. I cannot figure out how to merge the primary tags with the job search tags. They keep going on separate lines and so the category is repeated. I’ve played around with all the settings but they still show up on different lines. Please help! I do want to say that it is a great plugin with so many options!

  21. I am having the same problem as brooks

    “I just installed this version. For an existing post, when I go to Manage Post, Edit and click on Get Keyword Suggestions from Yahoo I get a “Something done went wrong: [object error]”.

    Do I need to turn on some options for this to work?”

    I didn’t see a response, hopefully you can get back to me

  22. I have had that same issue (Something done went wrong) and found many others have too. Finally found a partial solution (other than just not using IE which is the best idea). If you are using Apache you need to turn off security for the blog directory:

    in .htaccess

    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    This fixes the problem for small posts but larger posts still error, sometimes, in IE. Don’t have it all figured out unfortunately.

  23. Hi!

    I am having some difficulties with your (otherwise great) plugin considering Pingbacks/Trackbacks to other sites as well as using the_excerpt().

    When I add a post and send a pingback, and the post is rather short, the text “Tags: (no tags)” is shown in the pingback on the target site, as can be seen here (comment #125 on that page).

    This also occurs with the plugins “Add Social Bookmarks” and “Popularity Contest”, which also “hook” into The Loop. I have also contacted those authors for help.

    Also, when using the_excerpt() and the post is very short, it shows the same behaviour, altough it does not belong to the original post content and should rather be shown below that.

    Is there any way to avoid these behaviours?

    I have posted this on wordpress.org, if anyone wants to have a look:

    I would be very grateful for an email (via my site) or a post in the wordpress.org forum, as one cannot subscribe to new comments via email here…

    Thanks so much in advance!

  24. I’m currently using the 2.2.1 wordpress, is it possible to update
    to the 2.3.1 and not lo ngback by adding a Tag Cloud into Wo s importadores de etiquetas para Bunny’s Technorati Tags, Jerome’s Keywords, Ultimate Tag Warrior y Simple Tagging, así como

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