Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1415926

This is a release with mainly little bug fixes and tweaks. Oh! And if you do a search, posts with tags that are like your search term will be included. This is probably the neatest addition (:

  • The bug in wordpress 2.1 which caused tags to vanish when a comment was made has been fixed Turns out that if you add a comment, it’s fine; but if you approve one, the tags will still vanish. Hrmpf.
  • I’m pretty sure you won’t end up with double-tags in feeds, any more
  • I’ve rejigged the way tags are added to feeds
  • Tag intersections should be working properly again
  • Tags can be added to pages (and will be included in tag cloud counts… displaying on tag pages, though…)
  • No more XSS vulnerability with the ajax URL parameter
  • There’s an invisible technorati tags format, now! (Handy for using with the automagically include tags on the Options > Tags page)
  • Search includes tags [I worry about this bit! let me know if you see anything weird]

I’ve tried it using wordpress versions 2.0.4, 2.0.7 and a 2.1 beta; and it seems to work in all three (:

Attention WordPress 2.1 beta users!

http://082net.com/ says:

Here’s a temporary patch for resetting tags.
Modify ‘ultimate_save_tags()’ function on ‘ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php’ about line 502:
if (isset($_POST['comment_post_ID'])) return $postID;
if (isset($_POST['not_spam'])) return $postID; // akismet fix
if (isset($_POST["comment"])) return $postID; // moderation.php fix

This seems to work.

[Download here | Forums here]

95 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1415926

  1. Andy,

    Half of it is d:

    I no longer exclude the default category; but I hadn’t included the default tag part of it.

    [although, with any luck, the join should only happen the first time a post gets viewed – after that, it ought to be being picked up out of the post_meta table as having no tags (or, y’know, with tags if it has tags)]

    Yeah. (:

  2. Hello Christine,

    I was wondering if you had fixed the Add Existing Tag, and Tag Suggestions from Yahoo button. Neither of these work for me in Firefox 2.

    btw you rock!

    have you heard of this guy?

    He’s been adding updates to your plugin, I was wondering if you had addressed any of the features he is trying to add to your plugin..

    thanks again

    your friend in finance, 1mil from millionster.com

  3. Here’s a temporary patch for resetting tags.
    Modify ‘ultimate_save_tags()’ function on ‘ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php’ about line 502:
    if (isset($_POST['comment_post_ID'])) return $postID;
    if (isset($_POST['not_spam'])) return $postID; // akismet fix
    if (isset($_POST["comment"])) return $postID; // moderation.php fix

    But I still don’t understand why ‘wp_update_comment_count()’ includes “do_action(‘edit_post’, $post_id);” 😐

  4. Hi Christine,

    Would it be possible to fix the compatibility issue between bbPress and UTW? Here’s a link to the thread at the bbPress support forums.

    Quoted traveljunky’s post:
    “this bug is caused by the function is_tag(), which both utw and bbpress use, so what i just did right now was search through the utw-plugin-folder with dreamweaver for that tag, found it three times and changed it to is_utwtag(). no idea if i can just do that without problems appearing later but for now it seems to work.”

    Through the file(s) changing this: is_tag() to: is_utwtag() seems to help those running bbPress and WordPress running the UTW plugin. I was just was wondering.. ;):)

  5. Hi

    Great news with the update and it does seem a bit faster.

    My biggest problem still is that I can’t use the add tags to posts button – any ideas why this doesn’t work? I have the same problem on two blogs.



  6. Hello,

    I had been using this plugin and had been great.Reading the compatibility problem,
    I had to disable it.Have u tested for the final version?

    Hope to hear from you soon


  7. I just found a another way to avoid resetting tags.

    For WP 2.0 or greater(include 2.1) always executes “do_action(‘save_post’)” when publishing, editing or saving posts, we can safely pass other hooks by modifying ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php(about line 862~867):
    // Save changes to tags
    add_action('save_post', array('UltimateTagWarriorActions','ultimate_save_tags'));

    And you can safely remove previous hacks(patches), mine or anothers.

  8. Christine you are marvelous. Despite the fact that the whole blogging world is holding their breath to wait for the moment that Ultimate Tag Warrior works to upgrade to 2.1… you still keep your cool! haha. You should tell those guys at wordpress to include your code to their full release… Serious. That way you dont have to worry about it!! Keep up the great work


  9. Ahh.. sorry for my stupid code inserting… my code was :

    // Save changes to tags
    add_action('save_post', array('UltimateTagWarriorActions','ultimate_save_tags'));
    if($wp_db_version < 3308 ) { // if lesser than WP 2.0
    add_action('publish_post', array('UltimateTagWarriorActions','ultimate_save_tags'));
    add_action('edit_post', array('UltimateTagWarriorActions','ultimate_save_tags'));
    add_action('wp_insert_post', array('UltimateTagWarriorActions','ultimate_save_tags'));

    add_action('delete_post', array('UltimateTagWarriorActions', 'ultimate_delete_post'));

  10. I have updated my blog to WordPress 2.1 but this plugin seems not working fine. If I click on any tag I receive an error page 404.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you


  11. Christine,

    UTW rocks! Just got it working on my website and it was a total breeze. It’s such a powerful and flexible piece of work – I just wanted to drop in and say a thank you. 🙂


  12. hey christie,
    just wondering if you were by chance working on a new version for WP2.1. If so, any idea when it would be available? I tried some fixes on the current edition, but it is still a bit iffy. Anyways keep up the good work, this extension is awesome. I still don’t know why tags aren’t already implemented in WordPress by default.

  13. Christine, you’ve probably figured out what was causing the postmeta deletion, but here’s the quick and dirty:

    You cannot assume that every run of edit_post comes from a page where your tag form field was populated. You need to have UTW tell the difference between “doesn’t exist” and “exists and is empty.” You could even use WP’s nonce-generating power to do this by printing that value in a hidden form field that UTW puts on the post editing form.

  14. i think the problem isn’t solved yet.because i am still having the same problem.i downloaded the last version of the plugin but i am having that problem again.are u sure the plugin is really fixed?

  15. I’ll just wait for the official update for UTW before I make the upgrade to WP 2.1.
    Among the plugins I use, this is the only one left that is still incompatible with WP 2.1

  16. I noticed on WPMU 1.0 that UTW breaks search. I remove UTW, search works normal. When enabled, it can’t find anything. When searching from the ‘no results’ page, it actually takes me to the root blog on the WPMU site.

    I understand this version isn’t ready for WPMU, but I thought it could be helpful to be aware of the issue.

  17. Scott,

    That’s good to know. Last time I tried to install WPMU, I gave up d: so UTW doesn’t end up getting tested with it, by me (Search is a new thing, so I suppose it’s not completely suprising that it has an issue).

    You could comment out the bit which adds search magic – in ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php, right down the bottom, there will be a line with an add_filter for something searchy; if you remove that, then UTW won’t try and do searchy stuff (:

  18. Hi!
    I still have problems with the plugin, when I try to activate then I can’t see the plugin’s page.
    I hope you can fix it soon!!

  19. Christine is there still bugs in this plugin???although i am approving reader’s comments the plugin is working on my site now.

  20. Glad I accidentally happened on the blog to discover there’d been several updates since the last UTW version I’d installed. Do you have a mailing list?

    Have you thought about supporting Reddit or is there a technical reason it’s not feasible?

  21. Christine: I just tried to add Delicious & Wikipedia tags to my post display. I already have Technorati ones displaying. But the new set of tags I just configured are not appearing. Can you think of what that might have happened?

  22. Hi there,

    I just installed the latest version of UTW after upgrading to Ella. But the plugin seems to kill all my admin-possibilities and most of my website after I install it… Any help on this?

    Thnx in advance!!

  23. Pingback: mehmet.com/blog
  24. Hi Christine,

    I had tags vanish from a future post. I entered them along with the post, published to a future time, then after the post became visible, the tags were no longer there. (WP 2.1 & UTW 3.1415926) Will the patches above help?

    I also have a question about tags appearing in the_excerpt without the span class set. Is that normal? This seems to happen with UTW 3.14.15926 & either WP 2.0.5 or WP 2.1. The tags come through along with the_excerpt between a pair of tags, with no hrefs and no tag. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  25. Hmm.. Future posts is something I haven’t seen [so far]; and could quite concievably be fixed by the fix in the latestest version [it ends with a 5!].

    With the tags in your excerpt; Are you using embedded tags? That, at least, gives me a direction to look in.

  26. Christine,

    Re: the_excerpt and tags. This looks to be isolated to short posts with embedded videos. My longer posts only show the excerpt, no tags. In a short post the text preceding the embedded video and then the tags at the end of the post show up. Here’s one example. I have the embedded tags checkbox selected in the options menu, however, the tags were entered within the tag text entry box, not the post text box. Thanks!

  27. I just installed the last version of this great plugin, and I had this problem: The search’s that I made in my blog always return “no results”. After some research, what I find out is that the post without tags (in my case, all, beacause is a new blog) doesnt appears in the results. I dont know is that behaviour is wanted or not, but I think its not right.
    Sorry for my very poor english 😦

  28. If you use the invisabletechnoratitag option for your posts, i.e. the technorati tags are not seen in the wordpress post, then the technorati site is not showing your posts. Have anyone else noticed this?

  29. Christine please help…

    When trying to activate this plugin, I received the following error message:

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_tag() (previously declared in /homepages/43/d125512885/htdocs/blog/wp-includes/query.php:103) in /homepages/43/d125512885/htdocs/blog/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 125”

    Any idea whats going on here? I’m still quite new to php

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